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Foto Friday - creepy h.ween addition

Halloween is almost here! There's only a few hours left until michief night begins & this year, it's on a friday! As Scooby Doo would say - Rut Row!
if anyone eggs my new car, i'll FLIP!
Here's to Foto Friday returning (at least for now). i'm in luv with this creepy tree... but i'm totally that girl that would freak out if i saw it on a dark drive home or hiking when it suddenly gets dark..

don't make fun.. i'm totally a loser & i'm definitely scared of inanimate objects... too many silly fears to count..

 i found this picture on x-horizons deviantart page & promptly "hearted" it to my collection!

Ok, so i told you one thing (sorta). Tell me, what are YOU scurred of? (C'mon, make me feel better about myself!) I'll post the best scary/ spooky/ funny stories about you getting scared!
e-mail submissions to SpankyLuvsIt@gmail.com
If i don't get to post again before festivities tomorrow, i hope that everyone has a wonderful h.ween 2009! Take pictures! 
luvs it*


  1. JA! Im deadly afraid of insects!! And by that I obviously mean an ant on top of the counter. DUH!


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