diary of a manic obsessive.


rock bottom.

can this just be rock bottom?

can we all just let this be the low point?

i'm so embarrassed...

my car was repossessed...

we got so behind a few months ago when bazinga got sick, then roomie was robbed & i had to cover his 'scripts & part of her rent & my bills got put to the back burner.
i couldn't make payments on time & they took my car.

i can't believe it.

sometimes i feel like i can barely breath.

i luv it here & i luv the possibilities that this home has, but what else can possibly happen?

i'm going home for 2 weeks. i leave Jan 3rd. I just hope, hope, hope that i can come back with a rejuvenated spirit & can pick myself up, brush myself off, & make this life work.

i don't need bright, shiny things, i just want a bright, shiny happiness to fill our little home.

just, please, let's just let this be rock bottom. my hope can't take much more.

silver lining: i can't wait to see my family, my friends &, maybe even most of all, that dog, little Holly GoLightly pup whom i've missed so much i can't take it.

luvs it*


blogger book worm 'ganza [exchange]

I thought about doing this last year, but i just didn't get around to it....
as is life...

So, this year, even though it's a bit late, i decided to give it a whirl, even if we only get a few people, maybe we can try again next year, or make it a bi-tri-yearly thing!

I'm happy to announce that i reached my reading goal for the year [12 books] & once i'm done the one i'm on now, i'll have reached my "expert goal" of 15 books in a year!!!

My vision:

a "secret santa" of sorts, where everyone sends their favourite book to the person chosen for them.
i thought that this could be a great way to open someones mind to your literary "comfort food".

If you'd like to sign up, please follow THIS link by December 31st!

We'll all have a chance to read a new book & to broaden someone's mind to our favourite wordies!

the book that you send should be a gift, so it can adorn your giftie's bookshelf forever, so please make sure that you understand you will NOT be getting it back!
[aka, don't send your signed or first edition copy!]

i hope we get some good number!

please, also, feel free to re-post this on YOUR blog so we can REALLY expand!!!


luvs it*


CSN obsession!

I've been looking at a bunch of places for furniture: desk, beds, tables, & home bar furniture.

then i got a chance & I'm totally stoked, to write a review for the site CSNstores.com!!!

It's going to be SO awesome to get a new piece for this silly empty apartment!!!

I've also been looking at a few other stores for other items i wish i could afford to have in my place. i love these blue stools, but we don't have a counter to put them up to!

Holsag Henry Custom Bar Stool
there's a ton of other awesome home bar ware at allbarstools.com!

I've been looking at all the things available on CSN & what i'd want from there if i had billions of dollars to furnish my entire dream house, then editing down to the things that i would want for this itty apartment, then, realizing that my butt is killing me from sitting on the floor & getting side tracked looking at bean bag chairs...

[which aren't too cute, but def look like a cozy place for my bottom!]


bedroom sets...

& of course a home bar...

but, i think the most practical thing for us right now is probably a bathroom organizer, for the teeny little closet of a bathroom we have!

the hard part will be getting Bazinga to help me make a choice. haha

wanna weigh in? leave a comment telling me what YOU think the most practical item would be.

look for my review, coming soon!

luvs it*
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