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don't quit ur day job... (bachelor spoiler..)

So it goes w/o saying that i'm not very good at keeping up w/ shit.
i haven't written in over a month & before that, i'd written a whopping ONE entry!
it's not even like i have nothing to say, i have sooooo much to say.
let me just start off w/ a few things that i've learned or what have you that i wanted to share...

a) Shia Labeouf is my new FAV (yum. we'll get back to that in a bit...)

b) Matt Grant is totally the best Bachelor ever & Shayne was MY pic from the FIRST EPISODE! (not to mention she & i share the "monkey" nickname) Brad was a hot, hot, hottie... but what the fuck, right? Can we all just agree that the phrase "monkey, will u marry me?" is the cutest eff'n thing?!?!

-lets also just take a moment to thank Brad Womack for being a (beautiful) dickwad & screwing the chicks over last season on the Bachelor, so that now WE can all look at 25 yummy pieces of MAN MEAT for the next however many weeks while Dianna gets to play luckiest woman in the world on the new season of the Bachelorette (starting monday, may 19th)

c) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who i had such a crush on way back in the 3rd rock from the sun days) was in a movie last year called The Lookout... i just watched yesterday... it's pretty freak'n awesome. He's really showing some serious acting ability between this & the ever so good Stop-Loss. I'm thinking we got a newbie to the academy award spotlight... (plus, he's so cute!) Rock on JG-L.

d) Speaking of which... Stop-Loss... amazing... if you haven't seen it, see it asap. it's soooo good... Kimberly Pierce, the director of Oscar Winning Boys Don't Cry, has done it again. I was initially so stoked to see this movie bc in one of my film classes i saw a wicked good Documentary called This Film is Not Yet Rated where K.Pierce said the reason she hadn't made a movie since the 95/99 Boys Don't Cry was bc she hadn't yet found anything that she was passionate about enough to make a movie about. Hearing her say that & then to learn that she had a new flick, i had a good feeling. Anything w/ that much focused passion, has to be amazing.
- (plus.. Ryan Phillipe, Channing Tatum & Joseph Gordon-Levitt... need i say much more?)

e) for some personal shit... my job sucks... i hate it... ugh... (just had to get that out.. that's basically the main common denominator in my life these days.. that & oh ya.. depessingly low amounts of sex.. grrreattt..)
- wow, that was depressing... on to more FUN shit!

f) I started watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl online (the 2nd season will be on Showtime starting june 16th) Billie Piper is a riot, i really like her. Rock on Billie Piper! (& Ben, her "ex" / "best mate" is sucha lil english cutie) The show in itself is a novelty bc it's based off the book Belle de Jour: Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl written by an Anonymous 28-year-old London Call Girl. Now that i'm involved in the show, I'm for sure reading that book... Juicy! I'm wicked stoked bc it's going to air right after my new fav show Weeds. I wonder if ppl wuld call me "clever"

g) I found this album on iTunes (i kinda fumbled upon it) it's called Here Comes the Sun : a Reggae Tribute to the Beatles. it's a bunch of different reggae singers & groups & such singing Beatles songs. The group Ellis Island did the cover of "With a little help from my friends" & i think it's luvly. I even took my silly little pink cell phone & made it my message alert. now every time any of you that are my real life friends text me... i'll be hearing "i get by with a little help from my friends" & partially thinking of the wonder years. (::teehee::)

-how tight is that cover, right?

h) Flyleaf's new song Sorrow is pretty damn good, & i don't really even like that kinda music usually. the video is inspiring.

i) i'm excited bc i'm trying a new green tea diet. more to come :o)

aight, now that it's getting a little late, i'll get to my fav part... the yum yums.

Shia* (source)

good god.
i knew that he was a cutie pie, a cross between the awkward goofy cuteness of justin long & jon krasinki, & his talent & comedic timing promising to take the former Disney Channel trouble maker into the limelight for years & years & years to come. (maybe i'll get to be his arm candy... mmm... He's only a month & a half older than me! it's perfect - & i usually like my men a little older than that... but i'll make an exception for Shia...)

So ok, we all knew he was silly, funny, goofy, cute. but can we just PELASE take a moment to check this shit out. This is the first "exposed" Shia babe shots that i've seen & OMFG, can i get some more? Shia, please don't turn into a McConaughey -who apperently forgot a long time ago what a shirt IS. (not that we don't wanna see it matthew... but y'know... men like tits, but if chicks went around topless all the time, i promise you'd get a little bored...) - anyway back to my Shia... maybe just get yourself caught on camera a few more times... & touch your nose as a secret signal to me in one of those pics... then i'll know that you luvs me too (mmm... i need a new hobbie...)

Apparently my new hunk had a jones for my girls the Olsen twins (well guess what Shia, i've been told i have a certain resemblance to the olsen chickies. Even tho i guess he liked him some Mary-kate & i'm a bit more of an Ashley... mer...)

what is that tat Shia?

To ad to my recent delight for mr. labeouf, his attitude & seemingly (i hope) humble nature is endearing & sweet! I read the article by the Associated Press about Shia's infamous "Walgreens Scandal" . The article basically was just a recount of Shia's monday night visit to Letterman & how he told him & the rest of the Late Night viewers what really happened at that Walgreens. --Shia, sweetie, we've all been there... drunk, out of smokes & looking like an idiot bc we're trying not to look... well.. like an idiot... i still luvs u.--

"His story: He had a hankering for cigarettes — and was preoccupied by pimple on his forehead.

"So I go to Walgreen's and I go to the cosmetic aisle," LaBeouf recalled, "and I see the security guard and he's looking at me, four in the morning, pretty disheveled, pretty messed up on the special magic sauce. And I get the pimple cream, and he's looking at me, he's kinda giggling to himself, and now I'm starting to feel like, `What? It's really not that funny, guy, you know?'"

A bashful LaBeouf went back to his hotel and realized he'd forgotten to buy the smokes. The actor says he returned to Walgreen's wearing different clothes: "I'm going, `Well, now the guy saw me, now what am I gonna do?' So I do an outfit change." "

here's the rest of the AP article, it's good. READ IT

- god, he's even yummy in his mug shot! what pimple babers? ur perfect.

ok my luvrs... i think its time for this sleepy chickadee to turn in (after a cigg & about 2 hours of tivo...)

hope u enjoyed hearing about everything i luvs.


luvs it*

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