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Too Hot Tuesday: [double feature] Johnny Pacar & Nico Tortorella

it's usually not my style to lump hotties together [actually, that doesn't sound too bad] but given that i just couldn't make up my mind, i'm putting these two co-stars in one THT this week.
Johnny Pacar, 28 & Nico Tortorella, 21 are both on the abc family show "Make it or Break it", which i had never seen a moment of until i stayed home sick yesterday... &... watched.... a marathon...
Of the two, J. Pacar def looks younger some of the time, but he's not at all. He's actually got a bit of a James McAvoy thing going on... & we know how i feel about James McAvoy... drooool. He plays Damon Young, the rockstar, pizza shack employee & current squeeze of the main character, Emily Kmetko. Last we see Damon, he hosts a romantic evening on the roof with Emily the night before he goes off to LA (from Boulder, CO) to make it big selling some of his songs.
From what i gather (ok, so i only watched half of the marathon, the first half was missed while i wallowed in my noggin-pain) Emily's first interest was Razor, played by N. Tortorella, James Dean/Rockstar wannabe who secretly used to be a Mathlete, Damon's friend & also employed at the Pizza Shack. When he left, he apperantly asked Damon to "fill in for him" when HE went to LA earlier in the season... not knowing that would [duh] lead to a romance between Damon & Emily. He was awfully cute though when he stuttered through making the realization when arrivinig home & spotting them, lip locked, on the roof, surrounded by twinkle lights  
blah blah blah... i'm lame, i get so into these teen dramas!
bottom line, they make for wonderful eye candy, only it seems that when one comes back, the other leaves! Dammit fictional LA, stop taking away the boys!

Johnny Pacar, 28

credit: Make it or Break it, Ghostwhisperer. 


Nico Tortorella, 21

  credit: Make it or Break it, The Beautiful Life: TBL

i cannot chose (not that i have to) which is the bigger hottie... what do you think?

which make it or break it boy is the bigger hottie?

Johnny Pacar

Nico Tortorella

neither, i'm lame and don't like hot boys.

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  1. Oh, Johnny Pacar for sure! I don't know who either of these dudes are, but Johnny is hurting my eyes with his hotness. The other guy, not so much.

    I like the double-feature! (I feel slightly dirty and sleazy for saying that)

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  3. Like seriously i just discovered my crush on Johnny on Monday when they were havin a marathon on ABC fam... He is absolutely adorable and he seems so sweet. He's a definite Luv.

  4. So it wasn't until I actually read the post that I realized you discovered him through that same marathon...
    & your kinda right about the James McAvoy thing.
    NEway I think Johnny is def. cuter =)

  5. I feel so out of the loop lol I dont know any of this people lol..

  6. haha, geeez Angel, you better catch up on your thrilling ABC Family Dramas!!! hahaha

    Shels: how funny is that?! We had the same hot boy discovery!!!

    Elise: Johnny Pacar, at first, was my pick, but when i was google searching for photos of him, he looked 12 in all of them! hahah didn't want another cougar alert post, but, the ones i found 9on his bands myspace page... creeeper) were hotttt. i def think Nico is a cutie to the max as well.

    &... dare i say it... both would be good Edwards! hahahha (i luv that i'm looking for that always now! pah!)

    Jason: thanks for reading & the compliment! i left you a note on your blog!

  7. nico was on the failed show TBL ... hilarity


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