diary of a manic obsessive.


i misses u...

So much...

my bloggie was like my security blanket, but i haven't even had the time to give any comfort to myself with it's luv...

i can only post for a moment to tell you that Jennifer-face showed me this wonderful new site...

(check out my collection)

Also... how much would i KILL to look like her?

This chick is probably one of the most beautiful people i've ever seen. crap.

Dear God, can I puh-lease have her looks?! Santa?Easter Bunny? Lucky Leprechaun?


here's a SUPER FAST update on me...

work - ehh.
school - hard, stressful, but somewhat ok...
car - got a new one! whoooop! Nissan Versa, 2009, silver, leased. hatch back, 4 door. i'm in luv.
hair - back to blonde, thank GOD. i don't know if i ever posted about the hair dye issue. basically i asked them to take my BLONDE hair w/ dark BLONDE roots & turn it STRAWBERRY BLONDE... i left w/ mousy brown hair with awkward huge blode streaks.... now it's a lovely blonde with a reddish hue. :o)
boys - there's been one... he's older. i'm not sure where it's going or if i want it to go anywhere. we'll see. there's another one too, but he's a few states away. i may go visit next weekend. :o) wish me luck!
books - currently reading and OBSESSED with New Moon. (shit. i got bitten.) i take back any negative thing i may have ever ever ever thought about Twilight. It IS luv. ugh. soo good. i want to read it RIGHT NOW!
movies - saw the first Crank. That shit was BANANAS! Watch it. it's nutzo. i LUVD it. i want to see the 2nd one, stat! Didn't care for the Twilight movie (bc the book was SO much better). Didn't care for Inglorious Bastards either. i dunno. it was ok. i was expecting more i guess. i dunno.
tv - i'm luv'n Melrose Place, getting rapidly bored with 90210 (pick it UP, PLEASE), haven't caught up with One Tree Hill bc it took me until week 3 to realize that they actually brought it back again (wha!??!). Starting to even get bored by Gossip Girl! I was pretty stoked for The Beautiful Life, but there goes that. i guess they weren't into it... (anyone know if you can find it online?) I had too much wine last night & passed out when i was watching Grey's Anatomy, so i'll have to catch up. Honestly, the thing that i'm the most excited to watch every week is the Road Rules/Real World Challenge... oiy. (Kennnnny is soooo hottt!)

There are a million other things to say, but i'm out of time. i have to get into my new baby car, drive home, read some twilight & then watch some tv. i know, i'm being lame, but i have homework to do too... plus.. like i said... too much wine last night. ugh. i luvs the vino too too much!

luvs it*

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  1. Hey lady! Glad everything is going great for you! Car, hair, boys (!!!), books (I hate that I loved the Twilight saga as much as I did. It made me feel like a try-hard 13-year old girl. Oh... but how I love it!).
    Take it easy!


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