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reality bitch slap

It's day 2 of living out of my parents house & living with Trav. It also happens to be our 3 month anniversary. We should be wild & crazy kids, getting shit-faced, living it up, bang'n like rabbits... instead, we've been taking care of the room-mates dog (Graves...), cleaning the apartment, grocery shopping & watching Seinfeld & twilight on DVD (i guess Trav's 3 month anniversary gift to me is actually pretending to care about Twilight..? kinda sweet of him, actually).
I'm having a cigg & listening to people down the way screaming & obvi having a drunken blasty.

We were invited to a bar on the beach for drinks, but we couldn't go bc we are BROKE.

We only got to go grocery shopping bc i hounded my mother to give me some of the cash she owes me. ugh. :(

this is a short entry bc i wanna get back before trav decides that Twilight sucks & before the dog gets a chance to shit on the carpet AGAIN. (i've lived here for 2.5 days now & i've cleaned up the dogs crap 3 times... roommate #1 just came home for about half a nano-second, i told her that HER dog shat on the rug, so... naturally, she picks it up & THROWS IT IN THE TRASH CAN!?!?!?! EW! FLUSH THAT SHIT, BITCH!)


wonder when we'll have the money to move the fuck out of here.

poor dog...

more soon...

oh, right, i remember, never end a post on a bad note....
we have a pool & a hot tub!!!!

luvs it....?


  1. I'm sure it will get better. Happy Anniversary!

  2. unfortunately reality always hits, hopefully not for tooo long! Having room mates can totally suck as well as starting somewhere new and being broke, things will get better though, the flow of things will come and you'll be right were you need to be! I am glad you made it safely though!!


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