diary of a manic obsessive.


Let's Duet!

it takes the all night Flu to get me some time to be able to blog. (yack).

This is a post that i'd been wanting to write for a while. I'm stoked to share with you my thoughts on the subject, but i'm really excited to hear YOUR thoughts!

The subject is music. more specifically...

it takes one amazing voice to make a great song, but TWO amazing voices sometimes make a PB & J sandwich of musical luv. Here are a few of my favourite Duets... (in no particular order)

  • Let's Duet - Dewey Cox (John C. Riley) & Darlene Madison (Jenna Fischer)

  • Two Wrongs - Claudette & Wycleff

  • Lucky - Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

  • I'm Real - J.Lo & Ja Rule

  • Photograph - Kid Rock & Sheryl Crow

  • My Boo - Usher & Alicia Keys

  • '03 Bonnie & Clyde - Jay Z & Beyonce

  • I Got Your Babe - Sonny & Cher

  • Summer Loving - Danny (John Travolta) & Sandy (Olivia Newton-John)

I would put Chris Brown & Rhianna, bc up until recent actions, that was a def winner, but i can't under principle, post that song.

What's number 10? I can't think of one. I'll tell you what would be hilarious, if AmeCakes was right & soon we'll be hearing a Kanye West & Taylor Swift duet. HA!

There. At least i got something out there for you to all enjoy for a bit, but now my head is spinning a little bit & i think i have to go take a nap. I might write more later about my newest obsession. We'll see how i feel. Jam on to these great songs & if you can think of a number 10, PUH-LEASE let me know!

luvs it*


Regular Blogging

My dear reader Elise from Without Rhyme or Reason commented on my last blog & left a luvly little notice that she missed my regular blogging.

i can't tell you how much i do, too...

she asked if i had gotten a regular life (ha!)... no, i mean, i guess kind of...

work got a little crazier now that one of the girls in my dept. has left (lucky duck moved to the city... bitch!). My car broke, so i've been stressing out about that and having to find a new one, and then there's the headache i'm not sure if i was ready yet for.. i went back to school.

there's so much to tell all of you, i hate that i don't seem to have a moment to do so!

I want to write about the FASHION SHOWS that i went to in NY for Fashion week (i was IN THE TENTS AT BRYANT PARK!!!), i want to tell you about the books i've read, the shows i'm now obsessed with, everything, but i just haven't been able to. my dumb home computer is a dino and it doesn't want to allow me to do anything without me slamming it shut & saying "fuck it". That leaves me with my functional work computer, but, as i said, i rarely get the time anymore.

not to mention... AmeCakes & Jen Bunny bite my with the Twilight fever, so i've been unrealistically sucked into reading book one. (happy that i'm on a read kick, i'm about to finish my 2nd book in 3 weeks, that's pretty good for me! - but it does eat up a lot of time, i'm not a fast reader.)


lunch break is over.

i'm still here, i check pretty regularly to see if i have any comments (teehee). so, if you read this, leave me a comment, say hi, brighten my day, let me know that i haven't lost all of you!

miss you my luvies*



Pres. Badass

how much do i luvs Pres. Obama...

I'm sorry, i understand that its pretty inappropriate for the President of the United States to be making comments about public figures in this way, i guess, but can we all just appreciate for a second that our Pres. isn't scared to make his personal feelings heard? Hello?! He's human, and a down ass human at that.

For those of you that live under a rock... this happened this past weekend...

Then, our good 'ole Pres was caught on tape (is that legal? he was supposed to be off the record) saying the following:

Honestly, i'm amazed by the world that we live in these days. Part of me is disgusted by the power someone thinks that they have (kanye). Yes, we all like your music, yes, we understand that you are a dynamo and that you came from little to being a "huge frigg'n guy", but you're not a God, you're not invinsible and honestly, i'm sick of your shit. Yes, it gives us something to talk about, but in the long run, it just makes me like your songs a little less. Regardless of what you think, your record sales WILL coinside with your attitude.
.... The other part of me is damn proud to have a Pres that would have no problem making his opinions about everything, not just global warning, taxes and education, known.

"he's a jackass"... burn majour to Kanye... i bet you feel like a real shit now. Maybe you'll think next time you take it upon yourself to embarrass a tiny little girl in the middle of one of the happiest moments of her life...

"how could you be so heartless..."

luvs it*/hates it* ... y'know.


it's me. in the thing.

obsessed. i listen to this song (this version of this song) literally at LEAST once a day, usually more.

"Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite"
-by The Beatles, performed by Eddie Izzard in Across the Universe.

There is just something so perfect about Eddie Izzard as Mr. Kite.

luvvvs it*

found my drug.

i am absolutely, utterly consumed by a book.

ironic that a book about drugs can be SO addicting.

the book is Crank by Ellen Hopkins.

I'd heard of people reading it a few years ago, and, when i had, regrettably, forgotten my copy of Lovely Bones (which i'd committed to reading in a little mini book club with AmeCakes) at the office over the long weekend, i tip toed into my vacant sisters room & browsed her shelves.

"ooh! She really liked this one... but it's MASSIVE!" - yes, it is almost 600 pages, but the text is written in verse (sort of) so it's mega fast. no chapters, almost like little diary entries or poems (they don't rhyme)

suspicion arose: "Is this going to be mega obnoxious to read? how will i ever be able to stick to reading in this unconventional way?!" - TOTALLY EASY. the words being arranged in their way give the content a smooth rhythm. You're reading the way she's thinking. It's phenom!

I take it out on cigg breaks, I go home & read, I even, just now, came back from the Deli with a half a ciggie left, so i turned off the car, in the office lot, & read. I read like 10 pages. geez.

The story is great (the girl is 17, so it's a bit young for me, but who the hell cares).
(just to clear something up, this is NOT the same "Crank" as the Jason Statham movies).

The back of the novel says (& i'm going to do my best to get the spacing right):

Life was good,
before I
the monster

was great,

for a little while.

RIGHT? damn. obvi had to read it after THAT! (the spacing isn't right. damnit.)

(pah! i'm a genius. just snapped that little beaut with my iPhone -insert shamless plug here- so you could see the back cover!!!)

Buy it, Read it, it's fan-fuck'n-tastic. seriously. u'll thank me. or hate me for giving you a taste.

luvs it*


apple for the teacher

Y'think if i fed-ex a nice shiny red apple to my teachers (from CT to CA) it'd send the wrong message? I'm guessing that it might, especially since by the time that it gets there, it might have rotted... then they'll be like

"great way to start the semester, some freak overnighted me a rotten apple... F"

maybe i'll just stick with being punctual and participating. My past college experience was way different. I was always kinda hated by class mates because i'd raise my hand, talk in every discussion and sit in the front row. (in college i was very concerned about doing well, bc in high school i was usually in the back of the classroom sleeping or fucking around).

Well, today i signed into my online classes at AAU (Academy of Art University) for the first time! Eek! I'm nervous, but excited.

After my literal breakdown on tuesday (bye bye adorable Cabrio, i've luvd you so much!) i had somewhat of a MENTAL breakdown yesterday. It all was just a little too much to handle & i lost sight of the chipper goofy Spanky you all know & luv.

It made me think though. I started wondering if this "Spanky" character is the silver lining of myself that i wish i could be all the time. I was taking a stroll down memory lane through my past posts and realized that 9/10 times, i seem like my life is a daily blasty!

Well, my dears, that's simply not true. I'm beginning to think that without meaning to, i used this blog as a therapeutic measure to bring my happy fun side out to take over when the fishies in my head are fighting the whirl pool.
in NO way does this mean that i'm a fake. Sara is Beyonce Knowles, Spanky is Sasha Fierce (y'knah-imean?) I'm optimistic that Spanky, may very well be keeping Sara alive. This blog may very well be my real life rabbit Hole and all of you are watching my journey through an all too familiar Wonderland (only it's not a Wonderland... it's like the opposite... i don't wonder.. i expect... Spanky goes to Wonderland.. Sara lives in Expectland... wow... that's some lame, sad shit!)
anyway luvrs,

i think that my half a glass of wine may be getting to me... or maybe i'm sleep deprived... or maybe i'm fuck'n nutso.

regardless, i'm out. i will be back soon. i promise.

oh ya... i also died my hair. did i mention that? it's not blonde anymore. it's dark. i asked for strawberry blonde, i got kinda dark reddish brown (gee.. thanks...) it's growing on me, but i'm still pissed that i got something i totally did NOT ask for... ugh.
luvs it*


tire in the woods

my tire flew off my car today... while driving... on the busiest road in town.

i watched it role of the grass, through the middle of the two legs of a street sign (which, i was kinda impressed by) & off into the tall grass & the woods.

now the rim is bent & probably ruined. the alignment is probably off.

it was supposed to go in to the auto shop tomorrow for an e-Vap replacement that probably would have cost me a small fortune. then it needed emissions testing, an oil change, new registration, body work, brakes fixed, & oh ya... the passenger window doens't go down... FML

i luvs my little car, but it just doesn't seem worth it to put that much time & money into a dying 1996 VW Cabrio... but it's a convertible! & it's the car i learned to drive in. it was my aunts. i luv luv luv luv luv that car.

i'm going to cry.

now i'm looking into other cars. trying to be proactive. i think i want a hybrid. maybe a hybrid SUV? i have no idea.

what i want is a magic wand so i can wave it & fix my baby.

She (even tho, it's really a he) has two names... Wally the Green Monstah (bc she's tough as shit - usually) & Luigi... i dunno... green german car, green italian plumber... not really close, i just luv the name.


i'm really sad.

no luvs tonight friends...
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