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another sick giveaway.

not to overshadow my OWN giveaway, but i'm luv'n this one as well!
Ambar at Ambar's Thoughts is having her first giveaway EVA!

these luvlies are from Natalie's Prestige & i wannnnnt neeed them!
I'm a brand new reader of her bloggie (& i'm already jeal of her 111 followers!)
This is a GREAT giveaway & as much as i want to promote you all to enter, i really kinda want it for myself (guilt)
buuuuuuuuut, READ her blog. it's too fun!

luvs it*

Foto Friday - creepy h.ween addition

Halloween is almost here! There's only a few hours left until michief night begins & this year, it's on a friday! As Scooby Doo would say - Rut Row!
if anyone eggs my new car, i'll FLIP!
Here's to Foto Friday returning (at least for now). i'm in luv with this creepy tree... but i'm totally that girl that would freak out if i saw it on a dark drive home or hiking when it suddenly gets dark..

don't make fun.. i'm totally a loser & i'm definitely scared of inanimate objects... too many silly fears to count..

 i found this picture on x-horizons deviantart page & promptly "hearted" it to my collection!

Ok, so i told you one thing (sorta). Tell me, what are YOU scurred of? (C'mon, make me feel better about myself!) I'll post the best scary/ spooky/ funny stories about you getting scared!
e-mail submissions to SpankyLuvsIt@gmail.com
If i don't get to post again before festivities tomorrow, i hope that everyone has a wonderful h.ween 2009! Take pictures! 
luvs it*


did someone say GIVEAWAY?!?!

yes... & it was ME!

a few posts ago i wrote the following message:

Comment on this post with your favourite word (& why). Extra points for anyone who submits a fun picture that shows your love for this word. If it's a weirdo word, include a definition, so I can at least not be the only dummy who doesn't know it! Be creative! It can be whatever you want! I'll pick a winner and that lucky little blogger or bloggette will get their ONE WORD on a tee!!!

So, there ya go, hit me with 'em! What's your word gunna be? Diddlysquat? Blasphemy? Triskaidekaphobia? Make 'em good!

For those of your that follow me on Twitter, you've seen me *tweet* about this too. I'm excited to learn some new words & I'm even going to start a big list of all the great ones!

& see my shout outs on www.One-Word-Tees.com on their Contest page!

- this giveaway will go on until (about) November 8th, 2009 so get those submissions in!!!


Let's give 'em something to DROOL about!

Here are some tips that i came up with to looking your best. Most of them i follow, some of them i'm reallllly working to make sure i do.

Some of you might think, "Spanky, since WHEN do you give tips? Aren't you basically all about telling us all the shit you luvs? aka Shia Labeouf & various other hotties?" - to you, i say "ya... but i changed my mind today.. so deal with it!" JUST KIDDING! I LUVS YOU!

-the real reason for this post is to segway myself into more content posts and less rambling and posting pictures. I like doing all that, and i will keep it up, but lately, i've started feeling like i may want to point my life towards writting as a career... So, what better way to do so than by WRITTING on my blog... not just commenting on other things.

It's important for us chickies to be desirable. Just because we might not want a guy, doesn't mean that we don't want him to want us. This doesn't make you a tease, it makes you a woman. be serious... would we have been built like this if we weren't supposed to be yearned for? I don't THINK so! (wow.. that sounds kinda shallow, doesn't it?)
nevermind that. more importantly than being wanted, it's FEELING wanted that makes the effort of dressing up worth it.

So... here we go... i'm taking a crack on giving some tips. enjoy!

-don't overdo it all the time. You have to have a happy medium. If you dress really nice all the time, no one can ever be blown away by your beauty when you go through the effort of REALLY dressing up. There's nothing worse than shelling out a shit-ton of mula on a nice dress and spending hours getting ready for people to not really notice... The world is a stage, give your audience a reason to aplaud. Every day is the suspence building up to your grand finale (no, not the day you die... the day you actually decide to go all out & dress up... life changing days, Prom, fancy events, your wedding, class reunions... y'know...)

-don't let your nails get gross - keep your polish fresh, or nothing at all. (i do NOT do this, i should, but i don't... remember, do as i say, not as i do!) i painted my nails quickly for a h.ween party on Saturday & now they look like shit. My costume called for something interesting, so i went with black with a purple ring & pinkie on the right hand. I'm not sure why, but it seemed appropriate (photos to come soon...) Now, since i haven't wanted to take the time to fix them up, knowing i'm going to have to repaint them this weekend for h.ween, i've left them. They look gross. To pour fuel on the fire, my anti-anxiety medication has been making my nails break, so they're just awful.
--if you have the raw materials to keep your nails luvly, DO IT. people really DO notice... i'm always embaressed over mine if they're yucky... even simple, short nails are gorg if they're painted right, you just HAVE to keep up with it!!!

Eva looks lurvly with her dark nails... is that charcole? Navy? dunno, but me likes!

-dress it up. No matter where you go, make it cute. Even if you're going to the grocery store & you're wearing sweats, wear a tee that's cute with your ratty, oversized sweats. You'd be surprised how much you can dress up a messy bun or impromptu pony tail with a front poof, side braid or a bow clip. (also, head band, a "cheer bow" or even just some styling clips for a unique look!)

Fashion Club Vice President: Quinn Morgendorf

-Listen to Quinn from Daria - Wear big shoes... as the Cartoon Fashionista says "The bigger your shoes are, the cuter the rest of you look in comparison!" - (even though, it occurs to me, Daria & Jane's boots are WAY bigger than Quinns...) i'm not saying turn into baby spice, but think about the cuteness factor of Uggs with leggings and a jean skirt (i've heard, first hand, that guys go CRAZY over the Uggs & jean skirt combo... boys are so easy...)

side note... who didn't think that Trent was the hottest cartoon ever, a-yum! bad boy cartoon duck!

-If you don't have time to put on a full face, at LEAST brush some mascara through your lashes. it'll take 45 seconds and you'll look bright eyed. If you have another 20 seconds to spare, dust on some bronzer on your cheeks & nose. You'll look just a tad sun kissed & it'll give you a healthy glow (be careful! I've gone overboard with this before & it totally screws you up. take those 20 seconds to really apply carefully... if you rush for 10 seconds, you'll end up having to start all over, or go through the day looking like you fell asleep awkwardly in a tanning bed - no good!)
--do NOT think that you can get away with putting mascara on at a red light. do NOT! i will bet you that you WILL poke yourself in the eye, get mascara all over yourself and have to drive with one eye, swearing at yourself & feeling around for a napkin to wipe it off your hands...

-Don't wear your fat jeans unless you need to. Yes, i know, anyone who knows me in the real world is coughing out "HYPOCRYTE" right now... trust me... i realize that this is my BIGGEST mistake in fashion... Honestly, i've only been skinny again for a few months & i haven't had the money to replace all my jeans (even though... yes... i DID splurge on the faux leopard fur coat... so, my priorities are a little askew... sew me!)
--They just end up making you look bigger (UNLIKE big shoes). It might make you feel skinnier to be able to pull them off without undoing the button, but the amount of time you'll spend worrying about if your thong is showing, is not really worth it. plus, it ends up making you look bigger than a paid of well fitting jeans would. Show off the ASSets!!!

So, how did i do? Let me know if you have any tips to add to this list. I'll keep it on a side bar so we can add to it!
--also! I'm working on a list of "how to live a Scandelous Life"! Send all your ideas for this list to SpankyLuvsIt@gmail.com!
luvs it*


Ya Dig?

Rickdiculous just told me that my new banner was "emo" - to which i had a very clever comeback
... (hey, i never said i was mature...)

What do you think, readers? You're the ones that will be look at it (i hope). I like it, but if you've got a better idea, hit me with it.

JenBunny changes her blog layout and banner more often than her socks. (which is true because the girl always has flops on).

What do you think of this idea? I wish that i could set it to be on some wicked kool *random* setting to rotate every day, but that would probably be really annoying. (if anyone knows how to do this, please let me know! it would make my life and JenBunny's life a lot easier... choices are hard!)

I'm working on a few more options and then, i'll let you all help me pick. Keep your eyes peeled!!!

luvs it*

Dark Side of the Moon

As i told you all last week, i've been writing the "What's New is New" article for my companies MySpace page.

I'm really enjoying getting a chance to write about current topics & get PAID for it!!!

Here's my post for this week:

Dark Side of the Moon

The month of October is almost and, in true fashion, a lot of strange things are happening in the world, leading up to, what seems to be, a pretty weird Halloween.

In the past week, we saw NASA “bombing” the moon, everyone’s favorite Werewolf, Taylor Lautner look amazing in the pages of GQ magazine, joy rides in silver mylar space ships, and the upcoming release of “This Is It”, the touching story of the last days of the ultimate “Thriller” to be in theatres October 28th.

Halloween is the perfect time to allow yourself to be scared and raise the paranoia of the Boogie Man, monsters under the bed, and things that “go bump in the night”. The movie Paranormal Activity asked fear fans to demand that their local theatre screen the film, and after 1 million demands, it was released nationwide.

Performers: Grab your fake blood, vampire teeth and shreds of the un-dead’s threads, and go wild this year! If you’ve booked a Halloween party, or even if you have an upcoming public event, show your freaky side and make the audience scream! Remember, it’s always fun to get spooked, and being a clients “treat” this Halloween is sure to make them remember you for next year!

What do you think? Should i think about becoming a reporter? JenBunny thinks she can see me as one... i played one in a play in 8th grade... that was fun...

Have fun counting down the days to h.ween 2009!

Check in on all my "What's New" posts at www.MySpace.com/GigMasters

luvs it*


One word: FAMOUS!

I found this site, www.one-word-tees.com a while ago when it was still bare bones and new. I liked the idea behind the "One Word Tees" & having to express yourself with only ONE WORD.

So, of course, I looked through the words to see what I'd wear... there were a few that I liked (I was a fan of "bimbo" & I wrote about this site a few months ago in the post Trendy Vocabulary).
Since I wasn't sure that I liked any of the words enough, I thought I'd e-mail them directly & ask for a custom word... "Lush" (naturally).

Ross Logan, a great guy who is very excited about his new company, wrote back to me right away and said that he'd be happy to make me a "lush" shirt.

After a while of e-mailing back and forth, one-word-tees.com getting a complete make-over and opting to print themselves, rather than use CafePress.com, we ended up making a trade for publicity space!

Ross sent me my "Lush" shirt gratas, as well as a lovely little "Spanky" tee!

Naturally, I was stoked!

You can now see a picture of MOI on the site at http://one-word-tees.com/custom-one-word-tee-shirts!!! (don't I look adorable!?). Ross also linked to my blog right there on the Custom Shirt page!!!

Ross, and the rest of the crew at OWTs are a bunch of Rockstars, & I'm so stoked to have a new friend in the dotcom world.

To celebrate our collaboration, I'm going to have a GIVEAWAY!!!

Comment on this post with your favourite word (& why). Extra points for anyone who submits a fun picture that shows your love for this word. If it's a weirdo word, include a definition, so I can at least not be the only dummy who doesn't know it! Be creative! It can be whatever you want!
I'll pick a winner and that lucky little blogger or bloggette will get their ONE WORD on a tee!!!

So, there ya go, hit me with 'em! What's your word gunna be? Diddlysquat? Blasphemy? Triskaidekaphobia? Make 'em good!

luvs it*


i feel like butt.

every day i have a stomach ache...

does not luvs it...


be wild.

here's where the Wild Things are..

luvs it*

o man.


yes, i played this in the office... loudly.... & sang along... i luv my life sometimes...

luvs it*


Tazo Awake Black Tea Soy Latte

I've finally found my 6 word crazy drink order from Starbucks.

Soy Milk, 3 Splenda, 160 cals, perf!

-as a non-coffee drinker, i never really thought that i'd care about Starbucks at all. I drink maybe 3 Peppermint Lattes a year (around christmas time) & usually don't finish them. Other than that, the occasional Sweetened Black Iced Tea in the summer, but i don't have a tendency to seek out the 'bucks.

but... then i realized that you can get tea lattes without them being Chai (yuck).


I'm all about it now, plus, i like that the tea there is actually pretty cheap (compared to the $12 alternatives some people need 3 of every day to live!)

luvs it*

t.g.i.f. fuckers!

luvs it*



i want this. faux' sho! Do you think I should shell out the $168 for it... i DO have an Express Credit Card... & a $30 off coupon... (is it worth it? - What Would Rachel Zoe Do? duh... BUY IT!)

luvs it*

h.ween 2009

What's everyone being for Halloween this year?

I think that i know what I'm going to do, but I'm not certain.

What do you have planned? Let me know, I'm curious!
-maybe Holly will be a Hot Dog... (reeeeeaaaal original, huh?)

luvs it*

Let me know what you're doing!


New York, I Love You

I can not wait to see this. It's FINALLY out. (after i've been waiting for EVER)

i can't waiiiit!

luvs it*


You know, I’ve never had much patience with Romeo.
Edward Cullen, New Moon, Chapter 1, p.17

Yes, I'm obsessed... dumb AmeCakes & stupid JenBunny got me fucking addicted so bad, i think they're sick of hearing me go on about this damn book...

Sorry R. Pattinson, it's nothing personal, it's just that, i would never have cast you to play Edward. I think you're just too... awkward for my taste

I've seen a LOT of internet discussions about this subject and everyone seems to have an idea of who would be better.

thinks that everyone from one of my FAV hotties, Scott Michael Foster (Greek) to Chris Evans (Fantastic Four). I luv them both, but S.M.Foster is def not Edward, he's Cappy (waaaaay too goofy to be Edward) & Chris Evans is too old.... Johnny Storm is also too much of a clown to be Edward.

Scott Michael Foster

Chris Evans

Fans on the Twilight Facebook Dicussion Boards said actors such as Matt Dallas (Kyle XY), to Sean Farris (The Sleepover and that awesome show Reunion that i luvd, but it was CANCELED). No, Matt Dallas has way too much of a spacey look going on. Edward is INTENSE, not a space cadet. M.Dallas played a wide eyed, (seemingly thoguhtless) alien boy w/ no belly button... not really cut from the same fabric... &, Sean Faris is fucking fine... even got a little crooked smile... but i think he's a bit too old? (He's a little TOO cute...)

Matt Dallas

Sean Faris

This is on the Edward Cullen wiki page:

"Meyer reported on her website that the four most popular fan suggestions for actors to play Edward were Hayden Christensen, Robert Pattinson, Orlando Bloom and Gerard Way."
-to this, i say No, eh-no, no, & are you fucking kidding?

-here are a few of the other suggestions that i was ok with...

Colton Haynes:

yum! I think he's definitely a cutie, but to throw this copmlex of a roll at a model/starter actor... he'd hafta be an amazing raw talent...

Henry Cavill:

He's hot. Too old (not for me, but for Bella). Loved him in Stardust, but i didn't care for The Tudors.

Here's who I think should be Edward, fo' sho (with a few alterations to make my point - eyes and hair have been "edwardized"):

Shia LaBeouf:

I know, I know, he wouldn't make a good Edward... but he's just so fuck'n yummy!

Ed Westwick:
He looks like a vampire... c'mon. Maybe he's not charming enough to be Edward, but he should absolutely take a breather from the Upper East Side to wander around the forrest of Forks... at least the Volturi in Italy.. He's a perfect vampire!
Zac Efron:
He's just so fucking hot. Plus, he's got a lot of the necessary traits, he's got amazing bone structure, strong frame, sexy as hell, intense eyes, great smile... the only problem is that, somehow, dumb Vanessa Hudgens would end up as Bella... & i'd have to vomit. (she's ok in that sugar coated bratty, i'm realy jeal bc she's gorg & has a hot bf & is successful & way younger than me... thing.... what was i saying?)

click here to see the original photo, non-edwardized!

Chace Crawford:

i've thought that C. Crawford should have been Edward since the second i started caring about Twilight. He's perfect. He's not too old, he's not too lame, he's intense, but not scary, he's beautiful, but not girly. He'd need contacts, but then again, who the f wouldn't? If you ask me... he's the perfect Edward... he's who i'd cast... even though, the Edward in my head doesn't exsist, i think C. Crawford is the closest i could come. out of ALL these yum-monsters on this post!

click here to see the original photo, non-edwardized!

see! It's meant to be!

mmm, so many hot boys... off to read more of *eclipse*!

luvs it*



I'm not sure what Google Wave is, exactly, but my buddy Dave showed this video to me & honestly, it's fucking SICK.

If anyone has an invite that they'd like to give me :o) i'd luv to have one! If i can get some invites, maybe i'll give one away on the blog.

luvs it*


My Wonderful Writing Skills...

I write a few sections of my companies MySpace page.

This week, I've been getting a lot of compliments on my "What's New" section, so I thought that I'd share it with all of you!

Rep your pink ribbon

Comments by ZingerBug.com

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 2009 marks the 25th year of awareness and efforts to find a cure. The impressive streak has been represented in a big way this year. The NFL represented the Cancer Awareness Association by having players in pink gloves, caps and pink ribbons. Revlon, Clinique, and Estèe Lauder are among some of the cosmetic and beauty product companies who have committed to donating a portion of their proceeds this month. Even President Barack Obama took a moment between accepting his impressive Nobel Peace Prize, protecting the country, and biding for the 2016 Chicago Olympics to speak about the cause. Performers, show your support by jamming out with a pink ribbon on. Make a donation to the cause, or even perform for a charity to raise both funding, and awareness. Learn more about how to participate in upcoming events at cancer.org.

Keep updated with my other pieces (i usually write the "What's New" section & the "Performer Spotlight") on www.MySpace.com/GigMasters. Be a friend of us too! We can ALWAYS use more friends (& just because I've rep'd my company this far, i might as well keep going... ) We also have a Twitter page (www.Twitter.com/GigMaster) which i am the representative for, & i'm currently working on our Facebook page!

My luvy, AmeCakes writes the company blog at www.GigMasters.com/blog - CHECK THEM OUT! (this is partially what's keeping me away all the time!)

luvs u & luvs it*


i want...

should i?

luvs it*

silliness with sleep depreivation...

Morning my lil Spankettes!

"i'm on no sleep, NO sleep"
- who said it? - KRAMER SAID IT!

sleep deprivation makes me groggy & also think that dumb shit is hilarious... o god. today will be... interesting...

What do you think about...


haha, isn't that great?

Maybe I should have a give away for this little luvly t-shirt from Donkeyts.com!
What do you think?

luvs it*


sleepy lil show-off...

i thought before i went to bed, i'd show you all a little of what's been keeping me away...

it is 230am on a damn monday & i JUST finished my homework (due by 3am aka midnight on the west coast...)

here's this weeks assignment...

2 point perspective city (from my lil imagination)

1 point perspective neighbourhood (also from my lil noggin)...

sooo tired...
luvs it*


i misses u...

So much...

my bloggie was like my security blanket, but i haven't even had the time to give any comfort to myself with it's luv...

i can only post for a moment to tell you that Jennifer-face showed me this wonderful new site...

(check out my collection)

Also... how much would i KILL to look like her?

This chick is probably one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen. crap.

Dear God, can I puh-lease have her looks?! Santa?Easter Bunny? Lucky Leprechaun?


here's a SUPER FAST update on me...

work - ehh.
school - hard, stressful, but somewhat ok...
car - got a new one! whoooop! Nissan Versa, 2009, silver, leased. hatch back, 4 door. i'm in luv.
hair - back to blonde, thank GOD. i don't know if i ever posted about the hair dye issue. basically i asked them to take my BLONDE hair w/ dark BLONDE roots & turn it STRAWBERRY BLONDE... i left w/ mousy brown hair with awkward huge blode streaks.... now it's a lovely blonde with a reddish hue. :o)
boys - there's been one... he's older. i'm not sure where it's going or if i want it to go anywhere. we'll see. there's another one too, but he's a few states away. i may go visit next weekend. :o) wish me luck!
books - currently reading and OBSESSED with New Moon. (shit. i got bitten.) i take back any negative thing i may have ever ever ever thought about Twilight. It IS luv. ugh. soo good. i want to read it RIGHT NOW!
movies - saw the first Crank. That shit was BANANAS! Watch it. it's nutzo. i LUVD it. i want to see the 2nd one, stat! Didn't care for the Twilight movie (bc the book was SO much better). Didn't care for Inglorious Bastards either. i dunno. it was ok. i was expecting more i guess. i dunno.
tv - i'm luv'n Melrose Place, getting rapidly bored with 90210 (pick it UP, PLEASE), haven't caught up with One Tree Hill bc it took me until week 3 to realize that they actually brought it back again (wha!??!). Starting to even get bored by Gossip Girl! I was pretty stoked for The Beautiful Life, but there goes that. i guess they weren't into it... (anyone know if you can find it online?) I had too much wine last night & passed out when i was watching Grey's Anatomy, so i'll have to catch up. Honestly, the thing that i'm the most excited to watch every week is the Road Rules/Real World Challenge... oiy. (Kennnnny is soooo hottt!)

There are a million other things to say, but i'm out of time. i have to get into my new baby car, drive home, read some twilight & then watch some tv. i know, i'm being lame, but i have homework to do too... plus.. like i said... too much wine last night. ugh. i luvs the vino too too much!

luvs it*

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