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6 months!!!

i can't believe i'm taking the time to blog right now!!!

i'm rushing around trying to clean the apartment, get pretty & make a dinner before the boyf gets home in an hour!!! BUT i was in desperate need of a smoke & some fresh air (between candles, curling iron & the oven, it was getting a bit hot!!!)
so, i thought, on my mini break, i'd check in with you all.

on the menu: baked chicken breast, broc, rice & home-made chicken gravy!

on the bod [mom, if you're reading, skip this part...]: a sexy black lace [sooo soft] teddy/nighty with hot pink knickers & bra! lots of glitzy jewels... since i never have any reason to wear them...

gifties: i only had a bit of money, but i bought some household stuff that we needed, including a little bookshelf he's been wanting. i also got a super cute card with a red glitter chili pepper that says "i'm hot for you". hahah.

big deal: ya, it's been 6 months.. it seems like its been 6 years... but this is a very odd relationship when it comes to milestones & order... we've been dating for 6 months, living together for 3 & tonight, i think i'm gunna drop the "L" bomb! eek!

well, i've got about 45 mins to get sexy, cook gravy & pick out mood music!!!

wish me luck!

luv it*


  1. I bet you didn't need all 45 minutes.

  2. Hey, massive congratulations on the 6 months, and a very nice array of clothes arranged. Hope you had a great one!!

    ps- I'm back, and I want a rubber duck

  3. your blog is darling, happy to find it.


    hope you stop by mine and say hello!


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