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beautiful things on the big screen!

Darjeeling Limited: I FINALLY saw this movie tonight. The Wes Anderson flick is as beautifully done as i expected. but all that it really sparked in me is the (once again) regretful wish that i could have been in this movie if i had gotten my shit together three or eight years ago... haha, it's an absolute piece of art. The colours & frame work in this movie are beyond breath taking. That's really all i can say about it. Wes Anderson has become one of my favs for a few reasons, but most of all, he knows how to frame a picture that makes your stomach flitter. his knowledge of building an amazing image makes me soooo jealous . All i can hope is that one day, he'll hire me to be an aspect in his on screen art.
Dear Wes Anderson. You are a FUCKING VISIONARY. i want to pick your brilliant brain. i luvs it all.

Marie Antoinette: After i watched Darjeeling, the channel was flicked over to Marie Antoinette (thank you J. Schwartman!) I have seen this movie before, but it seemed like an obvious fit for the encore. Another beautifully made flick w/ some of the most incredible imagery that i've seen in a while. ugh, i just luv the work on this movie. it's one of those films where you can FEEL the passion that the director (Sophia Coppola) had for the movie.
-ps: LUVS u Kirsten...

god i hope one day i can do something like that. To have sooo many people connect with you over your passion project. what a fucking dream come true.

ps- on the you-know-who front...

SHIA- gooooood luck! i know that filming for Transformers 2 started on Monday & my countdown clock has started!

mmm... u kno... luuvvvvsssss itttt*

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