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Rue La La!!!

Sounds like what Scooby Doo would say when he likes something!

Well, it was inevitable. it has landed in my lap, thanks to . Rue la la, the online Sample Sale store that will surely drain the funds right out of my bank account. I wonder if i can just endorse my paycheck right over to them.

pay to the order of: crap i don't need, but must have in my life.

The site is Invitation Only! (woah... exclusive)... & since i'm SUCH a big deal, i am a member... (i know, right?)

Turns out, they also have a mobile site for all of us that are extra special & spend stupid amounts of time glaring at our iPhones. ::guilty grin::

Wanna be a member too? Alright, I'll give in. Follow the link below & register, but don't invite any Riff-Raff, i'd hate to know that this A-List party was crashed by fashion vagabonds because of me! (teehee!)


I'm also going to add the link to the side bar for future reference! ----->

Happy Shopping my little spenders!

luvs it*


  1. Awesome, I'm a member of Rue La La too. Also Gilt Groupe has samples that you can purchase. If you would like an invite to Gilt Groupe just send me an email. mrsyoakum at gmail.com

  2. ooo! i already have Gilt, i likeee it!

  3. Rue La La is ridiculously addictive! Thanks for the shout out! :)


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