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sugar skulls

i'm so obsessed with sugar skulls.

i've been painting skulls, skull masks, cutouts, bottle, canvas, all of sugar skulls...

i want to make cookies to look like these (even tho i think this is fabric swatches):

how amazing! They are so beautiful!

I've been wanting to celebrate the Day of the Dead [Dia de los Muertos] for years, but i never ended up being able to. I'm going to celebrate this year, pay homage to the friends & family that i've lost in my life.

I'm working on my skulls for both Halloween & DotD.

I'm going to also work on some projects for my ETSY Shop!

Has anyone ever celebrated? What did you do? Do you have sugar skulls or photos of any DotD art?

Here's some more photos that i've found, drooled over, & been inspired by:

then, there's this unreal piece of gorgeousness, which i actually JUST saw, & looks a lot like a project i've been working on for a few days!

check *twitterpated pretty* in the next week to see updated items!

luvs it*


  1. I always thought these skulls were cool! I might celebrate it this year too!

  2. Those are pretty. My favorite skull images are the ones from the Guns N Roses "Appetite for Destruction" album cover. I drew them a lot in art class back in the day.



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