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My Wonderful Writing Skills...

I write a few sections of my companies MySpace page.

This week, I've been getting a lot of compliments on my "What's New" section, so I thought that I'd share it with all of you!

Rep your pink ribbon

Comments by ZingerBug.com

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and 2009 marks the 25th year of awareness and efforts to find a cure. The impressive streak has been represented in a big way this year. The NFL represented the Cancer Awareness Association by having players in pink gloves, caps and pink ribbons. Revlon, Clinique, and Estèe Lauder are among some of the cosmetic and beauty product companies who have committed to donating a portion of their proceeds this month. Even President Barack Obama took a moment between accepting his impressive Nobel Peace Prize, protecting the country, and biding for the 2016 Chicago Olympics to speak about the cause. Performers, show your support by jamming out with a pink ribbon on. Make a donation to the cause, or even perform for a charity to raise both funding, and awareness. Learn more about how to participate in upcoming events at cancer.org.

Keep updated with my other pieces (i usually write the "What's New" section & the "Performer Spotlight") on www.MySpace.com/GigMasters. Be a friend of us too! We can ALWAYS use more friends (& just because I've rep'd my company this far, i might as well keep going... ) We also have a Twitter page (www.Twitter.com/GigMaster) which i am the representative for, & i'm currently working on our Facebook page!

My luvy, AmeCakes writes the company blog at www.GigMasters.com/blog - CHECK THEM OUT! (this is partially what's keeping me away all the time!)

luvs u & luvs it*

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