diary of a manic obsessive.


sleepy lil show-off...

i thought before i went to bed, i'd show you all a little of what's been keeping me away...

it is 230am on a damn monday & i JUST finished my homework (due by 3am aka midnight on the west coast...)

here's this weeks assignment...

2 point perspective city (from my lil imagination)

1 point perspective neighbourhood (also from my lil noggin)...

sooo tired...
luvs it*


  1. Wicked drawing :) Just started reading your blog, really like what Ive read so far! x.

  2. You talented little miss!

    Awesome drawing, so wish I could draw.

    What was the assignment for?

  3. this assignment was for my Sketching for Communications course that i'm taking (online) at the Academy of Art University in San Fransisco.

    the classes are hard & i've been doing homework every moment i'm not sleeping or at work (even on cigg breaks & lunch breaks during work - ugh)

    well... with the exception of the few hours i've allowed myself to read twilight!!! (just finished new moon. i'm in luv.)

  4. Thanks Miss Moose!

    I hope to see you back here!!!

    i apologize that i won't have too many updates often due to my nutso schedule, but i'll try to update when i can!

  5. i got a B- on the neighborhood... fml.

  6. Wow I have to do this utopian city thing and i have no idea how to start.. I'm Gwen from Singapore BTW :D Nice to meet you!


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