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Professionally Rock'n the House!

In October, i had a great idea. (i've had a few since then too)

I had a great concept for a contest that would help boost the member morale on the site that i work for (aka the relationship i devote 40 hours a week to...).

After a few months, more than a few proposal drafts, & a good amount of meetings, my idea turned into something real, a project. (i feel like this is starting to sound like the School House Rock "I'm just a Bill" song... )

I worked & worked on this project for months. (keep in mind, i'm only allowed 2 hours a week of project time, the other 38 aka 35.5 when you take breaks into account, are reserved for Customer Service e-mails, voicemails and daily "chores").

Finally, after working toward the launch date, my work baby was released into the wild on June 8th. I worked with a designer & she put my design to "paper". I whipped up (slaved over) the 4 banner collages & wrote out copy & rules (ya... i wrote those rules out... well, i copied a lot of them from something else.. but it still made me want to scream).

We asked our musical members to organize their thoughts and write, compose and record a Jingle to promote my company (GigMasters.com).

Voila! 2 months later and all my fellow GigMasters employees are sitting around the main floor going over every submission. We took a vote & came to the conclusion that we all luvd a specific 10.

These 10 went to the *PUBLIC VOTE*

I worked with Dave (friend, co-worker, my current hero) in Tech to make the voting page. Basically, i acted like a total bossy brat until Dave produced what i wanted, but he was a total Rockstar about the whole thing. I designed the banner in Photoshop, and now here we are. (the image is a little blurry here, i'm not sure why...)

Now... i need your help...

please take a moment to vote on which you like the best!

You can only vote once. Ok?

(feel free to comment with the one you like the best & why!)

I hope you all enjoy the public culmination (so far) of what i've been working toward for so long (trust me, my brain hurts.)

Thank you for participating!

luvs it*


  1. thank you so much for visiting my blog and saying hello! going to peruse yours now... :)

  2. Hey...excellent work! Love to see an idea turn to a project turn to a reality! (I'm a project manager by day, so...yeah...)


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