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tire in the woods

my tire flew off my car today... while driving... on the busiest road in town.

i watched it role of the grass, through the middle of the two legs of a street sign (which, i was kinda impressed by) & off into the tall grass & the woods.

now the rim is bent & probably ruined. the alignment is probably off.

it was supposed to go in to the auto shop tomorrow for an e-Vap replacement that probably would have cost me a small fortune. then it needed emissions testing, an oil change, new registration, body work, brakes fixed, & oh ya... the passenger window doens't go down... FML

i luvs my little car, but it just doesn't seem worth it to put that much time & money into a dying 1996 VW Cabrio... but it's a convertible! & it's the car i learned to drive in. it was my aunts. i luv luv luv luv luv that car.

i'm going to cry.

now i'm looking into other cars. trying to be proactive. i think i want a hybrid. maybe a hybrid SUV? i have no idea.

what i want is a magic wand so i can wave it & fix my baby.

She (even tho, it's really a he) has two names... Wally the Green Monstah (bc she's tough as shit - usually) & Luigi... i dunno... green german car, green italian plumber... not really close, i just luv the name.


i'm really sad.

no luvs tonight friends...

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  1. You and I are in the same boat right now. Difference is, I HATE my car...really bad! What I luv is not having a car payment...haven't had one in YEARS. But...the time is coming...I must either find a way to save lots of money quickly or bite the bullet and take on that payment. In any case...I REALLY need a new car!


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