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Pres. Badass

how much do i luvs Pres. Obama...

I'm sorry, i understand that its pretty inappropriate for the President of the United States to be making comments about public figures in this way, i guess, but can we all just appreciate for a second that our Pres. isn't scared to make his personal feelings heard? Hello?! He's human, and a down ass human at that.

For those of you that live under a rock... this happened this past weekend...

Then, our good 'ole Pres was caught on tape (is that legal? he was supposed to be off the record) saying the following:

Honestly, i'm amazed by the world that we live in these days. Part of me is disgusted by the power someone thinks that they have (kanye). Yes, we all like your music, yes, we understand that you are a dynamo and that you came from little to being a "huge frigg'n guy", but you're not a God, you're not invinsible and honestly, i'm sick of your shit. Yes, it gives us something to talk about, but in the long run, it just makes me like your songs a little less. Regardless of what you think, your record sales WILL coinside with your attitude.
.... The other part of me is damn proud to have a Pres that would have no problem making his opinions about everything, not just global warning, taxes and education, known.

"he's a jackass"... burn majour to Kanye... i bet you feel like a real shit now. Maybe you'll think next time you take it upon yourself to embarrass a tiny little girl in the middle of one of the happiest moments of her life...

"how could you be so heartless..."

luvs it*/hates it* ... y'know.

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  1. Hilarious! Kanye is a complete tosser and too full of his own ego to care about taking her moment. Obama just gets cooler in my eyes.

    PS. I miss your regular blogging! What are you doing, having a life or something??


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