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a few new things i wanna talk about...

Invisible Mosters by Chuck Palahniuk: I was recommended this book by my lil sister. She's a huge fan of Mr. Palahniuk's work and after writing a school paper about him and especially Fight Club and this book, Invisible Monsters, she got me interested. So i spent my free time over two weeks & read the book. It was way different than books that i've read in the past, but totally up my alley. So crazy, so fun. The fucked up story line, twists, turns, & crazy shocks made me never want to put it down... I fell in luv with these twisted fucked up characters & found myself a new friend in the process. I have been turned onto Chuck Palahniuk now & look forward to reading everything he's written. Good job Chuck... way to keep me on my toes!

-read it. it rocks.
-i just bought Diary by Chuck Palahniuk today & i'm going to start reading it tomorrow. more about that later.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints: So, ya, we all know that i have a total crush, but this flick is tight even if i wasn't jones'n on some Shia. It's rough & hard, and awesome. This movie immediately sparked my interest when i saw the ad. It's so much like so many of my favs. The Departed, Deuces Wild, even Boondock Saints. Gritty inner city, foul mouthed hot boys, punches being thrown. haha why do i luv these movies so much?!
-but, since it's my blog, Shia, you were fucking awesome in this movie. Why don't more journalists ask you about THIS role!? I LUVS Transformers & Indy & Disturbia, but this role is much more complex than Kale, Sam Witwicky & Mutt Williams (well, Mutt is pretty close.) but anyway, this movie is so good, everyone had break through performances. Channing Tatum, although again reminding me of my ex & weirding me out a little bc of that, Robert Downy Jr. was fantastic as the jaded ex-Astoria res. Chaza Palminteri played the tough & proud father to the t. I luvd this movie.
-rent it. it rocks.

Semi-Pro: I just watched it, it was Semi-funny. that's about all i have to say about it.

Deathproof: fucking SICK. What a ridiculous fucking movie, but i luvd it.

That's all for now my luvlies.



silly goals...

SO, i just graduated w/ my associates degree (whoo hooo!) After 6 "short" semesters, i have a 2 year degree... whats wrong w/ this picture? hmmm

Normally, an event or milestone in ones life makes them think about goals they'd like to achieve in the near future. these might include
  • Continuing on in the pursuit for higher education (in my case going on to get my Bachelors degree, for others Grad School, Masters, Med School... y'know...)
  • Using their degree... in other words GETTING A FUCKING JOB. Becoming a 9-5er rather than working for peanuts as a waitress for the cheapest family restaurant in the damn town.
  • Making an investment, some may buy an apartment or even a house, maybe a nice car or a few business suits.
  • Making a valiant effort to start repaying all of those student loans before the good ol' interest starts to kick in too deep.
  • Settle down, maybe pop the question to the college sweetheart, take that relationship to the next level & think about marriage, kids, grown up life
but... that's boring, plus i have to kinda put all of those kinda goals on hold for a little while. So i'm going to set some other goals. Some are realistic, some are a bit pricey perhaps & some are dreams that i WISH will one day be realistic.
Loooooong hair: I could just wait like a YEAR for my hair to grow grow grow, but since i'm so wicked impatient, i'm going to attempt to rock some super long extensions. Hey, if all the celebutants can kick it w/ the fake locks, than why can't i?! (wish me luck, hmm?)

Tattoo: i've been jones'n for tat #2 since about 20 mins after i got tat #1... (4 1/2 years ago!) The dilemma has been what to get... i realllly wanna get something meaningful to my sister & i & have us get ones that match, BUT unfortunately, we can't agree! i wanna get "XXVII" Roman numerals for 27, the date that both of our birthdays land on. She's "thinking about it"... If anyone reads this blog & can send me any images or links of symbols meaning "sisters" or "family" or anything like that i'd luvs u forever!

Sell some custom made trucker hats: So far the only owner of a "Spanky luvs it" Trucker hat is my bestie K. I gave her a sweet one for her bday. (i'll upload pics later)

Own a Christian Audigier hat/top/dress: The man is a design genius, i luvs his stuff, but WHY CHRISTIAN, WHY does it all have to cost soooo much!?!? My slight obsession with the Ed Hardy brand led to my attempt & surprising success in hand drawing classic tat designs of my own. Of course all this really led to was a pile of pap
ers w/ random tat doodles & coloured pencils taking up a permanent residence on my living room table causing a luvly clutter for a few weeks until i moved on to something else, but i still don't own a $75 hat. poo.
but... i do have this hot little flask! (thanks mom for the flask u gave me for xmas, i luvs it!)

Meet Shia: Y'know luvs, i just saw Shia on Jimmy Kimmel live the other night & (my was he cute) he was talking about how he's a self proclaimed "internet geek". He t
alked about going onto imdb.com & checking the message boards on his profile & the pages of his movies. Naturally, this led me to go & look at what Shia had been reading about himself & i was tempted to leave a little note for him myself, but once i saw the frantic messages from millions of girls & also all the losers who have nothing better to do than to trash Shia, i didn't really want to put myself in the same arena. So how does a small town girl ever get to talk to her celeb crush? I guess the sad truth is, ya don't! If you write to them via fan mail, ur just another envelope that gets opened by some hired person who sends back a signed photo or some shit, if u write a mssg on a mssg board, chances are he won't see it & if he does, again, you're just another chick out there w/ a crush on a celebrity. ah well, maybe one day i'll be one of them, wish upon a star for some damn motivation & go thru some 12 step program for procrastinators & make it big! haha, y'know, me & all of those millions of other aspiring stars. :-P (wow, that's was awfully cynical!)

but serious, Shia, if you ever happen to read this, rock on babers!
Indiana Jones was a riot. I dug the greaser look (even tho i myself prefer the "scruffy" model) & what can i say, like any red blooded american girl, i giggled like a school girl in a poodle skirt at the sight of those tough boy knife skills & ride'n that hog. mm, mm! luvvvvs it!

o, & umm, DUH, how fucking awesome does EAGLE EYE look?! too stoked for that one... it's gunna be a good year i'm think'n.

ps- maybe i'll see u at the NJ Jack Johnson 'cert :o)

-y'all, there's a really kool opportunity being made available to Jack Johnson fans. By signing up at JackJohnsonMusic.com you can apply to volunteer to work at the concerts on the summer tour. I myself jumped at the chance & applied right away for the New Jersey concert & have my fingers crossed that i'll get a spot. So, anyone luv'n Jack as much as me that wants to do some wicked chill volunteer work & get to rock out at a j.johnson 'cert FOR FREE, sign up bitches, see ya there! Thanks Jack for the awesome idea!

---got a little sidetracked once again on the Shia front, didn't i? right, back to my "goals"... so..

Get a better job: O, wait, that sounds oddly like a REAL goal, sorry. :oP

Learn how to use the nunchucks that my buddy matt got for me: got bit by the "Domino" bug & completely got stuck on the idea i was going to be a rockstar on the nunchucks, but to be honest, they kinda scare me & i have no idea what i'm doing!!! Do they make "Nunchucks for dummies"? Ok, so maybe i'll never be as good as Domino Harvey (or Keira Knightly..) but i can give it a shot! It'd still be pretty sick to be able to twirl that shit around & catch it behind my back & under my arms & at least ACT liek a crazy bitch! hahah I'll keep 'em in my caar & keep away all the creepers!

Build up my portfolio: My "not-too-bad-but-semi-amature" portfolio needs a little work if i even want to THINK about applying for art school, so there's that goal. That's actually not that silly, that's pretty legit & should be a blasty blast.

Write more songs: yes sportsfans, u heard me. how cliche, right? But it's true, & lately i've been listening to a bunch of old Beatles beats & god i'd luv to be able to write shit that inspiring. Little blonde chick from ct the next tripped out mystical lyricist... keep ur ears peeled!!!

My last & final goal (for now) - other than
  • buy a new wallet (time to cash in the tired ol' hello kitty faux grown up wallet for a big girl wallet!)
  • buy a camo t-shirt (my old one's no good... too small & looks dumb)
  • lose that weight i've been talking about losing for months...
  • learn everything there is to learn about bartending (& y'know, get a bartending JOB)
  • have a hot luv affair - it's summer, time for some heat! (Shia?)
  • sell my dreamcatcher & prints (cough cough on sale at twitterpatedpretty.etsy.com cough - buy something, help me w/ some of my more financial goals
anyway, my LAST & FINAL goal...

LEARN HOW TO GO TO SLEEP EARLIER!!! I can't be an insomniac anymore! Not if i wanna grow up!

o, right, before i forget... who watches greek? i totally do (shock!) did ANYONE catch the wicked clever Ferris Bueller reference? So Alan Ruck plays Dean Bowman, but everyone met & fell in luv w/ the 80's cutie pie as the neurotic but silly bestie Cameron Frye in Ferris Bueller's Day off... yadda yadda yadda... So as Dean Bowman gets into his hot RED CONVERTIBLE, he says, very plainly to his date "just one minute SLOAN".. haha luvd it.

Well babers, thanks for reading my inner most thoughts (ha) luvs u all!

luuuuuuuvs it*


don't quit ur day job... (bachelor spoiler..)

So it goes w/o saying that i'm not very good at keeping up w/ shit.
i haven't written in over a month & before that, i'd written a whopping ONE entry!
it's not even like i have nothing to say, i have sooooo much to say.
let me just start off w/ a few things that i've learned or what have you that i wanted to share...

a) Shia Labeouf is my new FAV (yum. we'll get back to that in a bit...)

b) Matt Grant is totally the best Bachelor ever & Shayne was MY pic from the FIRST EPISODE! (not to mention she & i share the "monkey" nickname) Brad was a hot, hot, hottie... but what the fuck, right? Can we all just agree that the phrase "monkey, will u marry me?" is the cutest eff'n thing?!?!

-lets also just take a moment to thank Brad Womack for being a (beautiful) dickwad & screwing the chicks over last season on the Bachelor, so that now WE can all look at 25 yummy pieces of MAN MEAT for the next however many weeks while Dianna gets to play luckiest woman in the world on the new season of the Bachelorette (starting monday, may 19th)

c) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who i had such a crush on way back in the 3rd rock from the sun days) was in a movie last year called The Lookout... i just watched yesterday... it's pretty freak'n awesome. He's really showing some serious acting ability between this & the ever so good Stop-Loss. I'm thinking we got a newbie to the academy award spotlight... (plus, he's so cute!) Rock on JG-L.

d) Speaking of which... Stop-Loss... amazing... if you haven't seen it, see it asap. it's soooo good... Kimberly Pierce, the director of Oscar Winning Boys Don't Cry, has done it again. I was initially so stoked to see this movie bc in one of my film classes i saw a wicked good Documentary called This Film is Not Yet Rated where K.Pierce said the reason she hadn't made a movie since the 95/99 Boys Don't Cry was bc she hadn't yet found anything that she was passionate about enough to make a movie about. Hearing her say that & then to learn that she had a new flick, i had a good feeling. Anything w/ that much focused passion, has to be amazing.
- (plus.. Ryan Phillipe, Channing Tatum & Joseph Gordon-Levitt... need i say much more?)

e) for some personal shit... my job sucks... i hate it... ugh... (just had to get that out.. that's basically the main common denominator in my life these days.. that & oh ya.. depessingly low amounts of sex.. grrreattt..)
- wow, that was depressing... on to more FUN shit!

f) I started watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl online (the 2nd season will be on Showtime starting june 16th) Billie Piper is a riot, i really like her. Rock on Billie Piper! (& Ben, her "ex" / "best mate" is sucha lil english cutie) The show in itself is a novelty bc it's based off the book Belle de Jour: Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl written by an Anonymous 28-year-old London Call Girl. Now that i'm involved in the show, I'm for sure reading that book... Juicy! I'm wicked stoked bc it's going to air right after my new fav show Weeds. I wonder if ppl wuld call me "clever"

g) I found this album on iTunes (i kinda fumbled upon it) it's called Here Comes the Sun : a Reggae Tribute to the Beatles. it's a bunch of different reggae singers & groups & such singing Beatles songs. The group Ellis Island did the cover of "With a little help from my friends" & i think it's luvly. I even took my silly little pink cell phone & made it my message alert. now every time any of you that are my real life friends text me... i'll be hearing "i get by with a little help from my friends" & partially thinking of the wonder years. (::teehee::)

-how tight is that cover, right?

h) Flyleaf's new song Sorrow is pretty damn good, & i don't really even like that kinda music usually. the video is inspiring.

i) i'm excited bc i'm trying a new green tea diet. more to come :o)

aight, now that it's getting a little late, i'll get to my fav part... the yum yums.

Shia* (source)

good god.
i knew that he was a cutie pie, a cross between the awkward goofy cuteness of justin long & jon krasinki, & his talent & comedic timing promising to take the former Disney Channel trouble maker into the limelight for years & years & years to come. (maybe i'll get to be his arm candy... mmm... He's only a month & a half older than me! it's perfect - & i usually like my men a little older than that... but i'll make an exception for Shia...)

So ok, we all knew he was silly, funny, goofy, cute. but can we just PELASE take a moment to check this shit out. This is the first "exposed" Shia babe shots that i've seen & OMFG, can i get some more? Shia, please don't turn into a McConaughey -who apperently forgot a long time ago what a shirt IS. (not that we don't wanna see it matthew... but y'know... men like tits, but if chicks went around topless all the time, i promise you'd get a little bored...) - anyway back to my Shia... maybe just get yourself caught on camera a few more times... & touch your nose as a secret signal to me in one of those pics... then i'll know that you luvs me too (mmm... i need a new hobbie...)

Apparently my new hunk had a jones for my girls the Olsen twins (well guess what Shia, i've been told i have a certain resemblance to the olsen chickies. Even tho i guess he liked him some Mary-kate & i'm a bit more of an Ashley... mer...)

what is that tat Shia?

To ad to my recent delight for mr. labeouf, his attitude & seemingly (i hope) humble nature is endearing & sweet! I read the article by the Associated Press about Shia's infamous "Walgreens Scandal" . The article basically was just a recount of Shia's monday night visit to Letterman & how he told him & the rest of the Late Night viewers what really happened at that Walgreens. --Shia, sweetie, we've all been there... drunk, out of smokes & looking like an idiot bc we're trying not to look... well.. like an idiot... i still luvs u.--

"His story: He had a hankering for cigarettes — and was preoccupied by pimple on his forehead.

"So I go to Walgreen's and I go to the cosmetic aisle," LaBeouf recalled, "and I see the security guard and he's looking at me, four in the morning, pretty disheveled, pretty messed up on the special magic sauce. And I get the pimple cream, and he's looking at me, he's kinda giggling to himself, and now I'm starting to feel like, `What? It's really not that funny, guy, you know?'"

A bashful LaBeouf went back to his hotel and realized he'd forgotten to buy the smokes. The actor says he returned to Walgreen's wearing different clothes: "I'm going, `Well, now the guy saw me, now what am I gonna do?' So I do an outfit change." "

here's the rest of the AP article, it's good. READ IT

- god, he's even yummy in his mug shot! what pimple babers? ur perfect.

ok my luvrs... i think its time for this sleepy chickadee to turn in (after a cigg & about 2 hours of tivo...)

hope u enjoyed hearing about everything i luvs.


luvs it*
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