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YES! Weeds is backkkk! Last night was the premiere of the 4th season of one of the best shows ever! The only flaw to weeds is that it's only a half an hour long. :o(
What an awesome show...

I will say though, apparently i wasn't paying much attention because i was SURE that i heard Showtime was picking up Secret Diary of a Call Girl for it's 2nd season, but when i sat down to watch it last night after Weeds, it was the first episode of the FIRST season... :o(
Do i seriously have to wait ANOTHER YEAR for season 2?!?!?! ughhhhhh DON'T LUV IT!

How can anyone not luvs him!?

So Shia is "in trouble" again?! This is ridiculous! First he gets in trouble for being drunk in a Walgreens... any other 21 year old drunk in Walgreen in the middle of the night walks away with a funny story to tell at parties, but Shia gets cuffed & now has something he needs to answer questions about for the next few months on every talk show known to man... Then ::gasp:: smoking outdoors! oh my! C'mon, seriously? It's a dumb fucking law anyway, what the hell are you supposed to do if you're a smoker in Burbank, CA? Dude, i don't think i'd last in Burbank for more than an hour if you can't smoke anywhere without getting a fucking ticket.
NOW the media is up Shia's ass about using a derogatory term for "gay" on a home movie with his friends 2 YEAR AGO! Holy shit, how desperate.

-Get over it, he's a good kid with a bad habit, we've all got 'em, leave him be.
(thanks justjared for the photo...)

Watch Weeds. Watch Secret Diary. Leave Shia alone. Luvs it*


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