diary of a manic obsessive.


is anybody still out there?

hi luvrs!

it's been a horrifyingly long time since i've blogged...

there's not enough time in the world to update everything that's happened...

so.. highlights?

-as most of you knew, i had moved to California to live with my boyfriend, Travis (aka "Bazinga Baby").
-couldn't stand my roommate
-lost my car :(
-got a job as a Leasing Consultant at the Community i lived at, Parkwood, in Irvine, CA. The job only lasted a few months because it was a summer position... but i liked it, leased a lot of apartments, made some good money, met some good people, bought some wicked cute work clothes, made some friends...
-made some HUGE strides with my etsy shop, which i changed the name of, from Twitterpated Pretty to Sara McCobb Hubbell Designs

-developed a beloved character, lil miss, whom i've taken through some pretty rough times, & have been really luving drawing her, painting her & sharing her woes with the world.

-went back to CT in August for Trav's cousins wedding (which was actually in Boston). The wedding was BEAUTIFUL & we had a great time!
-turned 25.... ::indifferent::
-got a Red Bull fridge, & a beautiful patio set from a friend, who, sadly, moved to NorCal soon after we started hanging out more :(

the biggest change of all...

*we got on the road again, yesterday, Thursday, December 15th, with all of our shit (well, most of it... 675lbs worth, to be exact, was on a pallet, shipped) on our way moving BACK to CT*


So, now i'm in a really crappy motel room in Santa Rosa, NM, about to have a "house salad" from a rando pizza place, the only one that would deliver, which "doesn't have menus"... -umm?-... & watch Anchorman for the millionth time, while Trav eats the most amazing looking pizza that i can't have bc it'll gimme a tummy ache all day tomorrow.

::dammit trav, please stop making those fucking "yummy noises"!::

the biggest, most important thing, at the moment, is that i'm on InstaGram (same name, Spankyluvsit) updating BEAUTIFUL photos & i'm also TWEETING the WHOLE trip (@Spankyluvsit).

Follow @Spankyluvsit & #STUSA for updates!!!

PLEASE tweet me, add the hash tag, ReTweet, tell your friends, comment on the blog, keep me in the loop, DON'T FORGET ME!!!! :)

i'll be back. i'm going to try to make a point to come back. i hope there's someone for me to write to. 

tell me that you're there!

luvs it*
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