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hooray for boobies

So while i was shopping for my sisters birthday present yesterday, i was asked (in Spencer's Gifts) if i'd like to donate a dollar to breast cancer research & in exchange, i'd be the proud owner of a rock'n "i love boobies" bracelet.

of COURSE i said "Right On Doode, hook me up!"

I was later bombarded by compliments (& a few funny looks) that night at the bar & today by family members at my sisters family birthday party.

I think that when some smart cookie comes up with a funny (& a bit cheeky) way of making charity kool, everyone wins. It's so awesome to have donating money for amazing causes be "trendy".

The bracelets are available at Spencer's Gifts Stores (this link is to the site, bracelets are available in stores) & you can learn more about the foundation KEEP A BREAST at both websites (click for links)

I wanted to show a picture of the bracelet, but i'm kind of a deadbeat & didn't get to take a photo of mine, so for the time being, i've borrowed an image from the Keep a Breast blog.

well, according to my bracelet, i luvs boobies (mine anyway)

luvs boobies & luvs it*

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  1. HAHAhaha cool. I want one!!

    and thanks for the tip lol, I'm with you when it comes to greasy foods, for some reason that really seems to help. who knows why, but for me it will have to be veggie bacon!


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