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talk'n 'bout myyy girls...

It's easy for me to see my friends in other people. I recognize my friends in characters, actors, musicians, strangers, etc.

I'm writing notes for this post on my iPhone [sorry for any missed typos!] at 3am [gd insomnia fn blows] 
Meredith, [Ellen Pompeo, but mostly Meredith] has a tendency to remind me of JenBunny. I'm also reminded of JenBunny by Courtney Cox & Alexis Bledel. I don't know if JenBunny sees it, or if anyone else has said the same to her before. I know out of these three, shed be stoked to be told I'm reminded of her when I see Meredith on Grey's.
I remember that she wrote a post on her blog a while ago about who shed want to play her in a movie. [her post]. 
She chose Anne Hathaway. I don't see it at all. Sorry jen.


I'm reminded of AmeCakes by Jennifer Aniston & sometimes LC from the Hills.
No one would ever scoff at hearing that! So, ur welcome cakes!
I wonder if anyone would ever think that about me. I wonder if any of my friends think of me when they see another person.

When I was younger, about 12, I used to hear that I reminded people of Cameron Diaz, or vice versa. Honestly, I think it was due to a drastically short haircut (unintentionally alla Something About Mary) & a very wide smile. other than those two factors, I don't see it. It didn't matter though, another actress came on the scene shortly after & there was a new face I was told I shared.
I heard Reese Witherspoon (short blonde chick), Erika Christianson (short blonde chick), & then, the ultimate, Julia Stiles (not sp short blonde chick).
I heard this comparison so many times that after the movie O came out, & J.Stiles was strangled, my aunt & uncle called to tell me they just saw me be murdered... Uh, creepy...
A friend in high school would call me Julia, & be angry when I didn't respond...
On a trio to the city, I heard someone walk past me & tell the person she was with "omg, I think that was Julia Stiles!"... Since I didn't see Julia there, I'm pretty sure she meant me, but I can't be certain.
Sprinkled between, I've gotten a Renee Zelweiger here & a Melissa Joan Hart there, a few Britney Spears fibs & a lot of different cartoons from Tinkerbell, Alice (in Wonderland) & Bubbles from the PowerPuff Girls (another inconvenient nickname, especially considering it's comfortable rhyme with my last name...) 

About a year & a half ago, I turned against my flat iron & always let my hair "be as it wanted to"... This personal trend was initiated by laziness, but fueled by a bar friend telling me that I looked like Ashley Olsen [yesssss!]. If I could pick any, I'd pick her.


A work buddy & all the bridesmaids in GA said I was Kate Hudson, which I'd take any day, but I, personally, woulda stuck with Owen & never gone near A-Rod...
(I've also been told I remind people of Goldie Hawn, so... There's that).
Finally, the only other one I can think of is Sarah Jessica Parker. I don't look anything like SJP, not that I wouldn't want to, I think she's gorg, but I think it stems from the shared first name ("Spanky Jessica Parker") & her silly little part in Hocus Pocus with that same name, that made people think of me. [insert SJP in HP] so, I guess not only do I remind people of other people, but I guess I do alot. My question was, do my friends, people that really know me, are THEY reminded of me by others?
Would they agree with the above? Would they tell me I'm silly for liking some comparisons & disliking others?
Would they agree to be nice? Would they say my mothers classic mother
"you're so much prettier than her."  
[ugh. Thanks ma...]

Ashley Olsen, the occassional MK Olsen & Kate Hudson?

Luvs it*


  1. LOL id take all those over anne hathaway!

  2. you guys are all beautiful and good choices on celebrity look alikes ...:)


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