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Let's give 'em something to DROOL about!

Here are some tips that i came up with to looking your best. Most of them i follow, some of them i'm reallllly working to make sure i do.

Some of you might think, "Spanky, since WHEN do you give tips? Aren't you basically all about telling us all the shit you luvs? aka Shia Labeouf & various other hotties?" - to you, i say "ya... but i changed my mind today.. so deal with it!" JUST KIDDING! I LUVS YOU!

-the real reason for this post is to segway myself into more content posts and less rambling and posting pictures. I like doing all that, and i will keep it up, but lately, i've started feeling like i may want to point my life towards writting as a career... So, what better way to do so than by WRITTING on my blog... not just commenting on other things.

It's important for us chickies to be desirable. Just because we might not want a guy, doesn't mean that we don't want him to want us. This doesn't make you a tease, it makes you a woman. be serious... would we have been built like this if we weren't supposed to be yearned for? I don't THINK so! (wow.. that sounds kinda shallow, doesn't it?)
nevermind that. more importantly than being wanted, it's FEELING wanted that makes the effort of dressing up worth it.

So... here we go... i'm taking a crack on giving some tips. enjoy!

-don't overdo it all the time. You have to have a happy medium. If you dress really nice all the time, no one can ever be blown away by your beauty when you go through the effort of REALLY dressing up. There's nothing worse than shelling out a shit-ton of mula on a nice dress and spending hours getting ready for people to not really notice... The world is a stage, give your audience a reason to aplaud. Every day is the suspence building up to your grand finale (no, not the day you die... the day you actually decide to go all out & dress up... life changing days, Prom, fancy events, your wedding, class reunions... y'know...)

-don't let your nails get gross - keep your polish fresh, or nothing at all. (i do NOT do this, i should, but i don't... remember, do as i say, not as i do!) i painted my nails quickly for a h.ween party on Saturday & now they look like shit. My costume called for something interesting, so i went with black with a purple ring & pinkie on the right hand. I'm not sure why, but it seemed appropriate (photos to come soon...) Now, since i haven't wanted to take the time to fix them up, knowing i'm going to have to repaint them this weekend for h.ween, i've left them. They look gross. To pour fuel on the fire, my anti-anxiety medication has been making my nails break, so they're just awful.
--if you have the raw materials to keep your nails luvly, DO IT. people really DO notice... i'm always embaressed over mine if they're yucky... even simple, short nails are gorg if they're painted right, you just HAVE to keep up with it!!!

Eva looks lurvly with her dark nails... is that charcole? Navy? dunno, but me likes!

-dress it up. No matter where you go, make it cute. Even if you're going to the grocery store & you're wearing sweats, wear a tee that's cute with your ratty, oversized sweats. You'd be surprised how much you can dress up a messy bun or impromptu pony tail with a front poof, side braid or a bow clip. (also, head band, a "cheer bow" or even just some styling clips for a unique look!)

Fashion Club Vice President: Quinn Morgendorf

-Listen to Quinn from Daria - Wear big shoes... as the Cartoon Fashionista says "The bigger your shoes are, the cuter the rest of you look in comparison!" - (even though, it occurs to me, Daria & Jane's boots are WAY bigger than Quinns...) i'm not saying turn into baby spice, but think about the cuteness factor of Uggs with leggings and a jean skirt (i've heard, first hand, that guys go CRAZY over the Uggs & jean skirt combo... boys are so easy...)

side note... who didn't think that Trent was the hottest cartoon ever, a-yum! bad boy cartoon duck!

-If you don't have time to put on a full face, at LEAST brush some mascara through your lashes. it'll take 45 seconds and you'll look bright eyed. If you have another 20 seconds to spare, dust on some bronzer on your cheeks & nose. You'll look just a tad sun kissed & it'll give you a healthy glow (be careful! I've gone overboard with this before & it totally screws you up. take those 20 seconds to really apply carefully... if you rush for 10 seconds, you'll end up having to start all over, or go through the day looking like you fell asleep awkwardly in a tanning bed - no good!)
--do NOT think that you can get away with putting mascara on at a red light. do NOT! i will bet you that you WILL poke yourself in the eye, get mascara all over yourself and have to drive with one eye, swearing at yourself & feeling around for a napkin to wipe it off your hands...

-Don't wear your fat jeans unless you need to. Yes, i know, anyone who knows me in the real world is coughing out "HYPOCRYTE" right now... trust me... i realize that this is my BIGGEST mistake in fashion... Honestly, i've only been skinny again for a few months & i haven't had the money to replace all my jeans (even though... yes... i DID splurge on the faux leopard fur coat... so, my priorities are a little askew... sew me!)
--They just end up making you look bigger (UNLIKE big shoes). It might make you feel skinnier to be able to pull them off without undoing the button, but the amount of time you'll spend worrying about if your thong is showing, is not really worth it. plus, it ends up making you look bigger than a paid of well fitting jeans would. Show off the ASSets!!!

So, how did i do? Let me know if you have any tips to add to this list. I'll keep it on a side bar so we can add to it!
--also! I'm working on a list of "how to live a Scandelous Life"! Send all your ideas for this list to SpankyLuvsIt@gmail.com!
luvs it*


  1. Just as important as fingernails: toe nails. Keep 'em tidy! Nothing worse than seeing someone's feral talons all unkempt. Gross.

    Same goes for heels. Cracked and dry is a no-no.

    You never know when you'll be barefoot (for whatever reason...).

    Also, nice knickers. If not for anyone else, just to make yourself feel better.

    Great post and I am so happy you bought that jacket!! :)

  2. yes!!! i luv all of those. i will add them! keep 'em coming lady!


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