diary of a manic obsessive.


i misses you!

Hi luvies,

I'm seriously missing my bloggie buddies.
I thought I'd try to drop a quick line to let you all know that i'm still here, i'm just on a bit of a crazy train these days.

My sis-piece started college. I've been boo-hoo'n a little bit. I already really miss her & it's only been since Saturday.My birthday was last Thursday (woohoo, 23!) but that meant a ton of shit to do. Party preperations (which cleaned my bank account out, happy birthday to me...) then the stress of cleaning, setting up & then, the day of.... the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF RAIN which turned my classy backyard party (well, as classy as one can be with a Keg & Vodka Sno-Cones) into a mini Woodstock mud party. eek!

The Jingle Contest project that i wrote about before for work is finally coming to a close and i have a lot of last minute work to do on that (stayed an extra, unpaid half hour doing some final touches today, ugh).

SCHOOL! I'm going back!

Finally! I've registered for classes again after a year & a half of being in between schools & having my Associates Degree & wanting to work toward a BA. I'm stoked, but, shit, i'm stress'n like woah. Full Time work & even just Part Time online school is gunna be wicked hard work, in a biggg way.

jinky's y'all...

i really hope that i'll be able to figure out my timing so that i can still be here for all of you fancies.


drum roll...

i have a winner!

Thank you Scarlet Begonias from Once in a While You Get Shown the Light! Your photo was my fav! i'm luv'n the peace & luv vibe, and of course, you all know my passion for the Beatles. dig it.

please let me know your e-mail address so that i can contact you about your Prize! OoOoOoLaLa!

luvs it*


scream queen.

What the hell is it about scary movies on a rainy day that are just irresistible?

I don't even like scary movies. they totally creep me out & i will inevitably end up looking behind me or walking quickly from the car to the house at night for the next few weeks!

but.. yet... the movie still plays...


luvs it?



a whole post about this & similar mash-ups to come soon. i promise.

luvs it*

Rue La La!!!

Sounds like what Scooby Doo would say when he likes something!

Well, it was inevitable. it has landed in my lap, thanks to . Rue la la, the online Sample Sale store that will surely drain the funds right out of my bank account. I wonder if i can just endorse my paycheck right over to them.

pay to the order of: crap i don't need, but must have in my life.

The site is Invitation Only! (woah... exclusive)... & since i'm SUCH a big deal, i am a member... (i know, right?)

Turns out, they also have a mobile site for all of us that are extra special & spend stupid amounts of time glaring at our iPhones. ::guilty grin::

Wanna be a member too? Alright, I'll give in. Follow the link below & register, but don't invite any Riff-Raff, i'd hate to know that this A-List party was crashed by fashion vagabonds because of me! (teehee!)


I'm also going to add the link to the side bar for future reference! ----->

Happy Shopping my little spenders!

luvs it*


luvly bones.

i'm going to read this book. then, when it comes out, i'm going to see this movie. it's going to be amazing. just letting you all know.

luvs it*


my everlasting blog-conundrum

We start these things because we feel we need to give ourselves a voice...

but... then we start to write about things that others want to read because the thought of writing for no one is... depressing. The more we start to write for others, the more our voices become the outer, exposed sense of who we are. this is when the original idea starts to get lost.

we want to be able to share our *secrets* with the world, but we also want people to hear us. So we advertise. we write about relatable topics, but, ooh, careful, nothing too deep, might start to get depressing & you'll bring readers down rather than pep people up. Before you know it, you're spending more time spreading the word than you are bearing your soul. You're Cosmo... no, you're Cosmo Girl... all pep, no pulp...

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (if you've still got it)... you post your links everywhere to drive traffic... then, you have a soul baring moment that you need to vibe through your body, down your arms to your hands & you wish that you could let your finger tips dance across the keyboard in a rythmic tap dance to express how you really feel... but... gasp... so many people that REALLY know me could potentially read this! eek! What if my boss sees me typing & thinks "oh! i should check out her blog, maybe i'll find something that will make me want to have her write some copy for the business" or, shit! what if that super cute boy from the house party a few weeks ago actually reads my words, swoon... must be perky, upbeat & carefree.

but that's not real.

my blog. my rules. if you want to read it, you gotta be able to swallow it.

we're not perfect. if we were, we'd be writing pulitzer prize winners or college text books (without researching first.. ya, i said "perfect"). We're who we are. all of us, in some way are expected to be imperfect. outsiders on the inside. this is why we start a blog to begin with.

so... to my boss, my friends, my family, hell, my enemies & to that cute boy (swoon)...

this is me...

still slightly censored, but working on baring it all..
i hope you luvs it*

GIVEAWAY (finally)

I need a little FLAVA in my life.

i've been looking at the same background image of my work computer ever since I did the Bob Dylan "wordy wednesday" a while back...

i recently changed it, but i'm not pleased with this one either because the photo itself is too small, so it looks all griany on the screen...

so here is what i'm thinking...

Whomever can send me the best background photo for my computer (you can comment with a "view image" link), will win a giveaway prize!!!

(now, i believe in a little mystery, so i'm not going to tell you right now what the prize will be, but trust me, they're good!!!)


As you can tell from my blog, i luvs all sorts of images. Everything from crazy photos with amazing Art Direction to vintage photos of hippies in a field, gorgeous images of natual beauty, black & white images of industrial wonders and even, yes, cartoon images of Disney favourites!

BE ORIGINAL (& yes, you can send more than one if you want!)

(i hope that a lot of people will answer to this.. it won't be fun if i only get 2 options! - tell your friends, unless that is... you don't think you can BEAT THEM!)


luvs it allll*


Professionally Rock'n the House!

In October, i had a great idea. (i've had a few since then too)

I had a great concept for a contest that would help boost the member morale on the site that i work for (aka the relationship i devote 40 hours a week to...).

After a few months, more than a few proposal drafts, & a good amount of meetings, my idea turned into something real, a project. (i feel like this is starting to sound like the School House Rock "I'm just a Bill" song... )

I worked & worked on this project for months. (keep in mind, i'm only allowed 2 hours a week of project time, the other 38 aka 35.5 when you take breaks into account, are reserved for Customer Service e-mails, voicemails and daily "chores").

Finally, after working toward the launch date, my work baby was released into the wild on June 8th. I worked with a designer & she put my design to "paper". I whipped up (slaved over) the 4 banner collages & wrote out copy & rules (ya... i wrote those rules out... well, i copied a lot of them from something else.. but it still made me want to scream).

We asked our musical members to organize their thoughts and write, compose and record a Jingle to promote my company (GigMasters.com).

Voila! 2 months later and all my fellow GigMasters employees are sitting around the main floor going over every submission. We took a vote & came to the conclusion that we all luvd a specific 10.

These 10 went to the *PUBLIC VOTE*

I worked with Dave (friend, co-worker, my current hero) in Tech to make the voting page. Basically, i acted like a total bossy brat until Dave produced what i wanted, but he was a total Rockstar about the whole thing. I designed the banner in Photoshop, and now here we are. (the image is a little blurry here, i'm not sure why...)

Now... i need your help...

please take a moment to vote on which you like the best!

You can only vote once. Ok?

(feel free to comment with the one you like the best & why!)

I hope you all enjoy the public culmination (so far) of what i've been working toward for so long (trust me, my brain hurts.)

Thank you for participating!

luvs it*


omg, shoes.

i'm in that kinda mood...

there inlies the problem. down time = online shopping... which eventually equals less money, more shoes - meaning more shoe boxes, meaning less room in my room... but overall... the keyword in that is *more shoes*!

I don't know when i became a shoe girl... i never used to be. I blame Sex & the City Movie. Damn that Carrie Bradshaw with her impecible style, lack of spending morals & fabulous taste in shoooooes. Granted, i'd be spending a weeks pay on ONE of the beautiful Choos she'll prance around in.

My current favourite on the Jimmy Choo site are the Jazz pumps in Leopard at a "friendly" $795 well, pounds). I've never seen Carrie wear these, but i'd be willing to bet that she would! SPJ probably has them... lucky bitch.
There are the fan-fuck'n-tastic Dior Extreme Gladiator Sandals, which were wicked hard to find, but eventually i stumbled on them- $780, eek!
&... the current amaze-balls of all pumps.... THE shoe... the fairytale ending, cinderella "satin" slipper shoe... The Something Blue Satin Pump by Manolo Blahnik that makes everything right in the world (well, at the end of Hollywood movies anyway). The shoe that leads to sex in a walk-in closest (that should be a cocktail). They come in at $945... *no big deal* (as i choke on the insane cost of these little luvlies.)

but like i said... this little dreamer is going to have to take a walk down cheap knock off lane... where the prices are reasonable, the shoes are uncomfortable but the look is good (unless i happen to walk into Bryant Park on the best week out of the year trying to pass as a Fashionista Know-it-All. (ill be sure not to)... So i have to go for "good enough"...

OF COURSE i went & picked shoes that are almost impossible to find online in cheapo knock off form (or, i may just not be as good of a Detective as i thought i was!)

The best i could do...

Knock off Choo

No, i know.. not even close... i tried.... sorry...

Knock of Dior

Neither of these are exact. If these two shoes had a luv child, that shoe would probably be closer. Both shoe has the same idea though... plus, you could buy almost pairs and still have money left over for some band-aids.

Knock off Manolo

Ok, so the first one is pretty damn close!!! It might be a bit pricier than the rest, but the closest option i can come up with other than those hundo-sixty four beauties is buying something along the lines of the $16 ones, finding two matching broaches and a nice glue gun... (good luck with that one!)

Well... there ya go... shoes, shoes, shoes...

luvs it*


I'm late, i'm late for a very important.... life....

i'm literally posting to say that i don't have time to post...

that's kinda poetic in a backwards Alice in Wonderland way...

work is work, no time for play.

i need a drink.

if only i could have the excuse of being lost in another world for a while.

i'll have to find time to hunt for a rabbit hole.

don't really luvs it... not gunna lie!


a little vent.

disclaimer: some of the views & thoughts in this post may seem a bit hypocryticle either now or in the future. They are the way i feel right now... (& a lot of the time). I understand that in the past and possibly in the future i have bitched & moaned about many things that don't really matter in the big picture, but for right now. i'm opposing those thoughts. (by skillfully bitching & moaning about people who bitch & moan... & the circle of life continues...)

i don't want to make this a big deal. i'm going to vent, but just a little... it'll only be a bitty breeze, not a 75mph wind. (well.. i'm going to try.)

I wasn't going to say anything. i was going to bottle it up, bitch & moan with my friend & leave it at that, but hi, i have a blog for a reason, right? i have all of you luvies that actually care about what i have to say & how i want to say it, so why not take my little bloggie & make it a soap box for a moment. with that said, i pose a question...

who the FUCK do people think they are?!

I mean, i understand that no-one is going to like everyone. I'm ok with that. I'd like to think that i'm a pretty open person that seems to enjoy the company of most other people. I also pride myself on (usually) being able to see life from their position and understand them before i judge or let them get to me... but some people make it AWFULLY HARD TO DO.

Many of you may know that when i'm not sitting on my bum watching amazing movies or day dreaming about being a super woman fashionista actress film maker badass queen of the world in the finest and most fabulous threads living life to the fullest exporing new worlds and being overall awesome, i'm a lowly Customer Service Representative for an online company. With this job comes a lot of responcibilities.
  • make sure that all e-mails and voice-mails (v-mails) are answered in a timely and efficient manner.
  • answer all questions in a polite and informative way.
  • complete daily tasks that help the system work to the best of its abilities
  • get yelled at by asshole performers who think that they're God gift.
  • (most importantly) TAKE IT LIKE A MAN! (or in my case, a very tough little white girl.)
Just today i spoke with a guy who basically must have woken up this morning with a vandetta to bug the living shit out of someone else. Well, good for you Sir, you can cross that off the To-Do list, hopefully you won't get the urge again for a while, and if you do, do me a favour... call Cable Vision...
So here i am, in my tribicle (there are units of three that make a circle... no cubes, tribes... it makes sense, i promise) & i listen to this guy go on & on about how our system is wack. As far as he knows (i hope) i'm understanding and willing to assist him in anything i can & "happy to forward his suggestions to Upper Managment for further review and consideration" (funny how i can turn on the professionalism, eh?). What he doesn't see is my blood boiling in my veins and my hands trembling. I IM my gurl Amy in the tribicle next to me & say "sometimes i wish i had terets so that i could tell people to go fuck themselves." (sorry, i know that's totally un-PC... but it's how i felt. i don't mean to offend, i'm just speaking the truth jive.) What i want this person (& many others) to know, is that, i understand you're unhappy. i get that life isn't fair. i also totally undestand that you need to vent about it. you don't need to tell me that i'm "irrelevant" because the truth is, (to semi-quote Clueless) "as far as you're concerned, i'm the messiah" of this company. Grow up. The comlaint that you have really doesn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things.To make matters even worse... there are some other people in my life that just remind me how lucky i really am. When i'm in a "glass half empty" kinda mood, i might think that i'm so unlucky because i have to deal with these people all the time... but then... the clouds part, my eyes widen & i realize, i AM the lucky one. I don't let myself turn into an ugly monster because i don't like the way things are. I'm the one DEALING with these people who feel the need to bring others down. That makes me feel better. don't get me wrong, i do my fair share of complaining, but i am happy to know that i'm probably not the person that pops into others minds when someone mentions "whiny little bitch". That, my good friends, THAT makes me smile a little brighter.

So, to those of you out there that let a foul mood get the better of you, or chose to plaster negative vibes for the world to see (ehem... like on your facebook status....) i'd like to send you a little luv. Here you go:


i hope that brightens your day & makes you realize that just because some people don't do what you want them to do, or just because you may completely misunderstand the meaning of life, decency and compassion, or just because you may be unhappy with the way that things are going in your life, it doesn't mean that you can take a giant, undignified dump on the rest of us or things that we represent. ok?

Thank you for listening to my littel breeze. i feel better.
luvs it*


female version of a hustlah...

Beyonce, you crazy girl. Stop making us all look bad by comparison... geez!

omg... those sunnies... with the fringe?

i must find them. i don't know what i'd do with them. but i know i need them in my life. stat.

luvs it*


the unreal & the real.

“The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. because its only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. stone crumbles. wood rots. people, well, they die. but things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on.”

-chuck palahniuk

luvs it*



o man.... i have such a hanker'n for a good... juicy... sloppy.. messy.... Duchess Cheeseburger.

ooo godddd..

I don't think it ever occurred to me that Duchess is only in Connecticut? hmm... The rest of you poor saps do NOT know what you're missing. omg... it's amazing. the fries, the nuggs.... the BIG D CHEESEBURGER...

Ok, so this isn't the "Big D"... this is actually an image of a dumb veggie burger, but i couldn't find a pic of the object of my food lust.

this one is getting closer, but to be a Big D, it has to have the shredded lettuce that falls out in clumps on your lap if you're eating in your car, making a total mess. The cheese has to be that singles kind, white, never orange. & the bun needs to be a lot more burnt on the edges... mmm....

This is what i'm attempting to use to get OVER my untammed obsession at the moment...

it's... working...
ew... working better now...

bleh.... ok...
are those... Doughnuts?

i'm very happy that i can't read that scale.. i don't even want to know...

Yikes... Death by burger!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, mini crazed food mania tamed & locked away. back to my modest tuna & cucumber salad with light dressing...

god i luvs* those burgers...


Zoe: Fashion Goddess Extrordiner

they say you can never be too skinny, too rich, or own too many handbags...

Rachel Zoe is a fashionista GODDESS & one of my favourite people on earth. "i'd die" to be one of her clients, one of her friends, or one of her proteges.

she's built a career, a life & an all out brand from her "uh-mazing" style that i'm "obsessed" with.

i can understand why people would rag on her for being "too skinny"... the lady is an f'n twig, but, whatever man. maybe i'm idealisitc (or.. "idol-istic" as the case may be) but i've been following her for a while & i don't buy this crap about her "feeding coke" to her clients or as some call it "minions". I refuse to link to any of the sources spitting out this crap because i, personally don't want to have anything to do with them.

have another sip of your Haterade because you'll never ever be as impossibly fabulous as R.

(post thought- some of these "sources" don't even know what they're talking about, claiming shock to see Zoe with a "human male"... umm, Hello, she's married... & not to the un-named "human male" in the paticular trash i stumbled upon while google-imaging her... if you're gunna spit shit, at least check your facts... lame.)

anyway, back to the luv*...

I follow (@RZRachelZoe) around Twitterland & salivate for her fashion tips, pics & love the shout outs to her ever so appreciative fashion fans. Even though i myself haven't been fortunate enough to get an ever so desired @ reply from my hero, i don't take it personal! The lady is busy!

today i received my first e-mail from the Zoe Report notifying me that as of tomorrow, i will be receiving wonderous tid-bits & ever so important grains of knowledge from the life of the paladin of chic.

... i could be selfish... but that'd be mean! i don't want to hoard the good word, i wish to spread the luv & let you all know how you can be swimming in the A to Z(oe) 411!

you're welcome!

hi- chick also has her own SECTION on Piperlime that are sold out almost as soon as she makes her picks!

my current favs?
Naughty Monkey's Exhibit A
dollhouse's Kim
Guiseppe Zanotti's I96236
Also! make SURE that you watch the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo starting season 2 on August 25th (early bday gift from Bravo to me!)

duh! You have to watch season 1 first, but have no fear future fans, Hulu.com is always there for you with special goodies!

"Shut it DOWN girl!"

learn it, live it, luvs it*


that dog.

Meet Holly.

Holly Penelope GoLightly to be exact. My 2 year old, long haired, red sable, mini-Dachshund. my baby.affectionately called; Peanut, Bean, Beanie McPeanut-Face, Pupper McNugget, DJ P-Nut, or Little.even when she rolls in a stink, she's the sweetest little crazy.

my little moper...

early morning lazy bones who always groans & grunts when i try to wake her up in the am. what a bum!the cutest little bully you've ever seen... she's so rude! poor neighbours!!!

hope you all enjoyed meeting my fancy darling.

luvs it*
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