diary of a manic obsessive.


i want...

should i?

luvs it*


  1. what is it that you want? an industrial bar? or a 2nd or 3rd piercing?

    i say for for it because you can always hide it with hair (when you get to the corporate world). i got my cartalage (sp) and i feel pretty bad ass with it.

  2. i want the industrial. I'm not too worried about hiding it. i'm in the "corporate world"... but i work for a dotcom, so it's pretty liberal. i'm at work right now in jeans & a hoodie & uggs! haha

    plus, i have ink that's pretty visible. & a nose ring. i think i'm gunna do it!!!

  3. yes. you should. they're amazing. i've had mine for like 6 years. <3 do it.


who luvs me?

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