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M.Damon - keep'n it real!


Spike TV's Guy's Choice Award was entertaining in many ways, but my FAV part was when DOUBLE WINNER Matt Damon dedicated his mic time to predicting the WIN of the Boston Celtics. He was, of course, BoOoOoed by the LA Fans (being IN LA that wasn't much of a gamble) & followed up the cries with "Like a true Boston fan, i'm happy to be the only one in the room rooting for my team!" When he got his SECOND award of the night (1st was for "Ass Kicker of the Year" won over Iron Man, 2nd was for "Man of the Year" won over Harrison freak'n Ford!) he said "OH, it's coming!"

hell ya Matt!

other winners of the night include:
  • Man of Honor - Adam Sandler
  • Alpha Male - Hugh Hefner
  • Next Big Thing - Megan Fox
  • Funniest Mother Fucker - Steve Carell
  • So Hot They're Famous - Tila Tequila
  • Brass Balls - Harrison Ford

- who wasn't there? Shia... ::tear:: although he did apear in 3 different winner montages...

luvs u, luvs boston, luvs it*

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