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So, i may be a child from the womb of the www. generation (well, not reaaaally, i'm more the nintendo/finally get rid of the bunny ears & have cable generation) but basically this is the beginning of my very first real grown up blog!
Sure, i have the facespace, once i had the livejournal.com or whatever it was, but this is basically my virtual blog cherry pop. (ew?)
So... now that i have my blog... hmm.. all i have to do is come up w/ something to say.

I'm known for being kinda fucking shallow & very fucking man crazy. So sue me. I know what i like & have no problem being pretty damn open about it. It's not all that i am, by FAR, but just for shits & giggles, that's what we'll focus on today, plus, it'll give everyone something yummy to snack on for a little while. (ur welcome.)

For starters, just so you can get to know me a little bit... here's a short list of some of the grade a man meat that i would gladly take a giant juicy bite out of. Rare, very rare, Man tartar if i may. mmm. ('scuse me)

Dane Cook: as if he wasn't good enough, he's hotter than a poptart fresh outa the toaster (thanks lil kim) he's HISTERICAL, and now he fucking sings?! god damn sign me the fuck up. 15 years isn't THAT bad of an age difference, & his maturity level is still about that of a 16 year old, really not a problem. (DANE, marry me?) I was finally fortunate enough to see my man LIVE in MSG last November (sure it was from like 50 feet away... but i knew he was looking at me...) Plus, let's just metion one more LITTLE detail... he's from BOSTON. Gimme a penny i need to make a wish, i'll take a one way ticket on the Dane Train. Pack my bags, i'm NEVER coming back! mmm-luvs it.

Dominic Figlio: umm, can we talk? just look at him! Fuck'n god. Discovered by
Janice Dickonson on a randomass open call on Janice Dickonsons Modeling Agency (dope show.) He was picked by Aussiebum (sorry, but what a prick that guy was) & then ended up as the FACE (& boddddy!) of 2(x)
ist underwear. (let me just take a moment to thank this wonderful world
that makes underwear designer & a thing to be photographed... mmm..)
Dominic, you're yummy as hell & i'd like a five course meal. Now all i need is a close up of that beautiful face. (if anyone has one.. please send!) Last point- Dom looks better w/ the buzz cut than the hair, but i'll take him either way, gladly.

Kenny Santucci: The Real World/ Road Rules Challenge hottie came on as a newbie in Fresh Meat. Fresh Meat, i'll say. His sense of humour would be enough but then Kenny ROCKS the Jersey Italian Boy vibe, & my socks. He's a guy who looks amazing in his glasses & messy hair. B-e-a-utiful & funny as hell. Oh Kenny, you're the only man that could get me to move to Jersey.
I'd sign up for these crazy Real World Challenges if it got me a shot.
l-l-l-l-luvs it*

James Franco:
It was Freaks & Geeks that did it for me. Kinda greasy, a little skeevy & very rude, but so cute. Then, there was Deuces Wild, a small role, but then soon after, Triston & Isolde & i was hoooooooked. He's so scrumptious. He plays James Dean, he, like, IS James Dean. He's a member of the Apatow gang. Jake, in Annapolis (uh, yaaaaa)
But, James, darling, don't grow the 'stache back. You're like the ONE guy that i think clean shaven is clutch.
work it baby.
luvluvluvs it

Leo Dicaprio: Well duh. What chick my age (from the titanic generation) doesn't luv Leo? I'll tell ya, ones w/ no taste. C'mon, it's Leo. Romeo, Jack Dawson, Luke the Severs addorable squater, Frank Abignale, but, my personal fav (drool...) Billy Costigan. Let's be serious, take a fine specimen of man, drench him in talent, then, i dunno, put a Red Sox hat on his head, get him to talk in a Boston accent & have him star in the BEST FUCKING MOVIE EVER MADE - The Departed - directed by the amazing (but not so gorgeous) Martin Scorsese. Good lord. Weak knees... o so weak.
Plus, he's not even keeping us waiting! He's got SEVEN movies coming out between this year & the next, including Body of Lies, screenplay written by William Monahan (duh, wrote Departed!), & also playing TEDDY ROOSEVELT! The man is a damn chameleon.
so far, my longest running crush on this list.
luvssss it*

Well ok, that's only the TIP of the iceberg (forgive me Leo) but those are my top five (today...)

I hope that this blog thing works out, i hope that there are actually people out there reading this. Who knows, maybe i'll actually get afan base! Nah, who the hell do i think i am, Carrie Bradshaw? Ooh, i wish i was Carrie Bradshaw... so.. many... clothes...
well, for now i'm not, i'm just Spanky*. Man crazy, movie obsessed (in case you didn't get that), hopefully a tad funny, Spanky*.

But what can i say, Spanky luvs it*
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