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One word: FAMOUS!

I found this site, www.one-word-tees.com a while ago when it was still bare bones and new. I liked the idea behind the "One Word Tees" & having to express yourself with only ONE WORD.

So, of course, I looked through the words to see what I'd wear... there were a few that I liked (I was a fan of "bimbo" & I wrote about this site a few months ago in the post Trendy Vocabulary).
Since I wasn't sure that I liked any of the words enough, I thought I'd e-mail them directly & ask for a custom word... "Lush" (naturally).

Ross Logan, a great guy who is very excited about his new company, wrote back to me right away and said that he'd be happy to make me a "lush" shirt.

After a while of e-mailing back and forth, one-word-tees.com getting a complete make-over and opting to print themselves, rather than use CafePress.com, we ended up making a trade for publicity space!

Ross sent me my "Lush" shirt gratas, as well as a lovely little "Spanky" tee!

Naturally, I was stoked!

You can now see a picture of MOI on the site at http://one-word-tees.com/custom-one-word-tee-shirts!!! (don't I look adorable!?). Ross also linked to my blog right there on the Custom Shirt page!!!

Ross, and the rest of the crew at OWTs are a bunch of Rockstars, & I'm so stoked to have a new friend in the dotcom world.

To celebrate our collaboration, I'm going to have a GIVEAWAY!!!

Comment on this post with your favourite word (& why). Extra points for anyone who submits a fun picture that shows your love for this word. If it's a weirdo word, include a definition, so I can at least not be the only dummy who doesn't know it! Be creative! It can be whatever you want!
I'll pick a winner and that lucky little blogger or bloggette will get their ONE WORD on a tee!!!

So, there ya go, hit me with 'em! What's your word gunna be? Diddlysquat? Blasphemy? Triskaidekaphobia? Make 'em good!

luvs it*

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