diary of a manic obsessive.


cabin fever.

o man, i feel like i've been getting a bit nutty the past week.
it's only been 1 week since i've been able to drive, yet i feel like i've started going a little nutzo!

i was supposed to go to this thing at my fav local bar on Monday, with a girlfriend of mine, Very Berry, but she'd had a crazy day, started with a rough nights sleep, so she didn't end up going out.
then, i was going to go out Thursday w/ Gia Pet, but, she ended up not really wanting to either (majour blizzard out of no where in this dumb state made driving kinda stupid - took my dad & i 50 mins to get me to work Thursday morning... i live less than 10 miles away!). So, both nights, i stayed in.

Last night, i went out with [basically] everyone from work as a "Welcome" Happy Hour for the newest hire, Alex. It was fun, got a little cracra, but, overlall, it was a nice couple of hours.
-funniest thing that's happened in a long time Everyone i was with (Rickdiculous, Drew Stoga aka Stoga Party, Kelly Bean, Bossmen Mike & Kevin, D Weiss-Guy & New Guy Alex, who's nickname i've decided will be Allegro, bc his last name is Dancho, and the mexican place across the street from work is called Rancho Allergo... aka Dancho Allegro... ) decided that they wanted to try the super hot, 5 alarm wings, called "Hell Fire".
A plate (probably the 6th for the table) was dropped off, and everyone (not me or Kelly Bean) took one. They all geared themselves up to bit into the super hot wings, and after a second, they all started saying that it wasn't that bad & "these wings are pretty tasty actually!"...
As they all go on their macho manly wing eating talents, i point out the name of the 5 alarm wings to Rickdiculous saying "ha, they're called 'Hellfire'!"... as he goes to look, saying "pah, really?" & "do they have a 6 alarm? these are nothing!" - A guy with a huge platter of VERY spicy looking (dripping with sauce) wings came over announcing "I GOT AN ORDER OF HELLFIRE WINGS HERE!"...
i burst out laughing. the wings they'd been eating, were like medium heat, maybe.
we all had a good laugh (me thinking it was HILAR), & they all started again, to dive into the real spicy wings.
[the footage i have of this will be loaded to the GigMasters Facebook Fan Page...
there was also the guy who came up to me & Kelly Bean outside, while having a smoke, and told me that i was "so hot", "fine looking" & looked 16 all in the same few breaths...
i looked at him & said "you thought that i was 16 & you came out here saying that shit to me?!"
spanky - 1, creeper - 0

i've spent most of the day hoping my looming cold will realize it's not welcome & go away, watching some bad TV & cleaning out my closest.
I've bagged up two large garbage bags of clothes to be donated, but i have some that i'm not sure about.
I might try them on, take photos, & post them so you can help me decide (sound good?).

while making some tea today, i noticed today's mail was in the dining room... what did i find?

So, now, i need to find something to do with myself tonight, before i get even more crazed in my Cabin Fever... i hope that someone is around to go drink w/ me.

Then, i'll be back to cleaning tomorrow.

Unfortunately, my friend Des, suffered from a family tragedy this past week.
His Father passed away from cancer.
The funeral is on Tuesday, &, even though I don't think I met Des' father more than maybe once, years ago, i've been friends w/ Des for years, & I think I should go to support him.
Hoss is coming home for the weekend for it, as well as Lannon. I think that Lannon (ex fame duck) will end up staying with me for a few nights, so i have to really step up the cleaning.
I guess we're all (ex fame duck, Hoss, & a bunch of other old friends) are going to try to take Des out Monday night & let him unwind a bit. i hope that things don't get too crazy though.

so, now i can drive again. i have to bring these clothes to be donated, be there for an old friend, pack up some boxes of junk to either store or sell, throw away a ton of trash, pay off some bills, fix this damn disaster of a dye job, get some things back in gear & start making a real change.
[first things first: cure the cabin fever. 
find something to do tonight!
do i a) see if anyone ends up coming 
out tonight, or 
b) be spontaneous & go to the city w/ Very Berry?]
to end the post on a happy note, & hopefully inspire myself as well as all of you, i give you this:
luvs it*



that's what i get for having a pb&j craving at 12:30, when i should have been sleeping.
don't drink a bottle of wine, take a shower & then get hungry in the middle of the night, it doesnt' end well for your butt...
silver lining:
it made me think of my favourite dark children's book by good 'ole Edward Gorey:

[they are all sickly great, 
but "E" & "N" have always been my favourites...]
i'll keep you updated on my gross bruises... hahah
falling - ick. Gashlycrumb Tinies - eek!
luvs it*


ur wish: Kaylee*

"My wish is to ride an elephant.
yep, a big grey hairy smelly elephant.

one of my friends sailed round the world and got to ride an elephant and posted pics too. i am so jealous. she looked so cultured and awesome up there on that movable mountain. 

so, i wish to ride an elepoo."

[make sure to keep up with all the wishes
by clicking on the "wish" icon on the sidebar.
Submit your wishes to be posted - info here -
also, read my wish & how i hope to donate to 
the Make a Wish foundation with your help!]

luvs it*


Challenge: 365 Photos.

this is just one of the best things i've ever seen. i always end up thinking about it.
last year [December 1st, 2009] my pops turned 53. He is an amateur photographer & decided that he was going to take a self portrait, every day, to document his 53rd [technically 54th?] year. 
i want to do this, take a photo every day for a year & make it into a movie.

Does anyone want to take this challenge with me?
*Take one photo of yourself, in the same basic position, every day, for one year.*

ok, so i know that it's one hell of a challenge, & who knows where we'll all be in a year, but the good thing is, no matter where you go [unless you're arrested & in jail, or you go to the moon, which would be awesome] you'll probably be able to take one stink'n picture of yourself everyday.

If you're up for the challenge, pledge with a comment. if you don't think you can do a whole year [chicken.. braock, bru-bru-brauck - yes those are chicken noises] then, maybe commit to a month, a few months? between now & your next milestone?
[if you can] make a video of your photos when you're done. If you can't make a video, ask me when you're done & i'll [probably] make a video for you.
This can be an awesome thing to see how we all change & grow, day to day.
[see examples on "the q"...]

are you up for it?
 [ps: make sure to check 
"the q" for loads more spanky! 
overflow content on lots of posts!]
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too hot tuesday: Paul Wesley vs. Ian Somerhalder

ooo, Vampires are definitely hot.
i was so against the show "The Vampire Diaries" at first because, honestly, it seemed like a total rip off of Twilight...
but... then i watched it...
it's really good, & actually pretty different from Twilight.
-Elena wasn't the new kid in town like Bella was, she was already there, with roots & friends when the steamy Stefan arrived.
-Her best friend is a witch girl, not a werewolf man...
-the "bad" vampire is Stefan's super sexy brother, Damon
-Vampires don't hate human food, in fact they eat it (well, Damon has...)
so, notice, mention of two, yes two mouth watering vamp's in this post already.

Paul Wesley, 27
"Stefan Salvatore"
[click here for more on "the q"...]
Everwood [TV - 2003-04]: Bad Boy & Drug Dealer - Tommy Callahan
The OC [TV - 2003]: [first episode only] Co-Worker & Friend to Ryan - Donnie
look for:
Beneath the Blue [movie - 2010]: about a conflict between a team of dolphin experts & the US Navy - [first billed] Craig Morrison

Ian Somerhalder, 31
"Damon Salvatore"

[click here for more on "the q"...]
Lost [TV - 2004-10]: brother to the "Queen Bitch of the Island" Shannon - Boone Carylle
The Rules of Attraction [movie - 2002]: bi-sexual with a crush on James van der Beak's character Sean - Paul Denton
Recess [short film - 2004]: about the perfect prep school of the future - produced & played Cooley
look for:
Cradelwood [movie - 2011]: Horror/Thriller, girl meets boy, boy has money, trouble comes with money - [first billed]: Josh
How to Make Love to a Woman [movie - 2010]: "a comedy of miss-communication between the sheets" - Daniel

which vamp would YOU let suck your blood!?
guess we'll have to let them fight it out

"bite me..."
Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore


pollcode.com free polls
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won't you help to sing...

As you all know, i write for the MySpace/Facebook articles for my company.
I thought i'd share the most recent article i've written, devoted to Haiti.
"Won't you help to sing"
We understand that sometimes it’s appropriate to put down the toasting glass, and raise awareness, rather than be the life of the party.
While we continue to book events and hope that, worldwide, spirits are high, this week, we take a pause in the hype-up business and ask that everyone join us in bringing aid, and sending positive energy to those devastated by the disaster in Haiti.
GigMasters is donating to the cause, and hopes that performers will follow in our footsteps.
Music for Relief: is accepting donations to be split among the United Nations Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and the Dave Matthew’s Band’s BAMA works Haitian relief program, as well as offering an unreleased music compilation for free download.
Yele Haiti: Musician, and Haitian native, Wyclef Jean, has provided the option for donations via text message (text YELE to 501501) in the amount of $5, through his foundation, to help his homeland. The rapper also held a tearful Press Conference on Monday, January 18th, 2010, explaining his love for the tragedy stricken country, and his devotion to the restructure and relief for the people of Haiti.
Hope for Haiti Now telethon: Rhianna stopped by the Oprah show Wednesday, January 20, 2010 to perform a cover of the Bob Marley classic, “Redemption Song” for Haiti. The cover is available on iTunes, and proceeds of the $1.29 track will go toward aid.
For those of you performing at events in the upcoming weeks, take a moment to bring the people of Haiti to your thoughts and the hearts of your clients. Offer a moment of silence to remember those lost, and consider donating some of your time to put together a benefit show. Remember, we are all so lucky to be doing what we are, and living where we do. It’s time for us to come together and help those who need us.
For more information on how to help, check out msnbc.com’s list of “How to Help” here.

thank you for reading my more professional writing. sometimes it's a bit over bubbley, but this one really took some time to write from the heart.
i hope you all enjoyed it, & will take a moment to pledge some money to Haiti.

[the title of this article is "won't you help to sing", a line from Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" as referred to in the article. The cover by Rhianna is available for $1.29 on iTunes.]
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welcome to my rut.

hi friends,

i'm sorry i haven't been here to tell you funny stories, link you to great pop culture, or drool to you over hot celebu-docks.
i've been in a bit of a rut...

i feel i may need to restructure the way i do things here on *sli*.

i had a rude awakening when a certain person read a post which i never expected they would... now i feel a bit exposed, uncomfortably volnerable, & more than a little terrible for broadcasting my feelings before i had been able to work them out to myself & this person.

i guess i never really thought much about my real world life & my blog life would collide. i don't know why i never really thought about it, since we all know i'm a shameless self promoter.

the sad realization is, i'll have to cut back in one way or another. i can't continue to scream my blog URL from the rooftops & paint it in the sky while writing things that i may not want anyone within earshot to read.
So, what gives?
i feel like i'm stuck in an impossible catch 22.
do i keep up the promotion, hoping to gain solid & large fan base of followers, hoping to one day, be able to sustain a life off my writing... but suffer from not being able to write whatever is on my mind, or, do i write my heart out, but stop the promotion & risk disappearing into the blogosphere of the forgotten?

i'm being dramatic.
it did hit me a lot harder than i thought it might.

new topic.
my rollercoaster recently:

pit: after the driver re-training issue (being stuck in traffic so bad that i missed the first class & had to try again), i'm now without a drivers license for two weeks.
peak: i bought some sick new denim leggings
pit/peak: i dyed my hair... it's too blonde... it will look better once the roots grow in a little bit, but right now it's kinda ridiculous. i'm hoping that it'll grow out into a kinda Taylor Momsen thing. to go with my new taylor momsen wardrobe (actively being built).

haha, yes, i take pics of my outfits sometimes... shh!

i'm just in that same rut. it's not a new one.
some of the bits & pieces, nuts & bolts might be different, but overall, it's the same. it's all the same shit that drives me nuts, drives me to drink, drives me to... not be allowed to drive...
the truth is, my bloggie babes, for the most part, i'm in la-la-land limbo. i'm scratching at the surface & i can almost make out the smell of the fresh air that awaits me on the other side, but i just haven't figured out how to get my footing right in order to climb out of this hole & run through the freedom field.
part of me thinks that the answer lies within a great deal of patience, sometimes, i think the only real answer would be in a spontaneous move.
in my typical fashion, i can't figure out which answer is right, so i stand stagnant... not having made any choices & still...
pretty damn
advice is beyond welcome, but if you only have a few moments, i'd much rather that you, my luvs, submit your wish to me [spankyluvsit@gmail.com] so that i have something i can concentrate on that doesn't revolve around me & my personal shit. let me post your wishes, let me know what it is that YOU desire.
thanks dolls,
luvs it*


troubled no more.

no, i don't watch "the idol" or whatever the real fans call it. I haven't watched it since season 2, which i only watched a few episodes of, but i've seen some of the more news worthy clips here & there.
-My boss, Mike, mentioned this following guy to me. Knowing i am a big Ray Lamontagne fan, he thought i'd appreciate it.
[i do!]

after watching, i told my boss to "keep me posted"...
i'll google any future awesome tunes, but, no matter how good this guy (Matthew Lawrence, no not the one from Boy Meets World) might be, i'm still not watching that dumb reality show!!!
[thanks Bossman!]
luvs it*


Too Hot Tuesday: Dominic Zamprogna

[yes, it's Wednesday, i'm late, but yesterday sucked & today i'm posting, so don't boohoo that i'm bringing you some Wednesday yum!]
the background
He first showed up in General Hospital as Dominic Pirelli, a low end Mobster working for Claudia Zacchara, Sonny's wife, but was later revealed as Undercover Officer, Dante Falconeri, daughter of Olivia Falconeri (who currently dates a past Too Hot Tuesday celebu-duck, Brandon Barash who plays Johnny Zacchara) and (even though it's not yet revealed to him) son of Sonny Corinthos (aka, half brother to Morgan, Michael and Kristina). The moment i saw him, brusied and shot in the back woods between Carly Corinthos Jacks house and Sonny Corinthos house, running into and holding hostage Morgan Conrinthos, i recognized him, but i STILL can't figure out what from.
all i know is that he's a yum monster & i'm thankful every weekday that i thought to start TiVoing the Day Time Soap to soak into before bed everynight.
the "HE" i'm referring to, is this week's Too Hot Tuesday:
Dominic Zamprogna

i've reviewed this 30-yr-old's imdb.com listing a million times, Google Imaged him, looking for some other source to ignite the curiosity light bulb above my little blonde head, but i can't seem to figure it out.
[which, anyone that has spent time with me knows, this is usually a very good talent of mine, & when i fail, i get pissssed!]
unfortunately, i've begun to settle, assuming that i'm thinking of either the Lifetime movie "Hostile Makeover" or another [sorry, not so great, but typical] Lifetime movie, "Engaged to Kill". he's not as cute in this movie. i think a lot of it comes from the scruffy hair, crooked, confident smile, and, the fact that we know, underneath the Mobster front, he's a down-right, honest cop.
Dominic's character "Dominic/Dante" has recently made an impression on my girl, Lulu Spencer on the show... & damn, Lulu is a lucky girl. The real Dominic recently got hitched to his long term girlfriend, Linda Leslie! (i'm jeal... but..) Congrats!!!

So this Too Hot Tuesday (ehem... Wednesday... ) is for you Dominic/Dominic/Dante...
because you seem sweet, caring, fun loving...
&.. well...
because you're just too hot!
luvs it*

do not pass go, do not collect $200...

today i have the lucky pleasure of going to driver retraining.
Anyone that doesn't live in the states, or in CT (i'm not sure if the national rules differ or not), apperently, if you get ANY moving violations under the age of 25, you are eligible for the
State of Connecticut Operator Re-training Program
lucky me, i got a bullshit speeding ticket a few months ago, paid almost $200 & got picked for the goddamn class.
why am i so pissed off about this? 
besides the obvious pain in the ass of having to go, which means driving the 30 miles from work to Milford, getting a fuck'n Money Order for $60 (even though the chick on the phone for the class said $50, but what-the-fuck-ever, i'm not showing up with less), leaving work early, which is time i have to make up over lunches, aka less blogging, then sitting there, in a mother luv'n HoJo from 5:45 to 10pm, then driving the 40 miles home, in the dark, when it's supposed to snow...
i'm pissed because it's a BULLSHIT TICKET!!!
in my small ass woodsy town, there are like... 3 straight aways, where there are little to no turn-offs & the only real time when one could safely drive upwards of 50mph. Since all the other roads are curvy, whirly, hilly & blind, these straight aways are usually a nice break for a few seconds.
The main one that i always come across, is Farmingville Rd.

the pink heart, on the left is my house, then you'll notice me, happily driving to work, although, not that happy, because i'm pretty sure i was late, like usual.
You'll notice the pink road is Farmingville... see how F'N straight that part is!? YA! Why the HELL is it 25mph!!?!?!?!?!?!??! What moron came up with THAT logic? Fuckers!??
The green arrow is where i saw the piggie (who you see is on the OTHER end of the straight away, hiding mostly behind a tree, but i still saw him...)
When i saw him, i went from my normal, acceptable by any logic, standard speed of about 48mph & went down to about 22mph!!!
that didn't stop him. The blue arrow is where he pulled me over & said "i clocked you going 48... this is a 25"
- $181 ticket for moving violation.
the purple route is my non-straight away commute that fits in the map.

To proove how retarded this entire thing is... i filmed myself doing this morning drive (just the pink). You'll see the speedomoter in a lot of it, i'm trying my HARDEST to go 25, but it's soooo hard to do!!!

bullshit, right? 2 & a half mins?!?!
now, i have to finish working for the day so i can go get a damn money order & go to this mother luv'n class of hell death.
sure hope i don't CRASH in the SNOW on the way BACK.
[does NOT]
luvs it...*


your wish*

you all took the time to read about my wish, but i want to know yours.
submit your wish, with a little story or background information, so i can post it in the
"wishing well collection". 

here is your lucky wishing penny, drop it into the wishing well (aka, click the icon on the sidebar to e-mail me at Spankyluvsit@gmail.com) with your story, a link to your blog & the name you want to be represented as.

i'll post all the wishes here for everyone to see!
so, what are you waiting for?! Throw your penny in the well & make a WISH!

luvs it*

meet the clique...

Rick (Rickdiculous), Spanky, Dave (D Weiss-guy) & Amy (AmeCakes)

the fearsome foursome, deemed, ironically, "the clique" at work.
this is my mini, everyday family.
the sad story is, we're kinda breaking up.

it's not because anyone wants us to, but now that AmeCakes has moved onto the big beautiful city, the vibe is changing.
i'm so happy for her, but i do miss her.
it's kinda sad.
this picture was taken this weekend at our AmeCakes birthday party. We were joined by many other friends including Tara aka "t.molito" or Mojito, and Bobby aka Boobie.
i was actually pretty proud of myself, i was DD & drank gingerale at the bar.
good for me!

luvs it*


date me not.

i never ended up telling you about my date with Banks.
i went out with him last week & it was nice. he was a very nice guy & the conversation was fluid.
wow. i guess i couldn't even type it to fool you, let alone myself.
i went out with him again tonight. again, he's very nice, the conversation was good, solid, never a boring, dull moment.
no butterflies.

i wish i knew why i wasn't able to let myself like a nice, sweet guy who is perfectly interested in me.
i guess i like jerk, asshole, douche-bags?
luvs it*




poor GaGa had to cancel her show at Purdue University in Indiana due to dehydration & exhaustion!
Miss Lady tweeted:
“I hope you can forgive me. I love my little monsters more than anything, you are everything to me.”
um, duh Gag's, we want you up, healthy & ready to blow our minds!
if you're as goo-goo for GaGa as i am, tweet a message with #getwellgaga with hopes for a speedy recovery to Mama Monster.
fun Gaga ish:


made by the following vendors:
Princess De La Coiffure
Black Satin Shoes 
Nicole Richie poses as Lady Gaga in LookBook photo shoot
read article @: BlackBook
more info & images @:HollyScoop & ibt Blogs

 Gaga Dollars by Craig Gleason

Polyvore luvs Lady Gaga

uh-mazing Lady Gaga flip sunnies (ya, i def just bought two pair)
hmm.. i feel a Goo-Goo for GaGa giveaway creeping up.... maybe to celebrate 100 followers?
just say'n...

luvs it*


want it: Junior Drake "Farrah" Fuchsia Leather Satchel

this bag is only available for 1 day, 16 hours & 20 mins (as of 6:40pm EST on Jan. 13th)

want it, but i'm not spending that kinda coinage on a bag!
but it do...
luvs it*

fashion find it: dashiki

where do i find this shirt.

i want need it. i luv it. where do i find it!?

if anyone knows where i can find something like this, puh-lease tell me!!!

luvs it*


irish fancy lucky duck: conor my luv*

i posted my wish a few days ago & any of you that continued to read far enough into the comments may have seen the first comment, from my lucky duck, conor, saying [basically]
honestly, i didn't want to post about him in case, for whatever reason, he didn't end up being able to see us
[which BETTER not happen].

i'd intended to post an update with my luv note to Conor, but when i stopped over at his bliggity just now, i was overwhelmed with [very boisterous] LOLs & a gleaming smile, when i saw THIS!

You are my sunshine from Conor Darrall on Vimeo.

Conor, my dear, my irish luv, my Mob Mate & fancy cake consumer...
don't you fret, don't furrow your pretty little brow, don't think for one second that you're not what JenBunny & i are MOST excited to see in Ireland.

in case you haven't gotten the hint from me yet, go read Pizza Box. it's a hell of a fun read, plus, you'll pick up some snazzy Irish jive &, if you're lucky, you'll see Conor sing some other classic favs!!!

hmm.. Conor, if i post a poll for what song we want to hear next, will you honour it?!?!

let's see...

what song do we want conor to sing?
i'm my own grandpa
john jacob jingleheimer schmidt
there's a hole in the bottom of the sea
puff, the magic dragon
down by the bay
other (in comment)
pollcode.com free polls

Conor, hunnie, there was never any doubt that you'll be the best part of Ireland!!!

luvs it*

Too Hot Tuesday: [double feature] Johnny Pacar & Nico Tortorella

it's usually not my style to lump hotties together [actually, that doesn't sound too bad] but given that i just couldn't make up my mind, i'm putting these two co-stars in one THT this week.
Johnny Pacar, 28 & Nico Tortorella, 21 are both on the abc family show "Make it or Break it", which i had never seen a moment of until i stayed home sick yesterday... &... watched.... a marathon...
Of the two, J. Pacar def looks younger some of the time, but he's not at all. He's actually got a bit of a James McAvoy thing going on... & we know how i feel about James McAvoy... drooool. He plays Damon Young, the rockstar, pizza shack employee & current squeeze of the main character, Emily Kmetko. Last we see Damon, he hosts a romantic evening on the roof with Emily the night before he goes off to LA (from Boulder, CO) to make it big selling some of his songs.
From what i gather (ok, so i only watched half of the marathon, the first half was missed while i wallowed in my noggin-pain) Emily's first interest was Razor, played by N. Tortorella, James Dean/Rockstar wannabe who secretly used to be a Mathlete, Damon's friend & also employed at the Pizza Shack. When he left, he apperantly asked Damon to "fill in for him" when HE went to LA earlier in the season... not knowing that would [duh] lead to a romance between Damon & Emily. He was awfully cute though when he stuttered through making the realization when arrivinig home & spotting them, lip locked, on the roof, surrounded by twinkle lights  
blah blah blah... i'm lame, i get so into these teen dramas!
bottom line, they make for wonderful eye candy, only it seems that when one comes back, the other leaves! Dammit fictional LA, stop taking away the boys!

Johnny Pacar, 28

credit: Make it or Break it, Ghostwhisperer. 


Nico Tortorella, 21

  credit: Make it or Break it, The Beautiful Life: TBL

i cannot chose (not that i have to) which is the bigger hottie... what do you think?

which make it or break it boy is the bigger hottie?

Johnny Pacar

Nico Tortorella

neither, i'm lame and don't like hot boys.

pollcode.com free polls

luvs it*

the challenge: damn it feels good to be a gangstah.

about 8, 9 months ago, a challenge was accepted.
[dum, dum, dummmm]
at my job, we base a lot of out informaiton off "the numbers"
[ya, like... most companies...]
we have these things, called "gig requests" that are the basic blood cells of our companies livelyhood.
last January [our busiest month for requests in the whole year] we relaunched the site with a new look. We called the facelift, ominously, "The Redesign". it was basically code for "hell on earth" within the office walls.
As sort of a "penis showing game", we came up with some milestones to keep our spirits high during the following months of answering awful questions and checking the Morning Report as soon as our computers were up & running.
Of course, being who i am, one day i stated that:
"if we ever get to 700 requests in a day, K [one of my two bosses, co-Pres & co-founder of the company] would have to gut a fish on his desk, alla Office Space"
he accepted.
[voila, penis showing game: activated. my job satisaction skyrocketed]
the only thing was, we were waaaaay far from the empire of 700 requests. We were averaging low 400's every day.

Other goals quickly followed;
  • 750 would be a Wii for the office Conference/Break Room,  
  • 7,000 members would be a Carnivalesque popcorn machine 
    • (which would result in smoking out the office and having the fire alarm blaring while we stood outside and were glared at my the neighboring offices) and, the first goal to be met
  • Champaign at 550.
Well, ladies & gents. it is my proud honour to announce to you all that, today, January 12th, 2010 the Morning Repost for yesterdays count read...

oh yeeeeaaaaaa
that means, in one miraculous day, we beat two records we've been working toward for almost a year.
K guts a fish 
[obviously there will be more on this later]
& Wii for the office! 
[can't wait to beat the boys in boxing & baseball, ha!]
luvs it*

so happy for you.

i just want to say, quickly, that i'm very very happy for a friend of mine.
my friend got some wonderful news today & i felt like i wanted to put it out to the world that i'm extremely happy & excited. i'm sending out *good vibes* to this friend that everything stays on the up & up!
this is for you, friend!

luvs it*


goal: purge the clutter.

i'm so sick of being a slob.
my room is littered with loot, cluttered with chaos & all around doused in disgusting debris.

i want, desperately to be a cleanly person. to not have so much crap in my life.

God, beer me the strength to get rid of the gross gobs of garbage. tell me where to start to revolt against the repulsive racks of riff raff.
junk for sale, anyone interested?
maybe i should try to sell some of my things. a lot of the shit i have is actually in good condition, i just don't USE it. i have so many books on my bookshelf, so many unworn clothes, and so much... stuff... everywhere.

hmm, we'll see, but i hope that i can get at least half the things in these tiny four walls out... if i get 3/4 of the stuff out... i can go buy more!
[i like the sound of that...]

luvs it*


my wish*

this year, i have a wish. a *big* one.
i wish that i will go to Ireland with JenBunny.
[ps: any other blogger users annoyed that there is NO good green font colours? there's a real shortage of good colour options... i hate it.]
we've been talking about it for a while. hell, we've been talking about going [somewhere, anywhere] for a lonnnng time. over the past few years the point of destination has changed.
we've considered the ideas of Greece, Mexico, Vegas, Canada, France, London, Italy [i think], even Australia.
We've opted for the homeland.
[okay, so J is a lot more Irish than i am, but i'm very aware & proud of my Irish blood, even if it's mixed with 3 other kinds.]
why Ireland, you ask!?
well, it's gorgeous....

it's old & cultured...

it's just GOTTA have slam'n nightlife [duh, it's like the mecca of drink'n & singing pub songs]

Woody Allen gives it 2 thumbs up

"Ireland's one of the few places that lives up to the hype, that is as beautiful as everyone tells you it is." 
-Woody Allen

&.. there's the men... that accent literally makes me melt into a big, mushy, gushy pile of school girl [irish catholic, even tho i'm not catholic] giddiness.

case... point... got it.
personally, i want to kiss the Blarney stone [typical tourist], go to the Guinness factory, & then go on the Zane Lamprey "Three Sheets: Ireland" tour.

My wish, however, is not a cheap one. by any means.
we haven't worked it out completely yet, but it's gunna run us a pretty, shiny little penny...

Spank, i luvs ya, how can i help?
[i feel like a tool]
if you were so inclined, i have placed a little donation button [via PayPal] on the side bar of this here bliggity blog.
anyone that would like to share some [monetary] luv, & donate to the cause of *Spanky does Ireland*, please feel free.

Obviously, i'd blog about the entire thing, take a bazillion photos & video & maybe, just MAYBE it could be a jumping off point for me to writing a book (we'll see).

so, there's my wish. 
but wait! i'm not totes selfish, didja think i was?
nah.... i'll be donating 7% [my lucky number] of everything donated to the
[since i'm asking for my wish to come true, I'll pass it on to someone else as well.]
luvs it*

luvs the 'stache.

i want this shirt.

i think i may have a little thing for old timey mustaches.
i think i want to start collecting things with old timey mustaches...

i think i'll have a 'stache stash.
luvs it*


*happy birthday to the king*

As you all know, I work at an online booking agent that hooks clients up with performers, from; string quartets, to pony rides, strippers to Elvis impersonators.
The "elvii" are, by far the biggest attraction
[people are weird].
but, since we def must attribute a lot of the money we make to Elvis' honour, & he really was *The King*, we've opted to celebrate (in our own way) today.
Some of you konw that i've been lucky enough to score a position [i don't think it's written in my offical job description] where i get to work on Social Media efforts. Up until 2010 [because i was honestly getting so tired of it] i was the companies Twitter Representative. I've moved on to Facebook and I still write one of the "articles" for our MySpace Page.
I really liked what i wrote this week for Elvis, so i've decided to post it here as well. Read it if you'd like.
If you can't get enough of Spanky, you can always visit the GigMasters Facebook Fan Page to get a taste of the "Professional Spanky" who calls herself "Sara".
So, withouth further adu (as the minutes tick away at the lunch time hour & i still would like to go smoke...)

What's New is New: Happy Birthday to The King
January 8th, 2010
To celebrate Elvis Presley’s 75th birthday this Friday, January 8th, 2010, Sony Music Entertainment has released a 25 track CD, “Elvis 75”. The CD is available on Amazon and iTunes, and features all the best hits, including; Blue Suede Shoes, Hound Dog, I Can’t Help Falling in Love, All Shook Up, and Suspicious Minds (all GigMasters favorites). We plan to swivel our hips and curl our lips all day long to these classic songs!
We’re not the only ones that will be celebrating. All over the country parties and events have been planned for the King of Rock. Wife, Priscilla and daughter, Lisa Marie will attend a cake cutting ceremony in Graceland, while the lazier fans will snuggle up with a grilled peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich to watch TMC’s all day Elvis movie marathon.
What better way to immortalize the legend than being made into a Mattel Barbie figure? That’s right! The King of Rock was frozen in plastic in 2009 and sold to collectors and fanatics everywhere. The doll is available online, but we suggest buying two, one to keep and one to play with!
Planning to visit Sin City? Discounted ticket will be available for $75 on January 8th for the new show, Cirque du Soleil’s Viva ELVIS, at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas!
Performers: Even if you’re not an Elvis Impersonator, chances are you know the tunes and have some sweet moves. Break out an Elvis song or two at your events this year. Educate your clients that this year marks an important anniversary for all musicians. If you’re the farthest thing from the Kings Rock sound, mix it up with some awesome covers in different genres. You can ALWAYS send them to us! [buzz@gigmasters.com]
Clients: Any day is a better day with some seriously Rock’n sounds, and our Elvis Impersonators bring that thrill all year round. Hire an Elvis Impersonator for a birthday surprise for a friend, or better yet, a co-worker! Have an Elvis remembrance party where all your guests are greeted with a red silk scarf and the winner of your hip swivel contest gets a pair of killer gold aviators. Hire a caricaturist to draw everyone as Elvis or a Balloon Twister to make ready to rock balloon guitars. Have fun with it, the King of Rock doesn’t turn 75 every year!

i'll also add that this sexy little number USED to be a member of my site, but expired in September. I may have to make some calls & try to bring him back. His name is Victor Trevino Jr. & he's de-lish!

now that's what i call a hunka-hunka-burn'n luv!
luvs it*

giveaway de jour. - Novelista Barista

as promised, i'm posting about my #1 prison bitch's giveaway:
"editor"s note: i am reposting this giveaway, but i will not be entering the giveaway. i LUV the prize, but i don't believe that it would be fair to win an item from my bffer. We are lucky enough to be bloggie buddies/sometimes bloggie competitors, & i hope & expect her to help advertise for me, as i will with her [again, i'm sorry, i forgot about this giveaway!] but if there's a funky thing i think she should have, i'll just get it for her, she doens't need to win.
So, with that said, the giveaway de jour for today is hosted by none other than JenBunny @ Novelista Barista:

and the prize is from Shabby Chic Designs on the wonderful world of etsy!

make sure to go HERE to enter the giveaway!
[while you're at it, add to your entry giveaway that you were reffered by me... please. haha]
luvs it*
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