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the shop.

well, the majourity of my time has been spent painting & trying to keep busy while i continue to wait for potential job options, calls, e-mails, people writing back to my resumes... blah.

so, my main focus, has been my Etsy shop... i've been trying to make some money, & the work has been really wonderfully therapeutic!

i hope that everyone gets a chance to check it out.

here are a few of my items.

my basic sugar skulls [red, purple, black - at bottom] are currently on SALE! :)

bottle vases:

sweet dreamies - dream catchers

twilight inspired "dreaming of Edward Cullen" dream catcher:

deluxe sugar skulls - dia de los muertos:

basic sugar skulls - dia de los muertos:

<------ check out the shop! you'll also see a link on the sidebar....

luvs it*


  1. These are fab! I'm a little obsessed with skulls - the last one (pink!) is my fave!
    You're fab!

  2. Those bottle vases totally rock!

  3. Hey lady! Soooo cool!

    Hope you're well...I've been thinking of you!

    Much Love,

  4. Love the bottles and the skulls! on my way to the shop now!

  5. I love the bottle vases- I used to make similar but not as cool vases outta wine bottle when I was in college- Thanks for the reminder- and nice to meet you lady!


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