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end of summer cleanout *GIVEAWAY*

i bought sooo many things for giveaways before my life took a turn for the cra-cra & after falling in luv with it all, packing it all up, driving it across the states with me & storing it in not one, but TWO apartments, i think that it's time to buckle down & do a massive giveaway, in hopes that it will also drive my readers back to the blog & rejoin me in my blogisphere!

so... here it is...


prize description:

  1. Pink Metallic Duckie Bank - Pier 1
  2. GaGa glasses -BleuDame.com
  3. Essie Polish in "Material Girl" - Essie.com
  4. Rhinestone purse hanger - Amazon.com
  5. Duckie Pez dispenser - PEZ brand
  6. Diamond bath salt - Pier 1
  7. Spanky luvs it* M&Ms - personalized via mms.com
  8. Orange scented bath soap flowers [grapefruit scent] - Pier 1
  9. Blue scented bath soap flowers ["water mist" scent] - Pier 1
  10. Pendant - donated by the luvly Lynne from Lynne's This and That on etsy
  11. LOVE LOVE pink glitter nail file - Pier 1
  12. Classic mini duck - Oriental Trading Co.
woohoo! So many fun thingies!

How to enter:

well, bare with me, because, honestly, i'm reallllly trying to get my readers back & to make sure that i haven't lost everyone in the past cray months.
Ok, ok, so i am shallow & desperate & insecure & in a great need to know that there are people out there! So, ya, i'm gunna make you jump through a few little hoops to get these awesome giveaways!

a) um, duh, COMMENT ON THIS POST! (one entry point)
b) TWEET ME! (@spankyluvsit) & tell me that you LUVS the giveaway gifties &, if you're so inclined, that you luvs me too! teehee (1 additional entry point)
c) re-blog! if you reblog with a link to my giveaway, bringing more readers & especially new readers to my blog, i might as well just be your personal bitch for ever! haha but, i can't, so... i'll give you extra props! If you re-blog, comment again to let me know! (additional 3 entry points!)
d) blog about my etsy shop *Twitterpated Pretty*. The reopening of my shop has become my newest pet project. (additional 5 entry points)

I'm going old school on pulling a winner this time. I'll literally write your name on scraps of paper, one scrap for every point you earn & i'll pull a winner. I'll be pulling the winner on September 15th, so GET TO IT!

i LUVS you alllllll!!!
 [gee, i sure hope that this works!]

ps: if i get over 50 comments, i'll throw in an extra special prize, made my Spanky, out of the Twitterpated Pretty shop!!!
luvs it*


  1. Fab giveaway! I follow. Hope you're having a great weekend.

  2. I blogged: http://sognisorrisi.blogspot.com/2010/09/happy-labour-day-lovelies.html

  3. I ADORE duckies!! This is a fun giveaway!! Love ya sweetie, I am a follower under username MoonRae.

  4. Enter me! I love all your stuff =) Heading to twitter now....<3

  5. So who won??? congrats to the winner whoever it was!!


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