diary of a manic obsessive.


did someone say GIVEAWAY?!?!

yes... & it was ME!

a few posts ago i wrote the following message:

Comment on this post with your favourite word (& why). Extra points for anyone who submits a fun picture that shows your love for this word. If it's a weirdo word, include a definition, so I can at least not be the only dummy who doesn't know it! Be creative! It can be whatever you want! I'll pick a winner and that lucky little blogger or bloggette will get their ONE WORD on a tee!!!

So, there ya go, hit me with 'em! What's your word gunna be? Diddlysquat? Blasphemy? Triskaidekaphobia? Make 'em good!

For those of your that follow me on Twitter, you've seen me *tweet* about this too. I'm excited to learn some new words & I'm even going to start a big list of all the great ones!

& see my shout outs on www.One-Word-Tees.com on their Contest page!

- this giveaway will go on until (about) November 8th, 2009 so get those submissions in!!!


  1. Here is a 'love' from me :)

    Except it's 'Conor' not 'Connor'.

    You don't lose any ofthe love though, cos it's an easy mistake.

    I love that I'm immortalised on your blog now - great!

  2. haha, i actually JUST saw that i had spelled it wrong & was coming to fix it! I noticed the 1 "n" when i was typing your name on Follow Friday on Twitter!!!
    I will fix! a thousand apologies. i get mad when my name is spelled wrong!

  3. Hi here, giveaway partner...

    I have to come up with one word?? WOW!! That's hard.. LOL

    I'm not THAT creative. But I would love to have the word "Awesomeness" in one tee. That's it.

  4. oooh! good one!!! word: submitted!

  5. My favorite word is so much like my life:


    Random and Ridiculous...

    So much of what I see fits this description so even though the word isn't actually approved my Merriam Webster...I think someday it will be! :o)

  6. oh my goodness this is such a cute giveaway. how on earth will i think of one word! this might be so random but "guy" would be my word. it's a little inside joke between my boy and me:)

  7. Ok, i'm IN LUV with the word Ramdiculous!! permission to use!??!! (w/ credit of COURSE!)

    LUVS LUVS LUVS you girl!!!

    Nicole - Thank you sooooo much for coming to my blog! i've been reading yours for a bit, my BFFer nugget Jennifer (Novelista Barista) RAVES about you!!! I'm interested to know the story behind the "guy" joke!

  8. You absolutely take it and run with it girl! I'm glad you luvs...and I luvs backatcha!

    Now I gotta go check out Nicole's blog... :-)

  9. you'll all see youselves linked on the left side of the blog in the "wordie submissions" section!!!

    wooo hooo for blog luv!!!

  10. ...so besides "jobin"?

    haha, "amazeballs" would be pretty...amazeballs?

    But I think my official submission has to be:

    "DAB" ... for obvious reasons. Love you!

  11. hahaha, 3 purrrr-fect submissions, but yet, DAB would be DAB-tastic!

    thanks guuuurl!


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