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Dark Side of the Moon

As i told you all last week, i've been writing the "What's New is New" article for my companies MySpace page.

I'm really enjoying getting a chance to write about current topics & get PAID for it!!!

Here's my post for this week:

Dark Side of the Moon

The month of October is almost and, in true fashion, a lot of strange things are happening in the world, leading up to, what seems to be, a pretty weird Halloween.

In the past week, we saw NASA “bombing” the moon, everyone’s favorite Werewolf, Taylor Lautner look amazing in the pages of GQ magazine, joy rides in silver mylar space ships, and the upcoming release of “This Is It”, the touching story of the last days of the ultimate “Thriller” to be in theatres October 28th.

Halloween is the perfect time to allow yourself to be scared and raise the paranoia of the Boogie Man, monsters under the bed, and things that “go bump in the night”. The movie Paranormal Activity asked fear fans to demand that their local theatre screen the film, and after 1 million demands, it was released nationwide.

Performers: Grab your fake blood, vampire teeth and shreds of the un-dead’s threads, and go wild this year! If you’ve booked a Halloween party, or even if you have an upcoming public event, show your freaky side and make the audience scream! Remember, it’s always fun to get spooked, and being a clients “treat” this Halloween is sure to make them remember you for next year!

What do you think? Should i think about becoming a reporter? JenBunny thinks she can see me as one... i played one in a play in 8th grade... that was fun...

Have fun counting down the days to h.ween 2009!

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luvs it*

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