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"on the road again..."

I'm back on the road, head'n to Cali.

my car is all packed & i made an ok dent in the trip today. (7 hours today...)

not gunna lie, i'm a little scared. I'm alone in a hotel in PA & it's time for bed.

I'm going to do my best to update you along the way, but given that i'm on this journey alone, i'm pretty burned out at the end of the day.

Saying bye to my family has been really rough.

i had sushi with lil sis (Em Butthead) last night after my wonderful hour long "de-stress" massage & steam showed (um, can we say "heaven"?!). This morning, my Pops had to go to work, so i had to say goodbye while i was still groggy eyed. I've been an emotional wreck & started bawling first thing in the morning. Good way to start a stressful day, eh?
I'm gunna miss him something awful. :(
[Daddy's Little Girl?]
My Ma was so sweet, she helped me pack the rest of the insane amount of my life into the Versa, looked up hotels for me on the way (ever after the multiple times i told her that she really didn't need to do that bc i wasn't going to know where to stop until i was ready to stop...), & even gave me a family heirloom, a beautiful Opal ring that had belonged to her g'ma. it's gorgeous, huh?

i lost my shit completely when i gave my last squeeze & kissies to that dog, my little adorable Peanut-Face McDoggie, Holly. I can't help but feel so guilty about leaving her. People understand why you leave, pups don't. She'll be sad & confused & it makes me SO sad to think about it. :(

Well, after eating last resort Domino's for dinner, i'm feeling a little vom-tastic, so i'm going to head toward some, hopefully, sweet dreams.
[even tho i'm admittidly terrified to be in a hotel alone... & ya, i def double locked the door & put a chair & the ironing board against it! hahah]

I'll give you more updates on my 2nd tour of America soon, i promise!
luvs it*


  1. Spanky, love, I'm so proud of you!! I remember a few months ago having a comment-discussion about you going away somewhere and you wouldn't have a bar of it! Look how far you've come! You're awesome! Virtual high five! Yeah! Again!

    Seriously though, good for you. A change is a fantastic way to blow away the cobwebs and feel like you're living again, rather than just going from the day-to-day routine. I missed my family and pets like kuh-razy when I left (I didn't see them for a year. I was on the other side of the world, you're just the other side of the country to them, that's not too bad) but the time I had while I was away, I wouldn't change that for the world.

    Best of luck for the long drive ahead, I'll be thinking of you and I'm SO SO excited for you :)

    Be brave!

  2. oh wow, I admire you for being out there on the road alone. Take Care girly and stay strong. I wish you a safe and quick trip :)! CAnt wait to be with you along the way somehow, I have missed you lots!

  3. Leaving is so tough! When I moved to Chicago from LA I was a hot mess! I took the train over and I am not sure I stopped crying for those 2 days! But it gets better! This driving there will be good for you to let out all the sadness and guilt so when you get here to Cali you can be ready to kick a**! =D


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