diary of a manic obsessive.


omg, shoes.

i'm in that kinda mood...

there inlies the problem. down time = online shopping... which eventually equals less money, more shoes - meaning more shoe boxes, meaning less room in my room... but overall... the keyword in that is *more shoes*!

I don't know when i became a shoe girl... i never used to be. I blame Sex & the City Movie. Damn that Carrie Bradshaw with her impecible style, lack of spending morals & fabulous taste in shoooooes. Granted, i'd be spending a weeks pay on ONE of the beautiful Choos she'll prance around in.

My current favourite on the Jimmy Choo site are the Jazz pumps in Leopard at a "friendly" $795 well, pounds). I've never seen Carrie wear these, but i'd be willing to bet that she would! SPJ probably has them... lucky bitch.
There are the fan-fuck'n-tastic Dior Extreme Gladiator Sandals, which were wicked hard to find, but eventually i stumbled on them- $780, eek!
&... the current amaze-balls of all pumps.... THE shoe... the fairytale ending, cinderella "satin" slipper shoe... The Something Blue Satin Pump by Manolo Blahnik that makes everything right in the world (well, at the end of Hollywood movies anyway). The shoe that leads to sex in a walk-in closest (that should be a cocktail). They come in at $945... *no big deal* (as i choke on the insane cost of these little luvlies.)

but like i said... this little dreamer is going to have to take a walk down cheap knock off lane... where the prices are reasonable, the shoes are uncomfortable but the look is good (unless i happen to walk into Bryant Park on the best week out of the year trying to pass as a Fashionista Know-it-All. (ill be sure not to)... So i have to go for "good enough"...

OF COURSE i went & picked shoes that are almost impossible to find online in cheapo knock off form (or, i may just not be as good of a Detective as i thought i was!)

The best i could do...

Knock off Choo

No, i know.. not even close... i tried.... sorry...

Knock of Dior

Neither of these are exact. If these two shoes had a luv child, that shoe would probably be closer. Both shoe has the same idea though... plus, you could buy almost pairs and still have money left over for some band-aids.

Knock off Manolo

Ok, so the first one is pretty damn close!!! It might be a bit pricier than the rest, but the closest option i can come up with other than those hundo-sixty four beauties is buying something along the lines of the $16 ones, finding two matching broaches and a nice glue gun... (good luck with that one!)

Well... there ya go... shoes, shoes, shoes...

luvs it*


  1. Experiencing major shoe lust for the Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blahniks! *drools*

  2. I think I would near-orgasm if I saw a girl in those gladiator sandals.

  3. lol...love the post! thanks for stopping by my blog girl!


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