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craving: something blue

i am in the need to buy MORE nail polish. haha
[ya.. right... like i don't have enough...]

i had a thought that i want need electric blue nail polish.

not the colour that the words are written in, but like SERIOUSLY electric pastel-ish blue.
the best way i can thnk to describe what i want is..

"the colour Pepto-bismal would be, if it were blue, not pink."

got me?

i found a few online, but i'll have to browse in real life to find the perfect one...

Sally Hansen:

Blue Me Away Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear

thank you to www.stephscloset.com for the review & photo!

Zoya Flash Summer Collection Robyn:

so, this is what i get for being hectic &/or maybe it's just from being lazy... i didn't post & today i went & bought the Sally Hansen one.

I'll update you all when i finally get a chance to spend an hour painting my toes & nails. haha [does it take everyone that long to do at home mani/pedi?]

luvs it*

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  1. I love that color! It is so summery!! It would look so cool!


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