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GIVEAWAY (finally)

I need a little FLAVA in my life.

i've been looking at the same background image of my work computer ever since I did the Bob Dylan "wordy wednesday" a while back...

i recently changed it, but i'm not pleased with this one either because the photo itself is too small, so it looks all griany on the screen...

so here is what i'm thinking...

Whomever can send me the best background photo for my computer (you can comment with a "view image" link), will win a giveaway prize!!!

(now, i believe in a little mystery, so i'm not going to tell you right now what the prize will be, but trust me, they're good!!!)


As you can tell from my blog, i luvs all sorts of images. Everything from crazy photos with amazing Art Direction to vintage photos of hippies in a field, gorgeous images of natual beauty, black & white images of industrial wonders and even, yes, cartoon images of Disney favourites!

BE ORIGINAL (& yes, you can send more than one if you want!)

(i hope that a lot of people will answer to this.. it won't be fun if i only get 2 options! - tell your friends, unless that is... you don't think you can BEAT THEM!)


luvs it allll*


  1. I think this one would be so perfect at work:


    Or this one:


    Even if you don't choose one of them, I hope they make you smile...

  2. hahah thanks!!! They did make me smile. i don't drink coffee (i'm a tea girl), but i DID print it out & tape it above the coffee machine in our kitchen at the office!

  3. http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/7200000/twilight-blade-twilight-series-7218972-400-267.jpg

    I saw your blog on 20sb, and I've been laughing at this all week.

  4. hahaha, i like it. keep 'em coming y'allllll!

  5. Hey! I heard about your giveaway over at novelista barista and I thought it was such a great giveaway!!

    I don't know how you feel about personal pictures, but this is one of mine that I've always loved... my my dad got re-married on the beach a couple years ago, and he was walking up to the pastor through the sand. My five-year-old cousin shouted "Wait, Uncle Jeff!!" and then stuck his hand up straight for a high five.


    Have a great day! Love your blog!

  6. haha my comment was cut off!! I also had:

    "I feel like you should put a personal picture that makes you laugh and makes you think of the people you love"

    I'm not some random creeper who thought you should be throwing up random people's favorite photos for your desktop background!!

  7. Jonesey:

    That is too funny. I'm not a huge Twilight fan, but i appreciate the humour of that photo!

    Sarah, The New Girl:

    hahah, i do think that photo is wonderful & the story is even better. It would be a liiiiittle weird if i picked that one for my desktop. i'd have a weird time explaining it to curious co-workers. but i like the idea of a personal photo. The only problem with that, is picking who to look at all the time! (i used to have Shia LaBeouf and then Gerard Butler.. not that these photos are people i REALLY know, but... y'know)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hey I came across your blog on 20sb and it's great!

    This is one of my favorite pictures... http://s968.photobucket.com/albums/ae166/ScarletB_01/?action=view&current=Allyouneedislove.jpg

  10. i mean...who doesn't love HIGH SCHOOL LOVE!?
    and add some rain...oh please!


  11. Thank you for submitting! I'm going to keep it going until next week i think to try to get some real competition going!


who luvs me?

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