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i misses you!

Hi luvies,

I'm seriously missing my bloggie buddies.
I thought I'd try to drop a quick line to let you all know that i'm still here, i'm just on a bit of a crazy train these days.

My sis-piece started college. I've been boo-hoo'n a little bit. I already really miss her & it's only been since Saturday.My birthday was last Thursday (woohoo, 23!) but that meant a ton of shit to do. Party preperations (which cleaned my bank account out, happy birthday to me...) then the stress of cleaning, setting up & then, the day of.... the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF RAIN which turned my classy backyard party (well, as classy as one can be with a Keg & Vodka Sno-Cones) into a mini Woodstock mud party. eek!

The Jingle Contest project that i wrote about before for work is finally coming to a close and i have a lot of last minute work to do on that (stayed an extra, unpaid half hour doing some final touches today, ugh).

SCHOOL! I'm going back!

Finally! I've registered for classes again after a year & a half of being in between schools & having my Associates Degree & wanting to work toward a BA. I'm stoked, but, shit, i'm stress'n like woah. Full Time work & even just Part Time online school is gunna be wicked hard work, in a biggg way.

jinky's y'all...

i really hope that i'll be able to figure out my timing so that i can still be here for all of you fancies.


drum roll...

i have a winner!

Thank you Scarlet Begonias from Once in a While You Get Shown the Light! Your photo was my fav! i'm luv'n the peace & luv vibe, and of course, you all know my passion for the Beatles. dig it.

please let me know your e-mail address so that i can contact you about your Prize! OoOoOoLaLa!

luvs it*


  1. happy bday!

    and congrats to the winner, awesome photo!

  2. I'm so excited you liked my photo! It's definately one of my faves! My email is
    ScarletBegonias55@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  3. LOVE the photo! Very cool!

    And happy belated b-day girlie! Even with the rain, you can't possibly go wrong with vodka sno-cones...I'm guessing it was a BLAST!!

    Good luck with school...it'll be fine. It's amazing how much we ladies can pack into our lives when we're dedicated! :-)


who luvs me?

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