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do not pass go, do not collect $200...

today i have the lucky pleasure of going to driver retraining.
Anyone that doesn't live in the states, or in CT (i'm not sure if the national rules differ or not), apperently, if you get ANY moving violations under the age of 25, you are eligible for the
State of Connecticut Operator Re-training Program
lucky me, i got a bullshit speeding ticket a few months ago, paid almost $200 & got picked for the goddamn class.
why am i so pissed off about this? 
besides the obvious pain in the ass of having to go, which means driving the 30 miles from work to Milford, getting a fuck'n Money Order for $60 (even though the chick on the phone for the class said $50, but what-the-fuck-ever, i'm not showing up with less), leaving work early, which is time i have to make up over lunches, aka less blogging, then sitting there, in a mother luv'n HoJo from 5:45 to 10pm, then driving the 40 miles home, in the dark, when it's supposed to snow...
i'm pissed because it's a BULLSHIT TICKET!!!
in my small ass woodsy town, there are like... 3 straight aways, where there are little to no turn-offs & the only real time when one could safely drive upwards of 50mph. Since all the other roads are curvy, whirly, hilly & blind, these straight aways are usually a nice break for a few seconds.
The main one that i always come across, is Farmingville Rd.

the pink heart, on the left is my house, then you'll notice me, happily driving to work, although, not that happy, because i'm pretty sure i was late, like usual.
You'll notice the pink road is Farmingville... see how F'N straight that part is!? YA! Why the HELL is it 25mph!!?!?!?!?!?!??! What moron came up with THAT logic? Fuckers!??
The green arrow is where i saw the piggie (who you see is on the OTHER end of the straight away, hiding mostly behind a tree, but i still saw him...)
When i saw him, i went from my normal, acceptable by any logic, standard speed of about 48mph & went down to about 22mph!!!
that didn't stop him. The blue arrow is where he pulled me over & said "i clocked you going 48... this is a 25"
- $181 ticket for moving violation.
the purple route is my non-straight away commute that fits in the map.

To proove how retarded this entire thing is... i filmed myself doing this morning drive (just the pink). You'll see the speedomoter in a lot of it, i'm trying my HARDEST to go 25, but it's soooo hard to do!!!

bullshit, right? 2 & a half mins?!?!
now, i have to finish working for the day so i can go get a damn money order & go to this mother luv'n class of hell death.
sure hope i don't CRASH in the SNOW on the way BACK.
[does NOT]
luvs it...*


  1. Haha spanky I feel really bad that you had to go through all that bullshit, but wow you had me laughing when you said "piggie."

  2. aww, am so sorry :( that is bullshit 25 damn..that is hard to do...

  3. You might feel better if you get yourself a free download...?

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  4. yikes...that is a bunch of bull shizzy! The traffic laws here in VA are horrible too and I so feel your pain...but, I cracked up when I read your labels...so funny!


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