diary of a manic obsessive.


the back story.

The last time i came to visit, Trav & I searched the internet for apartments & rooms for rent.

After we looked at 3 nice apartments that we wanted, but couldn't afford... we ended up with a pretty promising Room for Rent, in the SAME complex that we'd been staying in, with our friend Alan & his room mate, Chad - [The Parkwood].

We went to look at it & it was a nice, basically empty [the roomies had only been here for about a month] 2 bedroom, 1 bath [ugh.] apartment with a nice, sunny, clean room with a full wall of mirrored closets.

the roomies were #1 [chick], #2 [bro] & pup [Graves].

Trav moved into the room on June 1, with me to follow soon after. While i was home, packing up all my shit & getting ready to leave to drive across the states to move in, i find out...

There was a fight.
Graves is not trained, BEYOND not trained, he pisses all over the rug & it is now ruined, smelly, stained, awful. gross.
Chick & Bro apparently scrapped & he hit her [?!?!?!], so HE moved out & may end up behind bars for the assault. [awesome...]. So, naturally, we need a new roomie.
Chick invited a friend of hers to live with us, dorm style in her room.
new roomie is a "dancer". She's 19 & rarely here. She's a smoker, which kinda makes me happy, bc i'm not the only one, but she has weird hours & it is very evidant that she's 19.
i don't know how i feel about the fact that she's 19. it kinda makes me nervous bc if she has a party or something & the cops come, there's booze & Trav & i are here, are WE fucked bc we're old enough to have booze?! Oiy!

In the tradition of Spanky's nicknames:
Chick will now be Jane for Jane Doe, bc she's missing, she's NEVER here.
Bro will be JB for Jail Bird. I don't know if i'll be writing about him, i hope not, bc if i do, that means he prob showed up & that's not good.
New-Roomie will be Kandy. I hope that's not mean, but her real name starts with a K & she's a dancer, so... [i hope that's not mean].
Graves is, unfortunately, his real name.

Since i've been here, i've seen Jane a few times, Kandy twice, JB never & Graves CONSTANTLY.

Saturday, i spent cleaning as best i can without any cleaning solution, vacuuming the common area, walking the dog, feeding the dog, WASHING the trash can bc it was nasty (turns out, when Graves poops on the floor, Jane picks it up & THROWS IT IN THE TRASH!? EW! FLUSH IT!!!!!!!!!!), emptying & reloading the dish washer & unpacking as much as i could.
Then i set up the lamp & set up the TV & DVD player. [we have no cable... anyone that knows me or has read a few posts, probably knows that i'm a TV ADDICT! ugh.]

It's been good, overall, but we're gunna have to get some things, soon.

I'm making a list of the things we need so i can organize my life have something organized! haha

[feel free to buy me ANY of these things! hahah My question is, why can't you register for "moving out"? hahah]

a mini Letter from Spanky:

Dear luvies,

I want to thank you all SO much for all the comments & luvs.
I appreciate it SO much, you have no idea. You're all keeping me sane!


luvs it*

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  1. I totally hear you about the doggy problem, I have two dogs and they have "accidents" ( thought I think they just like pissing me off lol) all the time, I hate that all we have is carpet so I feel like I spned a good percent of my life time cleaning up after them, I have spent so much time and money cleaning and keeping the smell to a minimum, also it is gross to throw it into a trach bag!EWW! you totally have to flush that stuff out otherwise it will stink! I am sure things will begin to fall into place though with time and as you adjust, stay strong and hang in there, you have made it this far right?!


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