diary of a manic obsessive.


goal: purge the clutter.

i'm so sick of being a slob.
my room is littered with loot, cluttered with chaos & all around doused in disgusting debris.

i want, desperately to be a cleanly person. to not have so much crap in my life.

God, beer me the strength to get rid of the gross gobs of garbage. tell me where to start to revolt against the repulsive racks of riff raff.
junk for sale, anyone interested?
maybe i should try to sell some of my things. a lot of the shit i have is actually in good condition, i just don't USE it. i have so many books on my bookshelf, so many unworn clothes, and so much... stuff... everywhere.

hmm, we'll see, but i hope that i can get at least half the things in these tiny four walls out... if i get 3/4 of the stuff out... i can go buy more!
[i like the sound of that...]

luvs it*


  1. lol you should sell or donate, that way you can withe make some money or do a good deed while getting rid of clutter, the key is to just ask yourself have I used this in the past 3 months or whatever time frame you want to pick just dont make it years lol. and if the awnser is no close your eyes and toss it OUT!! dont think about it, I had to do this when I moved to San Antonio its amazing how much shit can fit into a four wall room lol!! Good Luck with all your de-cluttering!

  2. sell it but save the $$ for Ireland!!!! is way better than more junk

  3. hahha, this is true... plus, i'll need room for all the Irish junk i'll inevitably bring back with me.


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