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a few new things i wanna talk about...

Invisible Mosters by Chuck Palahniuk: I was recommended this book by my lil sister. She's a huge fan of Mr. Palahniuk's work and after writing a school paper about him and especially Fight Club and this book, Invisible Monsters, she got me interested. So i spent my free time over two weeks & read the book. It was way different than books that i've read in the past, but totally up my alley. So crazy, so fun. The fucked up story line, twists, turns, & crazy shocks made me never want to put it down... I fell in luv with these twisted fucked up characters & found myself a new friend in the process. I have been turned onto Chuck Palahniuk now & look forward to reading everything he's written. Good job Chuck... way to keep me on my toes!

-read it. it rocks.
-i just bought Diary by Chuck Palahniuk today & i'm going to start reading it tomorrow. more about that later.

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints: So, ya, we all know that i have a total crush, but this flick is tight even if i wasn't jones'n on some Shia. It's rough & hard, and awesome. This movie immediately sparked my interest when i saw the ad. It's so much like so many of my favs. The Departed, Deuces Wild, even Boondock Saints. Gritty inner city, foul mouthed hot boys, punches being thrown. haha why do i luv these movies so much?!
-but, since it's my blog, Shia, you were fucking awesome in this movie. Why don't more journalists ask you about THIS role!? I LUVS Transformers & Indy & Disturbia, but this role is much more complex than Kale, Sam Witwicky & Mutt Williams (well, Mutt is pretty close.) but anyway, this movie is so good, everyone had break through performances. Channing Tatum, although again reminding me of my ex & weirding me out a little bc of that, Robert Downy Jr. was fantastic as the jaded ex-Astoria res. Chaza Palminteri played the tough & proud father to the t. I luvd this movie.
-rent it. it rocks.

Semi-Pro: I just watched it, it was Semi-funny. that's about all i have to say about it.

Deathproof: fucking SICK. What a ridiculous fucking movie, but i luvd it.

That's all for now my luvlies.


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