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the shop.

well, the majourity of my time has been spent painting & trying to keep busy while i continue to wait for potential job options, calls, e-mails, people writing back to my resumes... blah.

so, my main focus, has been my Etsy shop... i've been trying to make some money, & the work has been really wonderfully therapeutic!

i hope that everyone gets a chance to check it out.

here are a few of my items.

my basic sugar skulls [red, purple, black - at bottom] are currently on SALE! :)

bottle vases:

sweet dreamies - dream catchers

twilight inspired "dreaming of Edward Cullen" dream catcher:

deluxe sugar skulls - dia de los muertos:

basic sugar skulls - dia de los muertos:

<------ check out the shop! you'll also see a link on the sidebar....

luvs it*



Well, i was hoping to drive a little bit more traffic to the blog with this giveaway, but i'm happy to have you lovies that entered!

so, in the worlds smallest giveaway pool...

& the winner is....



congrats sweetie!!!

e-mail to Spankyluvsit@gmail.com with your address so i can send you your package!!!

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6 months!!!

i can't believe i'm taking the time to blog right now!!!

i'm rushing around trying to clean the apartment, get pretty & make a dinner before the boyf gets home in an hour!!! BUT i was in desperate need of a smoke & some fresh air (between candles, curling iron & the oven, it was getting a bit hot!!!)
so, i thought, on my mini break, i'd check in with you all.

on the menu: baked chicken breast, broc, rice & home-made chicken gravy!

on the bod [mom, if you're reading, skip this part...]: a sexy black lace [sooo soft] teddy/nighty with hot pink knickers & bra! lots of glitzy jewels... since i never have any reason to wear them...

gifties: i only had a bit of money, but i bought some household stuff that we needed, including a little bookshelf he's been wanting. i also got a super cute card with a red glitter chili pepper that says "i'm hot for you". hahah.

big deal: ya, it's been 6 months.. it seems like its been 6 years... but this is a very odd relationship when it comes to milestones & order... we've been dating for 6 months, living together for 3 & tonight, i think i'm gunna drop the "L" bomb! eek!

well, i've got about 45 mins to get sexy, cook gravy & pick out mood music!!!

wish me luck!

luv it*


end of summer cleanout *GIVEAWAY*

i bought sooo many things for giveaways before my life took a turn for the cra-cra & after falling in luv with it all, packing it all up, driving it across the states with me & storing it in not one, but TWO apartments, i think that it's time to buckle down & do a massive giveaway, in hopes that it will also drive my readers back to the blog & rejoin me in my blogisphere!

so... here it is...


prize description:

  1. Pink Metallic Duckie Bank - Pier 1
  2. GaGa glasses -BleuDame.com
  3. Essie Polish in "Material Girl" - Essie.com
  4. Rhinestone purse hanger - Amazon.com
  5. Duckie Pez dispenser - PEZ brand
  6. Diamond bath salt - Pier 1
  7. Spanky luvs it* M&Ms - personalized via mms.com
  8. Orange scented bath soap flowers [grapefruit scent] - Pier 1
  9. Blue scented bath soap flowers ["water mist" scent] - Pier 1
  10. Pendant - donated by the luvly Lynne from Lynne's This and That on etsy
  11. LOVE LOVE pink glitter nail file - Pier 1
  12. Classic mini duck - Oriental Trading Co.
woohoo! So many fun thingies!

How to enter:

well, bare with me, because, honestly, i'm reallllly trying to get my readers back & to make sure that i haven't lost everyone in the past cray months.
Ok, ok, so i am shallow & desperate & insecure & in a great need to know that there are people out there! So, ya, i'm gunna make you jump through a few little hoops to get these awesome giveaways!

a) um, duh, COMMENT ON THIS POST! (one entry point)
b) TWEET ME! (@spankyluvsit) & tell me that you LUVS the giveaway gifties &, if you're so inclined, that you luvs me too! teehee (1 additional entry point)
c) re-blog! if you reblog with a link to my giveaway, bringing more readers & especially new readers to my blog, i might as well just be your personal bitch for ever! haha but, i can't, so... i'll give you extra props! If you re-blog, comment again to let me know! (additional 3 entry points!)
d) blog about my etsy shop *Twitterpated Pretty*. The reopening of my shop has become my newest pet project. (additional 5 entry points)

I'm going old school on pulling a winner this time. I'll literally write your name on scraps of paper, one scrap for every point you earn & i'll pull a winner. I'll be pulling the winner on September 15th, so GET TO IT!

i LUVS you alllllll!!!
 [gee, i sure hope that this works!]

ps: if i get over 50 comments, i'll throw in an extra special prize, made my Spanky, out of the Twitterpated Pretty shop!!!
luvs it*


sugar skulls

i'm so obsessed with sugar skulls.

i've been painting skulls, skull masks, cutouts, bottle, canvas, all of sugar skulls...

i want to make cookies to look like these (even tho i think this is fabric swatches):

how amazing! They are so beautiful!

I've been wanting to celebrate the Day of the Dead [Dia de los Muertos] for years, but i never ended up being able to. I'm going to celebrate this year, pay homage to the friends & family that i've lost in my life.

I'm working on my skulls for both Halloween & DotD.

I'm going to also work on some projects for my ETSY Shop!

Has anyone ever celebrated? What did you do? Do you have sugar skulls or photos of any DotD art?

Here's some more photos that i've found, drooled over, & been inspired by:

then, there's this unreal piece of gorgeousness, which i actually JUST saw, & looks a lot like a project i've been working on for a few days!

check *twitterpated pretty* in the next week to see updated items!

luvs it*
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