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get my mind off my money...

I can't believe this.

I'm out w/ Bazinga for his birthday, yesterday, & after buying his bday breaky, i check my account, which i knew was low, but just wanted to make sure that we could go to GameStop, as planned, to get him a few games for a gift.


ummmmmmmmmm... there was DEF supposed to be AT LEAST $150 in there, whaaaat the fuuuuck?!

I call my 'rents & it turns out that MY account has been overdrawn to provide funds for "a related account"... (thanks mom & dad...)

So, i'm out the $150 that they actually had to loan ME bc my goddamn unemployment checks aren't coming!
I call unemployment to try to see what the deal is because the last check i had gotten was on the 15th & i'm sitting there, penniless, on the 25th!

"I'm sorry, but it seems that your checks have been put on hold/ made void sue to your failure to appear at your Profiling Meeting. Please report tot he Danbury, CT office."



"the aproximate wait time to speak to the next available representative is 44 minutes".

awesome, so i can wrack up my cell phone bill while i wait to hear that someone isn't giving me money to pay for it... on my boyfs bday, in the parking lot of a shopping centre... CLICK.

Now i have to figure out how to get around calling the GD unemployment office w/o having to use ALL my minutes & figure out WHY no one told me i had to go to some meeting! FUCK.

This whole plan of moving to Cali was all balancing on the fact that i'd have money coming in while i looked for a job in this crap economy!

---on a lighter side.. Our hometown friend B.Verb took us out for Travzinga's bday, which was SUPER sweet of him. We went to the Improv Comedy Club in Ontario, CA for dinner, drinks & to see Mike Epps.
it was awesome. We were LITERALLY in the FRONT ROW, my purse was sitting ON STAGE! I was nervous that we were going to get ragged on during the act, but maybe we just aren't funny looking? We got nothing :( I even told them it was Travzinga's bday, when i snuck out to go smoke before the show & after dinner. Nothing. :( poo on that!

We really WANT to go see Tom Green who will be at the Improv in Irvine (5 mins from our apartment) but who knows if we'll even be able to afford the $25 tickets. ugh. How sad. I can't remember the last time i wasn't able to throw down a measley $25 for anything!

i miss money. fuck.
silver lining: um... well, T & i had a pretty nice little "Party of 2" birthday party back home when we got back. Since i had no money to buy him a present, i guess, i had to let him unwrap me ;)

luvs it*


  1. I hope you can get it all sorted soon! Money doesn't buy happiness but it sure does make life easier.

    P.S. I luv Mike Epps!!

  2. Hey what better present than you ? lol! Not having any money does suck though, my mother is visiting in a week and I am super broke, so there goes any plans of dinners and things to do around the city :(!


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