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Trust him, he's a doctor...

I recently stopped by at one of my absolutely fav bloggies, ETC., ETC., ETC. hosted by my real life friend Ryan.

He has a new [&, as usual, awesome] segment, hosted by "The Pauper" called:

"Trust me, I'm a Doctor"

this entry was surrounding the topic of Chick Flicks that guys might like & a review of a flick i have yet to see [but really want to] - (500) Days of Summer.

i posted the following comment after reading...

"Well here's a twist, i have NOT seen (500), but my boyf has.
i stopped reading the review bc i haven't yet seen the flick & i luv both stars, so i want to see it.
the Boyf said it was "more depressing than i thought"... so i don't know if i'll be able to persuade him to watch it again.
but, hell, i'll be the one to do it..

Doctor, i'm going to give you the ultimate chick flick (for men?) debate topic...


Yes, it's a love story. Yes, it's become a dirty word in the language of men, i'm sure, but... that being said... I feel that asking my boyf (who is the only person i know in Cali since i moved here to be with him) to go see the third movie with me in the theatre is NOT the worst that could happen.
I would never ask him to see Sex & the City with me bc, unlike many women, i don't currently, nor ever plan or want, to keep his balls in a jar... i prefer them where they are. Twilight, on the other hand, i feel COULD be tolerable! There are vampires & werewolves & fighting & blood & all that good shit! So what if it's based on true love? I ask you, what movie doesn't have a dabble of love in there, somewhere?
Kyle loves Sarah in Terminator, Rocky loves Adrianne in Rocky, even the Godfather is focused around a wedding!

So, Doc, what's the prognosis? Do i have a pump wearing leg to stand on, or should i just "take two midol & call you in the morning"?

I gotta know!

as always, another wonderful entry that made me LOL.


Now, i'm interested.
what do you think?

Is there a chick flick you think that a guy would like? what do you think about what i wrote to my dear friends at ETC.?

I wanna know!

Now, i'm off to watch Harry Potter 4 with Bazinga.

-hmm... "Kids" movies that grown-ups can like... interesting...

luvs it*


  1. I think there are certainly chick flicks a guy would like, like The Ugly Truth, The Sweetest Thing and I know there has to be more.

  2. I might sit through Twilight if Kristen Stewart didn't make me want to have bamboo shoots hammered underneath my nails, but I gotta say, I'm not so sure 500 days is a chick flick!... it's more of an artsy indy smart film... You should see it though! It's really good!

    But hmm... a chick flick guys would like? Can't think of any off hand, but the main girl love interest better be hot as to keep the man's attention. That's why SATC wouldn't work, all those old ladies are washed up and wrinkly.

  3. mrs. : the reason that SatC is so great [for chicks] is BECAUSE they aren't a bunch of teenie, itty bitts, running around NYC being young & happy. They give hope to women who are older. They are in their 40's & 50's & they are fucking fabulous. The clothes alone are enough to give any chick with a fashion eye a freak'n orgasm. BUT, no, i don't think that any [straight] man would see that, willingly, unless they happened to have a thing for cougars.
    Angel : hello my luv! Yes, The Ugly Truth & The Sweetest Thing are def chick flicks guys could watch bc they are dirty as hell!!! haha i luv them both, but they are def raunchy. i was shocked at how dirty tUT was! What guys don't seem to get, tho, is that we're willing to see any action flick, even if we don't like them [which, fortunately, i DO] if there's a hot leading man. Who the hell wouldn't wanna swoon over some bad-ass hunk of man meat, all roughed up & dirty, killing zombies or what the hell ever. I'd see it. but, i can't speak for us all, bc my fav movie happens to be The Departed, & i have a serious thing for crazy action packed movies, esp if they have a mysetery undertone or thriller (wanted is one of my favs too & Fight Club, for many reasons is in my top 3).

    what does anyone think about Garden State? not a chick flick, not a "guy" flick, but def something that both can watch & love.
    (happens to be in my top 5 & happens to be Boyfs #1)


  4. I love Fight Club that is one of my favorite movies, I agree about action flicks with hot leading men, the only thing I have a hard time sitting through are sci-fi or star wars type stuff lol, but action can be good, The Departed is also good, but man is it bloody at the end when everyone literally "departs" lol ahah! Sorry I made myself laugh,I know that's gay :( Hope you are doing great girly!

  5. My husband didn't want to watch 500 Days of Summer so I'm not sure about that one, although I wouldn't classify it as strictly "chick flick." I'd say any movie with some hot girl leads would be more palatable to a guy bored out of his skull by the storyline. lol


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