diary of a manic obsessive.


day 3: fever dog.

Woke up in Cuba.

Cuba, Missouri, that is...

drove thru the rest of Missouri & made it to NaNa Kaylee-Face by 5:00!

"Spanky, why did you just post that RANDO clip from Almost Famous?"

Oh! I'm glad you asked...

TRIVIA: What is the name of the band in Almost Famous?

Answer: Stillwater

I'm in Stillwater, Oklahoma!

I'm staying in Stillwater (home of Kaylee, Oklahoma State University [go Cowboys], & Eskimo Joe's - burger joint!) until Tuesday morning, when it's time for me to HIT THE ROAD [jack]!

[these photos are from my last visit,
on road trip 1. 
i now have short hair!
more on that lata!]

off to watch tv, eat FroYo & crash out.
luvs it*


  1. You're making your way across the US! Be careful and have fun on the rest of the way to Cali!

    and p.s. HUGE Jason Lee fan and loved him in Almost Famous.


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