diary of a manic obsessive.


don't go in the water!

it's Shark Week...

I'm "surf'n the crimson wave", i had my monthly gift from Mother Nature delivered, Aunt Flo is here visiting, I've suddenly become addicted to chocolate, No Sex in the Pink Champagne Room...

got me?

it sucks...

plus... to add insult to injury... i'm burnt to a crispie!


The good news is, i seem to have gotten Trav into Harry Potter [even tho he won't fully admit that he likes them, i know that he does...
We watched the first movie last night & just finished the second.

[gotta luv Mr.Weasley's shout out about duckies!] 

I bought the 7th book yesterday & started reading it bc [shocking, i know] i haven't read it yet & i DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END!!!!!!


honestly, it's been a while since i saw the 6th movie, so i'm hoping i can keep Trav on the HP train until we watch all of them, soon, so i can have a refresher.

I'm behind on my reading [blah]. I just finished book #4, which took an embarrassingly long time to read. I'll post the "book read" post tomorrow, probably, so be on the look out for that.

I also have a few new books that i want to read, so i'm not sure if i'll jump into HP7, or stop off to read one of the others, first.

On my road trip, I listened to the classic Alice in Wonderland on CD & started a great book [audio book] called

"The Summer We Read Gatsby"

it's fantastic, but, while i was on the last stretch, going into the Mojave Desert, i went to put in CD #5 to realize that the damn thing didn't burn & i was stuck halfway thru the story!!!

I'm hoping that my mother can e-mail me the rest of it, since she's the one that downloaded it on her computer, so i can finish it. it really is wonderful. I highly recommend it. it's a great summer story about 2 half sisters in their early 30's, late 20's, who inherit a house ["Fool's House" luv that name] in The Hamptons.

I actually read another book, the real book #4, but the subject matter is a bit intense, so i'd rather not share about it. Even tho the listed book #4 is actually #5 for the year, i'm still behind schedule if i'd like to be reading a book a month. :(

We will see, i may take a pause from intricate reading to follow Chelsea Handler thru "Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chealsea", which i've been meaning to read for years.

I'll let ya know!

Hope you're all well!

[ps: i have a little wish i want to cast into the universe. I wish that Trav was into photography. I wish that we could be one of those couples that takes loots of artsy photos of each other all the time. I want photos of myself & of him like the ones that i always see on weheartit.com. I wish i may... I wish i might...]   

luvs it*


  1. Hi I like your perspective based neighbourhood. was wondering if you could help me out in creating a utopian city? :D. You could contact me at my email snowy66@hotmail.com on msn. Thanks!

  2. Volume 611 of "Why I'm Glad I'm Not A Woman."

    In our house, it's called the "Red Tide", or "Red Dollar Days Sale".

  3. I like your pics here lovey. I miss you! Look out for your package soon! Im finishing it up this week! LOVE YOU

  4. Sounds GREAT! I am glad you are getting to relax a bit and catch up on some reading! I hope your wishes come true...I would love to see all your photographs!!

  5. hi.
    i love your blog.
    i always find something to smile about even if it is just the starburst of colours.
    i wanted to tell you that you inspire me.
    thanks a bunch (:
    peace, sunshine and candid photos*
    *i read your wish.
    with i happen to know where you are coming from.
    i wish my chunk of hunk loved photography too :\


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