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manic monday: monday night tv

Lesley Ferait's been a while since i've dipped into the daily/weekly parameters that was, once, Spankyluvsit.com

I'm bored today. Bazinga is off at training for his new job & i'm sitting here, waiting for my photo files to upload to Flikr for my portfolio. I wanted to watch some much needed tv on Hulu.com, but i can't do it on MY computer while the files load (which is taking days!) & Bazinga left his compy locked & i don't know his damn password.
[even tho he knows everything from 
my bra size to my pin number...
but that's another story...]

Sitting here, thinking about all the shows that i want to watch that are just beyond my reach, i realized that my fav shows, recently, aren't even going to have a new episode until tonight.
All of you know that i'm a tv junkie. Since i've been in Cali, we don't have cable. I never thought i'd be able to survive without cable. I had a hard time finding something to watch on the hotel tv's with the minimal selection of 17 channels! Now, i LIVE with NO CABLE?! AHH!!! not to mention, i haven't seen General Hospital in like 3 weeks & i'm having some serious withdrawals. 3 weeks is a lifetime in soaps! Who the hell knows WHAT could be happening!? Who's died? Who's been married? Who's missing? Who'd they swap out for a different actor that is going to piss me the fuck off?!

I miss Bravo, I miss VH1, i miss ABCFamily! for fuck's sake, i miss commercials!

but, back to the Manic Monday theme for this week.

Monday Night TV

In the fall, there are always some great TV options on Mondays.
I usually TiVo'd so many, that i'd have to overlap to the living room DVR to make sure i had the coplete monopoly on viewing pleasures.
To name a few:

Big Bang Theory, Two & a Half Men, HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother), Gossip Girl, Greek, 10 Things I Hate About You, Life Unexpected, One Tree Hill ...

Now there are new summer shows like:

The Good Guys, Huge, The Bachelorette, True Beauty, Last Comic Standing, Men of a Certain Age (ok, new to us, but started in December)...

The shows I wanna watch RIGHT NOW (or, as soon as they're on):

Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Secret Life of the American Teenager &...

Pretty Little Liars

I'm in luv with this show. It's literally everything you love about One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl, but with the absolute drag-you-back-in-by-your-hair every week drama that is usually only found in Lifetime movies!

plot: 5 insanely pretty high school girls whom i think were supposed to be 14 (?!?!) in the start of the story, were all out one night in some creeptastic cabin in the woods or something & one chick goes missing. FFWD a year later & one chick comes back after a year overseas with her fam (turns out daddy had a flingy with one of his students) to find out that her tight knit little clique is no more. It doesn't take very long for the story to get going because all the girls start getting messages from the missing fifth, Allison.
Allison seems like the worst friend on the planet bc all she seems to do is taunt her friends both in these crytpic messages & in all the flashbacks we see of her with them, alive & well.
blah, blah, blah, her body is found, they go to the funeral, some blind chick, Jenna, walks in & everyone stops breathing, (episode 3 is called "the Jenna Thing") & then, dah, dah, DAH, after the funeral, they all get a text, at the same time, from "-A"!
it's awesome. i wanna watch it right now.

the key players:

Lucy Hale 
one of my ab-fab skini mini crushes, whom i luvd in Privileged, (with Joanna Garcia [skini mini crush] who has been in Gossip Girl, Freaks & Geeks, Reba, Are You Afraid of the Dark...) & in the Lifetime movie Sorority Wars (with Courtney Throne-Smith from original Melrose Place).
Character: Aria Montgomery
Family Drama: Dad had a past affair with a student of his
who is now a TA at the same college & keeps showing up. 
(trouble TA is played by Amanda Schull
the creeper from last season of OTH!)
Personal Secret: She hooked up w/ a hottie the 
night before the first day of school, 
to find out in class that he's her new english teacher!
yes, the relationship is still going!
Related Actors: Dad is played by Chad Lowe, Rob Lowe's bro & Hillary Swanks' ex, who was Carter on orig Melrose Place & Jesse on Life Goes On...
Mom is played by Holly Marie Combs, Piper from Charmed.

Ashley Benson
I only really know her from her killer role in the Lifetime Original movie Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal. She was also on Eastwick (playing Rebecca Romijin's daughter & alongside Lindsay Price from orig BH: 90210. She was also almost raped by the actor who played Keifer in Gen Hosp. who attacked Christina.) & Bring It On: In It to Win It (with Cassie Scerbo from Make it or Break it).
Character: Hanna Marin
Family Drama: Dad is gone, Mom sleeps around, especially with the police detective that is
dealing with Hanna's shoplifting charges & also happens to be investigating the murder of Allison.
Personal Secret: I guess it's just that she used to be fat?
Related Actors: Mom is played by Laura Leighton, 
who was Sydney in both orig & new Melrose Place & is married to Doug Savant,  who played Matt on orig Melrose & Tom Scavo on Desperate housewives. 
Mom's boyf/detective is played by Bryce Johnson who i can't think of how i know him, but i guess it's from either Popular or Nip/Tuck.

Troian Avery Bellisario
I don't know her from anything before now, but i like her a lot. She's wicked cute & has a bit of a Wren Stevens (Even Stevens) vibe.

Character: Spencer Hastings
Family Drama: Over achieving family. Sister is engaged 
to a hottie english dude & is always taking what she wants from Spencer.
Personal Secret: Apparently she has a bad habit of making out with her sisters boyfs. She had a MO with Wren the current fiance & the engagement is no more! Ooops!
Related Actors: Her sis piece, Melissa is played by Torrey DeVitto who was Crazy Nanny Carrie in OTH! I could have sworn that Ma was played by Mariska Hargitay (Mariska Hard-to-say) but, i [& many others] were fooled. Ma is played by Lesley Fera.

Shay Mitchell
I can't remember her on it, but she was on an episode of Degrassi once. This is her 3rd credit on imdb. good for her!
Character: Emily Fields
Family Drama: She seems to want to keep opening up to her mother, but she never gets the words out right. She has a boyf who is very persistant on doing the nasty, but sweet, swimmer, Emily isn't all that into it.
Personal Secret: She likes to kiss girls! There are hints that she may have had a "closer" relationships with Allison than the others did & New Girl Maya, who moved into Allisons old house, seems to luv the idea of pushing Emily closer to her inner cravings! ("I kissed a girl & i liked it!")
Related Actors: Maya St. Germain, current secret squeeze is played by Biana Lawson who is Emily Bennet in Vampire Diaries, Shawna in Secret LIfe of the American Teenager, Nikki in Dawson's Creek, Kendra in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Megan in Saved by the Bell: The New Class, & Nikki in Save the Last Dance! Jinkeys!

This show is AWESOME & there have only been 3 episodes! watch it, ABC Family, Monday nights.
Now i hafta go clean up a bit so Bazinga doesn't ask me what the hell i've been doing all day!

I'll also be writing, soon, about my theory of Aaron Spellings & how everyone that was once on Melrose Place or BH:90210 is making a comeback in a majour way, just like the shows themselves did! Keep an eye out for "The AS Theory!"
luvs it*


book five: My Horizontal Life

i finished book #5 today!
[perk of not having a job]
The first book by Chelsea Handler, one of the funniest chick-a-dees there is.
I'm stoked to continue down the drunken stooper of her Vodka induced sexcapades with her other two books ["Are You There God, It's Me, Chelsea" & "Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang"].
This bitch is so fucking funny, i thought i'd piss my pants reading this book.
The non-fiction collection of anecdotes ["a collection of One Night Stands"] is everything to be gained from a crazy night out, minus the hangover.
I've gone from liking C. Handler, watching Chelsea Lately every once in a while & think'n she's a riot, to desperately wanting to go out for Margs with her.

ps: some of you may have seen, in my previous post, that this is actually book 5 for 2010, but i'd rather not get into the book i read before this one, so i'm going to keep it to myself & keep on with the count.

have you read it?
what did you think?
[any books to recommend
i add to my list of "to read",
please comment them! 
-you can also see my 
virtual book shelf here!]
luvs it*

get my mind off my money...

I can't believe this.

I'm out w/ Bazinga for his birthday, yesterday, & after buying his bday breaky, i check my account, which i knew was low, but just wanted to make sure that we could go to GameStop, as planned, to get him a few games for a gift.


ummmmmmmmmm... there was DEF supposed to be AT LEAST $150 in there, whaaaat the fuuuuck?!

I call my 'rents & it turns out that MY account has been overdrawn to provide funds for "a related account"... (thanks mom & dad...)

So, i'm out the $150 that they actually had to loan ME bc my goddamn unemployment checks aren't coming!
I call unemployment to try to see what the deal is because the last check i had gotten was on the 15th & i'm sitting there, penniless, on the 25th!

"I'm sorry, but it seems that your checks have been put on hold/ made void sue to your failure to appear at your Profiling Meeting. Please report tot he Danbury, CT office."



"the aproximate wait time to speak to the next available representative is 44 minutes".

awesome, so i can wrack up my cell phone bill while i wait to hear that someone isn't giving me money to pay for it... on my boyfs bday, in the parking lot of a shopping centre... CLICK.

Now i have to figure out how to get around calling the GD unemployment office w/o having to use ALL my minutes & figure out WHY no one told me i had to go to some meeting! FUCK.

This whole plan of moving to Cali was all balancing on the fact that i'd have money coming in while i looked for a job in this crap economy!

---on a lighter side.. Our hometown friend B.Verb took us out for Travzinga's bday, which was SUPER sweet of him. We went to the Improv Comedy Club in Ontario, CA for dinner, drinks & to see Mike Epps.
it was awesome. We were LITERALLY in the FRONT ROW, my purse was sitting ON STAGE! I was nervous that we were going to get ragged on during the act, but maybe we just aren't funny looking? We got nothing :( I even told them it was Travzinga's bday, when i snuck out to go smoke before the show & after dinner. Nothing. :( poo on that!

We really WANT to go see Tom Green who will be at the Improv in Irvine (5 mins from our apartment) but who knows if we'll even be able to afford the $25 tickets. ugh. How sad. I can't remember the last time i wasn't able to throw down a measley $25 for anything!

i miss money. fuck.
silver lining: um... well, T & i had a pretty nice little "Party of 2" birthday party back home when we got back. Since i had no money to buy him a present, i guess, i had to let him unwrap me ;)

luvs it*


Trust him, he's a doctor...

I recently stopped by at one of my absolutely fav bloggies, ETC., ETC., ETC. hosted by my real life friend Ryan.

He has a new [&, as usual, awesome] segment, hosted by "The Pauper" called:

"Trust me, I'm a Doctor"

this entry was surrounding the topic of Chick Flicks that guys might like & a review of a flick i have yet to see [but really want to] - (500) Days of Summer.

i posted the following comment after reading...

"Well here's a twist, i have NOT seen (500), but my boyf has.
i stopped reading the review bc i haven't yet seen the flick & i luv both stars, so i want to see it.
the Boyf said it was "more depressing than i thought"... so i don't know if i'll be able to persuade him to watch it again.
but, hell, i'll be the one to do it..

Doctor, i'm going to give you the ultimate chick flick (for men?) debate topic...


Yes, it's a love story. Yes, it's become a dirty word in the language of men, i'm sure, but... that being said... I feel that asking my boyf (who is the only person i know in Cali since i moved here to be with him) to go see the third movie with me in the theatre is NOT the worst that could happen.
I would never ask him to see Sex & the City with me bc, unlike many women, i don't currently, nor ever plan or want, to keep his balls in a jar... i prefer them where they are. Twilight, on the other hand, i feel COULD be tolerable! There are vampires & werewolves & fighting & blood & all that good shit! So what if it's based on true love? I ask you, what movie doesn't have a dabble of love in there, somewhere?
Kyle loves Sarah in Terminator, Rocky loves Adrianne in Rocky, even the Godfather is focused around a wedding!

So, Doc, what's the prognosis? Do i have a pump wearing leg to stand on, or should i just "take two midol & call you in the morning"?

I gotta know!

as always, another wonderful entry that made me LOL.


Now, i'm interested.
what do you think?

Is there a chick flick you think that a guy would like? what do you think about what i wrote to my dear friends at ETC.?

I wanna know!

Now, i'm off to watch Harry Potter 4 with Bazinga.

-hmm... "Kids" movies that grown-ups can like... interesting...

luvs it*


craving: something blue

i am in the need to buy MORE nail polish. haha
[ya.. right... like i don't have enough...]

i had a thought that i want need electric blue nail polish.

not the colour that the words are written in, but like SERIOUSLY electric pastel-ish blue.
the best way i can thnk to describe what i want is..

"the colour Pepto-bismal would be, if it were blue, not pink."

got me?

i found a few online, but i'll have to browse in real life to find the perfect one...

Sally Hansen:

Blue Me Away Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

thank you to www.stephscloset.com for the review & photo!

Zoya Flash Summer Collection Robyn:

so, this is what i get for being hectic &/or maybe it's just from being lazy... i didn't post & today i went & bought the Sally Hansen one.

I'll update you all when i finally get a chance to spend an hour painting my toes & nails. haha [does it take everyone that long to do at home mani/pedi?]

luvs it*


book four: Diary

i finished book #4 a few days ago. Another book by Chuck, but, unfortunately, i think this was my least favourite of his, so far.
unlike his other books, all my questions weren't answered. I don't know how i feel about that. Sometimes i like it when there are serious Cliff Hangers, never answered, but in this case, it was just a bit annoying. It took me an embarrassingly long time to read this book, as well, bc i started right before all the craziness of moving, driving across the states twice, starting a relationship, losing a job, blah blah blah.
It's not bad, but i don't recommend it unless you're already a fan of Chuck Palahniuk, or until after you've read some of his others (see Invisible Monsters, my personal fav or Lulluby, Trav's fav).
Also, have fun on The Cult, Palahniuk's official site.

ps: some of you may have seen, in my previous post, that this is actually book 5 for 2010, but i'd rather not get into the book i read before this one, so i'm going to keep it to myself & keep on with the count.

have you read it?
what did you think?
[any books to recommend
i add to my list of "to read",
please comment them! 
-you can also see my 
virtual book shelf here!]
luvs it*


don't go in the water!

it's Shark Week...

I'm "surf'n the crimson wave", i had my monthly gift from Mother Nature delivered, Aunt Flo is here visiting, I've suddenly become addicted to chocolate, No Sex in the Pink Champagne Room...

got me?

it sucks...

plus... to add insult to injury... i'm burnt to a crispie!


The good news is, i seem to have gotten Trav into Harry Potter [even tho he won't fully admit that he likes them, i know that he does...
We watched the first movie last night & just finished the second.

[gotta luv Mr.Weasley's shout out about duckies!] 

I bought the 7th book yesterday & started reading it bc [shocking, i know] i haven't read it yet & i DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END!!!!!!


honestly, it's been a while since i saw the 6th movie, so i'm hoping i can keep Trav on the HP train until we watch all of them, soon, so i can have a refresher.

I'm behind on my reading [blah]. I just finished book #4, which took an embarrassingly long time to read. I'll post the "book read" post tomorrow, probably, so be on the look out for that.

I also have a few new books that i want to read, so i'm not sure if i'll jump into HP7, or stop off to read one of the others, first.

On my road trip, I listened to the classic Alice in Wonderland on CD & started a great book [audio book] called

"The Summer We Read Gatsby"

it's fantastic, but, while i was on the last stretch, going into the Mojave Desert, i went to put in CD #5 to realize that the damn thing didn't burn & i was stuck halfway thru the story!!!

I'm hoping that my mother can e-mail me the rest of it, since she's the one that downloaded it on her computer, so i can finish it. it really is wonderful. I highly recommend it. it's a great summer story about 2 half sisters in their early 30's, late 20's, who inherit a house ["Fool's House" luv that name] in The Hamptons.

I actually read another book, the real book #4, but the subject matter is a bit intense, so i'd rather not share about it. Even tho the listed book #4 is actually #5 for the year, i'm still behind schedule if i'd like to be reading a book a month. :(

We will see, i may take a pause from intricate reading to follow Chelsea Handler thru "Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chealsea", which i've been meaning to read for years.

I'll let ya know!

Hope you're all well!

[ps: i have a little wish i want to cast into the universe. I wish that Trav was into photography. I wish that we could be one of those couples that takes loots of artsy photos of each other all the time. I want photos of myself & of him like the ones that i always see on weheartit.com. I wish i may... I wish i might...]   

luvs it*


what we need: Update

Spanky & Bazinga's New Home [self] Registry.

  • Tea Kettle [what's the pro/con for electric vs. stove top?]
    • Electric Kettle @ $19.99 
    • Cow kettle @ $29.99
    • Yellow #1 @ $19.49
    • Boring & cheap @ $8.99
      •  I used the kettle last night, after washing it out, & it didn't whistle when it should & it smelled KINDA like it was burning...? Maybe we need a better one...?
    • Yellow #2 @ $14.99
    • Yellow #3 @ $19.99 
  • Chairs for the deck 
    • ugly little beach chair #1 @ $31.00
    • ugly big beach chair @ $29.00
    • ugly little beach chair #2 @ $27.00
    • REALLY ugly little beach chair #3 @ $13.99
    • Silly uncomfortable looking straight back chairs @ $19.99
    • We found some folding chairs on sale (?) at Target for $11.00/each.
  • table for the deck
    • We bought this little white table for $14.99, but when we got home, we decided we'd keep it in our room & put this tv tray table Trav already had, on the deck.
  • [or] Patio Set
  • hooks for towels & bathing suits to dry on
  • iced tea pitcher/jug
  • toaster oven
  • colander
    • Yellow 1.5 qt @ $15.99
    • We ended up with a plain silver metal colander we found for about $5.00 at Target.
  • Water Filter pitcher
    • Brita Green Pitcher @ $30.89 
    • Brita Atlantis Pitcher @ $22.99
    • Brita Violet Pitcher @ $30.89
    • Brita Bella Pitcher @ $21.00
    • Brita Space Saver Pitcher @ $19.49
    • Brita Classic Pitcher @ $14.89
  • hangers
    • We found some really cheap ($2.00/set of 20) plastic hangers in purple, green & blue at Target.
  • bath towels
    • We bought one set of temporary towels, on sale at Target for $2.99 [set of 2] in blue.
  • toiletry carriers
  • wash clothes
  • hand towels
  • hamper
[a work in progress]

So far we've spent 


the back story.

The last time i came to visit, Trav & I searched the internet for apartments & rooms for rent.

After we looked at 3 nice apartments that we wanted, but couldn't afford... we ended up with a pretty promising Room for Rent, in the SAME complex that we'd been staying in, with our friend Alan & his room mate, Chad - [The Parkwood].

We went to look at it & it was a nice, basically empty [the roomies had only been here for about a month] 2 bedroom, 1 bath [ugh.] apartment with a nice, sunny, clean room with a full wall of mirrored closets.

the roomies were #1 [chick], #2 [bro] & pup [Graves].

Trav moved into the room on June 1, with me to follow soon after. While i was home, packing up all my shit & getting ready to leave to drive across the states to move in, i find out...

There was a fight.
Graves is not trained, BEYOND not trained, he pisses all over the rug & it is now ruined, smelly, stained, awful. gross.
Chick & Bro apparently scrapped & he hit her [?!?!?!], so HE moved out & may end up behind bars for the assault. [awesome...]. So, naturally, we need a new roomie.
Chick invited a friend of hers to live with us, dorm style in her room.
new roomie is a "dancer". She's 19 & rarely here. She's a smoker, which kinda makes me happy, bc i'm not the only one, but she has weird hours & it is very evidant that she's 19.
i don't know how i feel about the fact that she's 19. it kinda makes me nervous bc if she has a party or something & the cops come, there's booze & Trav & i are here, are WE fucked bc we're old enough to have booze?! Oiy!

In the tradition of Spanky's nicknames:
Chick will now be Jane for Jane Doe, bc she's missing, she's NEVER here.
Bro will be JB for Jail Bird. I don't know if i'll be writing about him, i hope not, bc if i do, that means he prob showed up & that's not good.
New-Roomie will be Kandy. I hope that's not mean, but her real name starts with a K & she's a dancer, so... [i hope that's not mean].
Graves is, unfortunately, his real name.

Since i've been here, i've seen Jane a few times, Kandy twice, JB never & Graves CONSTANTLY.

Saturday, i spent cleaning as best i can without any cleaning solution, vacuuming the common area, walking the dog, feeding the dog, WASHING the trash can bc it was nasty (turns out, when Graves poops on the floor, Jane picks it up & THROWS IT IN THE TRASH!? EW! FLUSH IT!!!!!!!!!!), emptying & reloading the dish washer & unpacking as much as i could.
Then i set up the lamp & set up the TV & DVD player. [we have no cable... anyone that knows me or has read a few posts, probably knows that i'm a TV ADDICT! ugh.]

It's been good, overall, but we're gunna have to get some things, soon.

I'm making a list of the things we need so i can organize my life have something organized! haha

[feel free to buy me ANY of these things! hahah My question is, why can't you register for "moving out"? hahah]

a mini Letter from Spanky:

Dear luvies,

I want to thank you all SO much for all the comments & luvs.
I appreciate it SO much, you have no idea. You're all keeping me sane!


luvs it*


reality bitch slap

It's day 2 of living out of my parents house & living with Trav. It also happens to be our 3 month anniversary. We should be wild & crazy kids, getting shit-faced, living it up, bang'n like rabbits... instead, we've been taking care of the room-mates dog (Graves...), cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping & watching Seinfeld & twilight on DVD (i guess Trav's 3 month anniversary gift to me is actually pretending to care about Twilight..? kinda sweet of him, actually).
I'm having a cigg & listening to people down the way screaming & obvi having a drunken blasty.

We were invited to a bar on the beach for drinks, but we couldn't go bc we are BROKE.

We only got to go grocery shopping bc i hounded my mother to give me some of the cash she owes me. ugh. :(

this is a short entry bc i wanna get back before trav decides that Twilight sucks & before the dog gets a chance to shit on the carpet AGAIN. (i've lived here for 2.5 days now & i've cleaned up the dogs crap 3 times... roommate #1 just came home for about half a nano-second, i told her that HER dog shat on the rug, so... naturally, she picks it up & THROWS IT IN THE TRASH CAN!?!?!?! EW! FLUSH THAT SHIT, BITCH!)


wonder when we'll have the money to move the fuck out of here.

poor dog...

more soon...

oh, right, i remember, never end a post on a bad note....
we have a pool & a hot tub!!!!

luvs it....?


last night on the road

Well, i couldn't write last night because the damn [&, overly advertised] "FREE Wi-Fi" in last nights hotel, wasn't working, UGH.

last night, i was in Albuquerque, NM.

What else happened yesterday... hm... well... i woke up in Oklahoma, left Kaylee with a sad face for both of us & hit the road. On the way, I...

saw, what i swear was the beginnings of a Tornado!!!

[this is a real pic that i took w/ my iPhone, but the pink streak is the reflection of my shirt & i def did fuck with the colours & whatnot... but.. SEE THAT FUCKING FUNNEL!?!?! AHHHH!]
then, while, i was hoping to get the fuck away from the 'nado asap... my gas light went on!!! So, i stopped at the next exit & found myself surrounded by desolate creep-town, with abandoned motels & a few non-working gas stations. Lucking, i found a working one, but was thruoughly freked when i got out to pump gas & heard crows. i looked around & it was like i was in a fuck'n Hitchcock film.
[ok... so maybe i'm exagerating a littttle bit...]
the Raven's creepn around me squak'n "nevermore", stole the words right out of my mouth. nevermore!!!! that place was terrrrifying! hahah BUT, i was on the road again soon, on my way.

[photo found here.]
I got to Albuqurque, got lost, got off exit 158, missed my turn, well actually, just took my turn too early, so i ended up getting BACK on the damn highway, GPS took my to the next exit (159), but then put me BACK on the highway, where i got off the OTHER wrong exit (157) & did the whole thing again, but the other way. Needless to say, by the time i got to the hotel, i was annoyed & SO FUCKING HOT i was ready to kill someone for a nice ice cold red bull, which i'd run out of.

I get into the Quality Inn & ask the [very nice] guy at the front desk if he had an available single smoking room.

"i'm sorry, but we are all booked in our single smoking rooms."


"Do you have ANY smoking rooms?"
[i know, you may be thinking "what's the big deal, just get a regular non-smoking room"... well... when you're a smoker & you drive across the damn states & it's hot as fuck outside & you don't know the area... you want to be able to smoke without going out into the blazing & somewhat scary parking lot!!! so, no, a non-smoking room just won't do.]

Finally, he says "actually, i have one double smoking room, but we weren't having anyone stay in it bc the last guy smoked a lot of weed in it & it stinks"...

..."i'll take it"

"are you sure?"


"ok... i'll give it to you at a [phat] discount."

"thanks brotha!"
[ok, so i didn't say "brotha"... but, i shulda... that dude was such a bro, he was kool. good luck to him with his schooling which he chatted to me about for a while while the "paper work" went thru...?]


today, i drove... drove... got gas.... drove... went to Wal-Mart, got a knee bandage for my poor sore knee from driving, got some Subway, some spray tan (so i look beautiful tomorrow when i see Travy-Bazinga-babe... IF it doesn't sweat off... ew) & a trash mag.

what did i learn from that trip to Wal-Mart? hmm.. well, pay attention...

**If you are in aa car, full of all your shit, with CT plates, & you find yourself in a Wal-Mart parking lot, eating a sandwich, reading a magazine, with the car NOT running... you are a SITTING DUCK TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

no, nothing scary, but a dude did come up to my car window & knock on it, take a turquoise & coral necklace out of his pocket & begin to show it off. i shook my head (with a mouthfull of turkey on whole wheat subway) waving my hand "no, no thank you... goodbye.. no..." & he (who looked like a bad version of Luis Guzman - i luvs me some luis, but this guy was NOT really him!) put a "thumbs up", flashed a grin & said "ok! You have a GOOD day!" - so, i put the sandwich away & PEACED OUT!
Now, i'm in my hotel, watching TLC when i should be taking the bath i ran like an hour ago (but "Toddlers in Tiaras" is just so wonderfully awful & how can you NOT watch "I didn't know i was Preggers"?!)

I'm glad i got to update everyone on my crazy last two days.

Tomorrow, i have 7 hours to go until i'm in my new home. i'm scared, but i'm excited. i hope Trav's mood improves though, bc he's been sunburnt, bored & cranky. He's constantly updating me on the horrors of our new place & new roomies... awesome...

i REALLY hope that he's over exaggerating....

more tomorrow, if i'm not too tired, but def more soon!
luvs it*


day 3: fever dog.

Woke up in Cuba.

Cuba, Missouri, that is...

drove thru the rest of Missouri & made it to NaNa Kaylee-Face by 5:00!

"Spanky, why did you just post that RANDO clip from Almost Famous?"

Oh! I'm glad you asked...

TRIVIA: What is the name of the band in Almost Famous?

Answer: Stillwater

I'm in Stillwater, Oklahoma!

I'm staying in Stillwater (home of Kaylee, Oklahoma State University [go Cowboys], & Eskimo Joe's - burger joint!) until Tuesday morning, when it's time for me to HIT THE ROAD [jack]!

[these photos are from my last visit,
on road trip 1. 
i now have short hair!
more on that lata!]

off to watch tv, eat FroYo & crash out.
luvs it*


day 2... a rough one

i'm so tired.

i drove 12 hours today.

too tired to write about it.

found photos that relate instead.

we'll call it a "photo essay".


woke up in PA, drove thru Ohio, Indiana, Illinois & now i'm in Missouri, 3 & a half hours from Oklahoma, 6 hours from NaNa Kaylee-bffer-face.


luvs it*


"on the road again..."

I'm back on the road, head'n to Cali.

my car is all packed & i made an ok dent in the trip today. (7 hours today...)

not gunna lie, i'm a little scared. I'm alone in a hotel in PA & it's time for bed.

I'm going to do my best to update you along the way, but given that i'm on this journey alone, i'm pretty burned out at the end of the day.

Saying bye to my family has been really rough.

i had sushi with lil sis (Em Butthead) last night after my wonderful hour long "de-stress" massage & steam showed (um, can we say "heaven"?!). This morning, my Pops had to go to work, so i had to say goodbye while i was still groggy eyed. I've been an emotional wreck & started bawling first thing in the morning. Good way to start a stressful day, eh?
I'm gunna miss him something awful. :(
[Daddy's Little Girl?]
My Ma was so sweet, she helped me pack the rest of the insane amount of my life into the Versa, looked up hotels for me on the way (ever after the multiple times i told her that she really didn't need to do that bc i wasn't going to know where to stop until i was ready to stop...), & even gave me a family heirloom, a beautiful Opal ring that had belonged to her g'ma. it's gorgeous, huh?

i lost my shit completely when i gave my last squeeze & kissies to that dog, my little adorable Peanut-Face McDoggie, Holly. I can't help but feel so guilty about leaving her. People understand why you leave, pups don't. She'll be sad & confused & it makes me SO sad to think about it. :(

Well, after eating last resort Domino's for dinner, i'm feeling a little vom-tastic, so i'm going to head toward some, hopefully, sweet dreams.
[even tho i'm admittidly terrified to be in a hotel alone... & ya, i def double locked the door & put a chair & the ironing board against it! hahah]

I'll give you more updates on my 2nd tour of America soon, i promise!
luvs it*
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