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Zoe: Fashion Goddess Extrordiner

they say you can never be too skinny, too rich, or own too many handbags...

Rachel Zoe is a fashionista GODDESS & one of my favourite people on earth. "i'd die" to be one of her clients, one of her friends, or one of her proteges.

she's built a career, a life & an all out brand from her "uh-mazing" style that i'm "obsessed" with.

i can understand why people would rag on her for being "too skinny"... the lady is an f'n twig, but, whatever man. maybe i'm idealisitc (or.. "idol-istic" as the case may be) but i've been following her for a while & i don't buy this crap about her "feeding coke" to her clients or as some call it "minions". I refuse to link to any of the sources spitting out this crap because i, personally don't want to have anything to do with them.

have another sip of your Haterade because you'll never ever be as impossibly fabulous as R.

(post thought- some of these "sources" don't even know what they're talking about, claiming shock to see Zoe with a "human male"... umm, Hello, she's married... & not to the un-named "human male" in the paticular trash i stumbled upon while google-imaging her... if you're gunna spit shit, at least check your facts... lame.)

anyway, back to the luv*...

I follow (@RZRachelZoe) around Twitterland & salivate for her fashion tips, pics & love the shout outs to her ever so appreciative fashion fans. Even though i myself haven't been fortunate enough to get an ever so desired @ reply from my hero, i don't take it personal! The lady is busy!

today i received my first e-mail from the Zoe Report notifying me that as of tomorrow, i will be receiving wonderous tid-bits & ever so important grains of knowledge from the life of the paladin of chic.

... i could be selfish... but that'd be mean! i don't want to hoard the good word, i wish to spread the luv & let you all know how you can be swimming in the A to Z(oe) 411!

you're welcome!

hi- chick also has her own SECTION on Piperlime that are sold out almost as soon as she makes her picks!

my current favs?
Naughty Monkey's Exhibit A
dollhouse's Kim
Guiseppe Zanotti's I96236
Also! make SURE that you watch the Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo starting season 2 on August 25th (early bday gift from Bravo to me!)

duh! You have to watch season 1 first, but have no fear future fans, Hulu.com is always there for you with special goodies!

"Shut it DOWN girl!"

learn it, live it, luvs it*


  1. OMG, I love Rachel Zoe too!! I love her show and can't wait to watch more of it!


  2. Her piperlime pics are always hot!

  3. yeah i want her closeT! and everything in it!


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