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h.ween 2009

What's everyone being for Halloween this year?

I think that i know what I'm going to do, but I'm not certain.

What do you have planned? Let me know, I'm curious!
-maybe Holly will be a Hot Dog... (reeeeeaaaal original, huh?)

luvs it*

Let me know what you're doing!


  1. No costume this year. I'm going to California and have too much going on...won't have time for parties.

    But last year, my boyfriend and I had the coolest costumes! I dressed as a honey bee (with a crown on my head...cuz I wanted to be the Queen Bee of course) and he wore a t-shirt with a "J" on it. Nobody got it unless we stood next to each other.

    Bee J


    ummm....yeah...it was hilarious!

  2. omg, that's HILARIOUS!

    i'm kind of heartbroken that you won't be dressing up this year... NO TIME for h.ween?! Blasphemy!

  3. Well....it's important though (and the first time in YEARS where I won't be dressing up). See my oldest son is graduating from Marine Corp boot camp. We'll have lots of family there and we need to spend quality time together, not me hanging in various bars. LOL Not only that, most of them are minors, so I would have to leave them to go party.

    The funniest part of the bj thing is that my real name starts with a B. A lot of people call me Miss B and we play these stupid bar games and I always sign in as Bee. His name starts with a J. When we play together, we sign in as BJ. The old people thought it was a play off our initials because of the games. The younger crowd new EXACTLY what we were up to!! LOL


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